As the SEO consultant of ETERNAL Jewelry, AddWeb Solution optimized the website using custom on-page and off-page SEO strategies to bring traffic and leads to the website.

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The Business Needs

Let’s Understand the Jewelry Business Website’s Pain Points

When ETERNAL Jewelry began its permanent jewelry store, it wanted to gain new customers and visitors to its website and rank for a range of specific keywords. They also needed SEO help to rank their website to sell permanent Jewelry and book their events. After developing the website, ETERNAL Jewelry wanted to establish its brand using SEO as the primary strategy. The idea behind relying on SEO was to build a solid online presence for the website from the ground up by setting the foundation for future expansion easier and effortless.

The business wanted AddWeb Solution to help them:

  • Bring more qualified traffic to their website
  • Rank for specific keywords on search engines
  • Improve the booking rate for their events

About ETERNAL Jewelry: ETERNAL Jewelry is a permanent jewelry brand established in the US, and they operate in New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia. Their focus is on designing and creating permanent Jewelry for everyday wear. Permanent Jewelry is of custom-made ornaments to fit the customers’ needs without clasps, and they stay permanent on the body of the wearers. These Jewelry require no maintenance, and they cannot be removed without the help of a cutter or permanent jewelry-removing tools. ETERNAL Jewelry welds the chains perfectly as it fits you using a micro welder with the help of an expert. The pieces of Jewelry sold by ETERNAL Jewelry are made from fine materials for strength, durability, and finesse.




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Our Approach

How AddWeb Solution Crafted an Intelligent SEO Strategy for ETERNAL Jewelry.

As the client wanted to opt for effective SEO services, we created a singular solution to optimize the website for various keywords. We decided to audit the website first, which helped us understand the issues and SEO lapses in the website, like broken URL, lack of meta details, non-optimized content, etc. Having realized the problems and evaluated the client’s needs, we finalized the plan involving multiple stages for complete website optimization that focused on the following:

  • Optimizing the website for target keywords for higher search engine rankings
  • Increasing the website’s traffic for the target audiences

After the client had made several suggestions, we finalized the plan and decided to move ahead.

How AddWeb Helped the Website Rank for Numerous High-converting Keywords?

As we started working on the project, we realized that a phased approach is the best for the website. We wanted to make the website extremely strong from an on-page SEO perspective while improving its search performance.

SEO audit phase

The first thing we did was an extensive SEO audit of the website. This helped us understand where the site is already doing well and where it needs to catch up. Once this is understood, we conducted a competitor analysis to gain industry insights and competitiveness.

  • Assessed the website’s mobile-friendliness
  • Picked up issues in the URL and tagged them for optimization
  • Found issues in content and internal linking
  • Explored indexing problems of the website

Keyword and content phase

In this stage, we carried out extensive keyword research using SEMrush, which not only helped us gain deeper insights into the keyword difficulties and other elements that helped us further in the project. The keyword research also helped us optimize the content with the right keywords.

  • Targeted more than 15 keywords with a focus on LSI keywords
  • Review the competitiveness and difficulty for each of the keywords
  • Accessed competitor data for the keywords we were trying to tank
  • Chosen the right keywords based on the intent of the searchers
  • Developed content to integrate primary keywords and their variations

Ranking phase

After getting the technical SEO done for the website, we optimized the website to rank for keywords with low competition to bring in initial traffic. Once that goal was achieved, we began moving to more competitive and high-volume keywords.

  • Focused on long-tail keywords that made a lot of difference in the project
  • The team as we tried different methods and strategies to improve the ranking
  • Carried out focused link-building to improve the domain authority
  • Gained a few high-value backlinks from websites in a similar niche

Ultimately, our SEO agency team focused on three aspects of the website to help it rank better—on and off-page SEO, content, and link building. This allowed us to rank the client in

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Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Read what the client says about our search engine optimization services.

“ We want to thank the AddWeb team for helping us rank our website for relevant keywords and bringing more organic traffic to our website. Although we could have gone with a PPC campaign, we wanted to build a strong foundation, and we are thrilled to hire an SEO expert like AddWeb, who did an exceptional job for us. Our website now ranks for various keywords, and the traffic is high-quality. We would love to work with you again. ”

The client observed tremendous improvement in her site’s traffic and business.

After AddWeb Solution, an expert search engine optimization company began working on the ETERNAL Permanent Jewelry website; the site improved its organic traffic. As the traffic was top-quality with the right intent for purchase, the business also improved considerably. After running the project for 6 months, the website observed the following:


Increased Organic Traffic


Increased Leads


Reduced Bounce Rate


Increased Users

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