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The Business Needs

Identifying what GR International was looking for.

GR International came to AddWeb Solution looking for a reliable Zoho-certified consultant to help them develop their website. They primarily wanted to create forms, collect user data, and display them within the website UI. As they are trying to build networks for business opportunities, storing, accessing, and filtering the data collected and intuitively presenting them is important. They wanted to work with a Zoho consultant in India who could:

  • Present the website in a bilingual mode.
  • Collect their form data in one place.
  • Ensure the data collected can be presented in subcategories.
  • Develop an admin panel that’s easy to use and manage.
  • Fetch data from a third-party API and display it on the website.
  • Render the data collected on the site for the users.


About GR International: GR International is a business networking service provider offering different user plans. Those who wish to become a part of the business can sign up for their services and choose a plan from the available Platinum, Gold, and Silver categories. They also provide options to create unique profiles for their patrons to increase their networking opportunities and options.

Our Approach

How we elevate the user experience on the GR International website.

Having interacted with the client a couple of times and understood the client's end goals, we learned that the client needs extensive help with the development of the site and the data collection. Hence, we began doing the required homework and industry research. The homework further helped us understand the requirements and specifications of the client even better. To ensure the smooth progress of the project, we also added contingency plans to the project blueprint.


After defining the project's deliverables and timeline, we constituted a team of expert Zoho consultants, HTML5 developers, CSS3 experts, and PHP professionals into our team.


To ensure that we are on the same page throughout the project, we have agreed to communicate with the clients quickly on all matters.


After developing a perfect plan for the project, it was time for the team to get to work.



Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


Client Calls


The Solution to All Worries of the Client.

Our team began working on the project immediately and ensured the client could deliver an excellent website for the users. Hence, we focused on developing a website that could directly address the challenges and pain points of the clients.


Bilingual Website

As the business is located in Canada and caters to users worldwide, it was developed to be bilingual, with English and French being the two languages the client wanted to go with.


Single Data Destination

We helped the business collect all the information gathered through forms under a single destination for ease of use and management.


Four Categories

The data collected falls under four categories: County, Region, Subregion, and District, to ensure that data is classified for further use.


Form Hierarchy

A hierarchy in the form has been established from County, Region, Subregion, and District to quickly enable the admins to pull up data based on the hierarchy to present on the website.


Data Presentation on Site

We have also leveraged HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that the data pulled from the Zoho database is presented well for the site users.


API Integration

As the data has been collected in Zoho, we used the Zoho API to connect the server with the website to ensure a smooth data flow from the Zoho database to the website.

Striking Features

To make the website easy to use and manage, the following features were added:


Look at the screenshots of the site to know how it was realized

GR International Formulas
GR International Home Page
GR International Multilingual
GR International Login
GR International Members
GR International Membership
GR International Offers
GR International Zoho Creator Integrations
GR International Zoho Integrations

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work

Although we have interacted with many Zoho software consults in India and other countries, AddWeb Solution was the only one that wanted to resolve our challenge. This is what encouraged us to work with them. As a Zoho consulting partner, AddWeb Solution has been professional throughout the project and helped us get industry insights to improve the website. They also accepted our suggestions and feedback, which made the whole project a productive experience for us. We thank AddWeb Solution for their help and would love to work with them again.

Eric Pichette


Final Outcome

What the client has been able to achieve after the site's launch.

After the execution of the project, the client was pleased with how the site turned out. The website's performance was exceptional, and it was one of the biggest focus points of the project. Our Zoho software consultants ensured that the website could perform well on all platforms for users and was easy to manage for the admins. As a result, the website performed better than expected on all assessment parameters set by the client. The client was able to achieve the following results after the site's launch:



Sessions in First Week of Launch


Average Weekly Growth in Form Submission


Reduced Backend Management Time


Increased Form Submissions

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