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“ Unlike other digital marketing agencies, AddWeb utilized industry-best SEO practices to consolidate all the required marketing data and turned it into actionable insights to help us get the maximum benefit from our digital marketing investment… ”

Georgia-based Edtech startup, Georgia Test Prep is diligently involved in helping students to master Math and ELA by providing a platform to practice GSE-based questions. When we started working together, they were in heavy development mode. Georgia Test Prep was on a tight deadline to launch their brand. Their #1 priority was to have a beautiful and easy to use online application while focusing on user acquisition later: The concept of ‘Build Beautiful’.

There were a ton of high-traffic, well-converting keywords in the online education niche and thus, starting from zero traffic was a daunting task. SEO was the perfect marketing channel to fare against the competitors. The client wanted a digital agency that not only propagated the technical strategy of SEO but also know how to utilize various tools to boost website traffic and convert the visitors into customers.

Right from the initial discussion to the audit and strategy planning, the client knew AddWeb is a perfect choice to come up with a rock-solid SEO strategy to crush the established competitors and give an initial boost to the business.

Country: United States

Industry: Education

  • Build a brand awareness
  • Engage with potential customers
  • Elevate the search engine visibility in a competitive market
  • Drive site traffic

Clearly, to make a notable impact over the search engine as an entrant, effective strategies must be in place. This meant experienced digital marketing experts who are aware about behind the scenes of SEO had to be deployed for this task.

After performing a rigorous site audit, market landscape, and competitive analysis, AddWeb’s digital marketing experts crafted an optimized strategy aimed to enhance Georgia Test Prep’s SEO, public relation, site traffic, boost rankings, backlinks through paid ad campaigns, content creation, and social media engagement.

Improving Sales Funnel

Georgia Test Prep’s initial marketing strategy was simple: “Get more traffic & conversions”. AddWeb’s influencer marketing and paid campaign, via Google AdWords & Facebook, were crafted to create awareness about Georgia Test Prep, build trust among the parents & students, and convert them into customers. With the help of influencer marketing, regular ads on Google and Facebook, and effective public relations efforts, AddWeb has established a strong footprint of Georgia Test Prep while achieving 200% sales growth in a period of six months.


Got An EDGE Over Rivals

AddWeb’s digital marketing team conducted an in-depth market and competitive analysis to determine quick and long-term opportunities to sustain in the market. Due to high competition for the most popular keywords, the AddWeb team spent a great amount of time discovering valuable keywords, including long-tail keywords or niche keywords that can help them rank higher.

To crush the competitors, our team has helped the client with great content and strong domain authority. Moreover, the team also worked on identifying duplicate or content replicas by comparing competitor websites and fixed the contents to avoid Google penalties.

Improved Traffic Flow

Apart from working on the sales funnel and competitor analysis, we have implemented link building solutions to draw the attention of the target audience and boost site traffic. With the help of internal link building and backlinks from authentic sites to rank higher in the search engine and enable new sign ups from the parents.

AddWeb’s SEO specialists have also worked on improving the overall ranking of the website with the help of content marketing strategies, teaser videos of a product, social media marketing, feedback and reviews from the customers, and client testimonials.


Revenue Increase


of Revenue From New Users


Organic Traffic Increase


CPA Reduce


Team Members


Traffic Increase

With AddWeb, Georgia Test Prep saw a 200% increase in their overall sales within a short span of six months. Moreover, with the help of search engine optimization and social media marketing, the client has witnessed a huge increase in the overall site visits.

Moreover, with the help of regular site audits and content optimization strategies, the team was able to rectify the site errors and backlink issues. AddWeb’s digital marketing experts used Dashboard to report their day-to-day progress to the client.

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