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“ While the work is ongoing, the engagement thus far has resulted in successful developments in the client’s deliverables. AddWeb Solution is responsive, knowledgeable, and hard-working. ”

Georgia Test Prep is mainly dealing with providing the students of grades 3 to 8, a way to practice Ga DOE based questions in Math and ELA in the Georgia State. The education institutes in Georgia put a lot of effort teaching the standard set of Georgia’s curriculums in the class. But with so many things covered in the school, it is difficult for the students to remember everything. And that’s where the client has incepted the noble idea to help students and their parents to leverage from a better practicing tool to sharpen their Math and ELA skills in-line with Georgia standard and motivate students to do well.

They approached AddWeb with the idea to design & develop a cloud based system while introducing a variety of features for the students to practice online and sharpen their Math and ELA skills and let parents manage and track subjects, related assignments.

Country: United States

Industry: Education

While creating an intuitive and engaging design interface considering the audience, we had to first understand our client and their mindset. Of course, there were a few challenges we faced, but the prominent ones are:

The first and the biggest challenge was the difference in Time zone. Live collaboration with a team during the different time zones was making it difficult to communicate with clients to get certain clarifications on time.

– Secondly, the client had a requirement to enable subscription options for the parents based on the number of students and based on the subscription different sets of tests and questions should be populated to the specific student. It was making design a little complicated.

– The third challenge was to enable role-based user management. It was a daunting task to get the details from different users based on their roles, consolidate the data, and enable specific modules or options in the portal.

– The last challenge was to work on an application that runs across all platforms – Web, iOS, and Android devices.

With a “Never Give Up” attitude and the motto of “Client Happiness”, the challenges were no more than a few enjoyable moments for us.

During the discovery phase of the project, our technology experts have brainstormed and envisioned the market. Considering the project requirements, the team found Laravel much suitable to accommodate all the client requirements while following the agile approach to deliver the solution.

The creative team has taken care of the designing aspect. Every individual screen was discussed in detail and designed per the defined user journey.

To implement the core functionality, such as subscription-based test prep material for the interested students and parents, our designers and developers have invested a tremendous amount of time to make it user-friendly and encouraging for the visitors to take action. A custom subject, test, and student report management module were integrated to offer instant access to the test suites, question sets, and reports/assignments. Also, we took help from our integration experts to integrate a payment gateway to capture the payment details from the user. Being Digital Ocean Partners, we hosted the web application on Digital Ocean in order to help clients achieve higher scalability, reliability, and performance.

It’s A SaaS Product

It’s A SaaS Product

No need to install anything on the user’s device or system to use Georgia Test Prep! Like Google Apps, DropBox or any other leading applications, all you, as parents, require is the internet connection to access all the features of the application. Go to Georgia Test Prep – subscribe for the desired package – sharpen the Math or ELA skills. What could be easier than that for the students or parents?

Multiple Subscription Options

Go beyond conventional learning and practicing methods with multiple subscription options from Georgia Test Prep. Choose from Uno, Dos, or Tres subscription based on the number of student accounts required for a year to ensure you children get skilled in Ga DOE based questions in Math and ELA.

Multiple Subscription Options
Robust User Management

Robust User Management

Georgia Test Prep comes with a unique approach to enable different users to manage various activities and transactions from the application. With robust user role management, the application allows the administrator to define the rights of using different modules of the application from the backend.

Responsive Landing/Home Page

Keeping the target audience in mind, the landing or home page of the application is designed in such a way that will give an engaging user experience across all devices of different screen resolution and size. Georgia Test Prep is designed to offer the most intuitive and seamless user experience to the end users.

Responsive Landing/Home Page
Blogs For Knowledge Sharing

Blogs For Knowledge Sharing

It is heard that blogs could be a great initiative for sharing knowledge! And Georgia Test Prep has beaten down the traditional trends of learning and helped students or parents to gain knowledge with blogs that can be viewed seamlessly on the smart devices as well.

Practice Tests Suite

With Georgia Test Prep’s extensive database of Ga DOE based questions and professionally designed test suites, students can get rid of cramming. It just requires students to sign up for the desired subscription package from the application; and based on the subjects selected by the parents, students can easily validate their knowledge and practice more with an exhaustive list of questions and test suites.

Practice Tests Suite



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Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop Georgia Test Prep web app.

Core features of this online learning and test practicing portal include user profile creation, student management, subject management, Stripe payment gateway integration, and test management were implemented successfully.

The AddWeb team, with their tremendous efforts, necessary technique acumen, numerous coffee sessions, frequent client feedback, has completed the first phase of a project without compromising quality. The client was tremendously satisfied with the efforts put by the team as the website is launched successfully. With the help of tactful and result-oriented digital marketing strategy, we have helped our client to start-off their online venture with a good amount of registration from the students and parents. Phase-2 development is already in the pipeline to get started in some time!

“We would like to thank our client for all the help getting critical things done quickly and rightly, and never let the difference in time zone a bottleneck for us to meet the timelines. Our technical team loved how you have found unique ways to adapt and to help us fulfill our commitment.”

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