AddWeb Solution develops a robust and powerful appointment booking app for GlamBook to help them attract more appointments, manage schedules, and ensure an intuitive customer booking experience.

Appointment Booking App
  1. Replace manual appointment booking for efficiency.
  2. Avoid double and over-booking as well as scheduling errors.
  3. Manage the demand and availability of bookings effectively.
  4. Help improve the use of staff hours, and customer schedules online.
  5. Ease the difficulty in managing and organizing appointments.

About GlamBook: GlamBook is a beauty and salon service provider in the USA that use high-quality products and techniques to deliver personalized services that cater to each client’s unique needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience every time.

Despite developing a slew of appointment-scheduling apps for GlamBook, we decided to conduct industry-wide research to understand the pain points of GlamBook. Our research helped us understand that GlamBook needs an end-to-end appointment-scheduling solution. They also need the application to be intuitive for both users and admins. With these insights, we decided to go with our end-to-end readymade appointment booking solution to deliver an appointment booking app & website, an admin panel for clients & engaging marketing website.

In addition, we also decided to use agile development methodology to ensure the project gets completed on time and addresses all the industry expectations. Along with this, we also planned for any contingency and after-development support for the client who uses our appointment booking app.

Considering the plan and scope, we constituted a team with front-end and back-end developers, strategists, and QA analysts. Each of the professionals we added to the team already had exposure to similar projects in the past.


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Team Members

Based on the project blueprint, our team began working on the project. As planned, we relied on the agile development methodology to ensure quick and top-notch development that allowed quick changes and customer satisfaction. As we wanted the app to become the go-to online booking system for small businesses and big enterprises, we designed it intuitively. The idea was to make the front and backend top-notch for users and administrators to take full advantage of the application. This encouraged us to go for a custom theme for the appointment scheduling app.

Once the design was almost done, we began focusing on the development process. As users and businesses will use the application extensively, we wanted to endow the app for appointment booking with many features. As it targets customers who want to book services and consultations online, we ensured that it could perform exceptionally well in diverse technology and device environments.

After developing the app, it was tested extensively on multiple platforms and technology environments for performance, ease of use, and reliability. Our team used React and Django to develop the app seamlessly.

Striking Features

We added the following features to the app to make it value-adding to GlamBook users and admins alike:

My Account

Users can manage their profile and other related information. They can view their past booking, look at their current booking, give reviews on the services, get online consultancy to help with video calls, etc.

Deals and Offers

This is where the users can observe all types of customized offers and deals on their profile. Users can choose offers from this section and enjoy other benefits.

Our Service Page

Users can go to the Our Service page to view the list of services the GlamBook offers and pick the one they want to book an appointment for.

Manage Services

Using the Manage Service features, businesses can add, remove, and edit the existing services of the business. This helps avoid overbooking and wrongful appointments.

Manage Offers

Based on demand, marketing trends, and season, businesses can create new deals and offers for their customers. They can do it hassle-free using this feature.

Payment and Transaction

This feature helps businesses look at the payment and transaction details. With the help of this, businesses can understand the cash inflow and the details of transactions for a variety of purposes.

Search Services

Users also have the option to search for services offered by the business using the Search Services feature. It makes using the app even more convenient.

Help and Support

When users face any issues related to the app, they can use the Help and Support feature to contact customer service and address their concerns.

Manage User and Staff

Businesses can manage their staff and users easily and control their behaviour. Businesses can also limit the number of bookings, cancellations, etc.

View Payment and Transactions

Using this feature, users can look at their payment history and get the details of the transactions quickly.

Admin Panel

Businesses can also manage this app from the Admin Panel and take full control of their booking and schedule.


Look at the screenshots of the site to know how it was realized

“ We have been using a premium appointment booking application for a while now. We were stuck because we could not find a suitable system to help our admin and users. As a salon & beauty services provider, we rely on personal appointments to run our business. In the first interaction with the app development team at AddWeb, we knew we were in good hands. We loved the app right from the first experience. And AddWeb also made a few customizations to fit our requirements. This was the best customer experience we have had with an application development company in a long time. Team AddWeb is professional and courteous and the best at what they do. We will surely come back to you guys for more. ”

After integrating the client scheduling app, the business experienced significant growth in the number of appointments and employees’ productivity. The company improved the number of bookings and utilized the staff schedule. Most customers loved the new booking app, and the admins reduced the schedule management time by 79%. Overbooking and booking conflicts were avoided.


Increased Online Bookings


Reduced Scheduling Errors


Reduced Staff Management Time


Increased Customer Engagement

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