AddWeb solution develops an intuitive and high-performing website offering business networking opportunities for those seeking to interact, work, and engage with successful people for assured growth.

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API Integration

As the data has been collected in Zoho, we used the Zoho API to connect the server with the website to ensure a smooth data flow from the Zoho database to the website.

Striking Features

To make the website easy to use and manage, the following features were added:

Category Pages

Different category pages were added to make it easier for users to access them and for the website admin to manage them better.

Multiple Language

The website can be used in two different languages such as English and French.

Member-wise Login

Members could log into the website according to their membership status and category. This helps admin in website management.

Search Functionality

The website is embedded with search functionality. This makes it easier for users to search for relevant information and access it easily.


Look at the screenshots of the site to know how it was realized.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work.

“ Although we have interacted with many Zoho software consults in India and other countries, AddWeb Solution was the only one that wanted to resolve our challenge. This is what encouraged us to work with them. As a Zoho consulting partner, AddWeb Solution has been professional throughout the project and helped us get industry insights to improve the website. They also accepted our suggestions and feedback, which made the whole project a productive experience for us. We thank AddWeb Solution for their help and would love to work with them again. ”

Final Outcome

What the client has been able to achieve after the site’s launch.


Increased Form Submissions


Session in the First Week of Launch


Average Weekly Growth in Form Submission


Reduced Backend Management Time

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