AddWeb Solution created a custom automated approach to test the solution’s capabilities, functionalities, and performance on diverse web and mobile platforms.

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The Business Needs

What waas Huma trying to address?

Providing top-notch healthcare advice and clinical trials to patients in today’s uber-busy world is more than a challenge. However, Huma addresses these concerns through its robust and extensive platform designed to help patients and healthcare providers work together to create the most effective treatment environment and plan based on the real-time data collected, as the platform needs to work seamlessly. Huma wanted AddWeb Solution to test the platform and its mobile solutions comprehensively.

As Huma wanted to meet their requirements and roll out with maximum efficiency quickly, they were looking for an established Python development company to help them with application testing. Huma had a different automation framework to test various use cases of the platform and an API that also needed to be tested for its functionalities. They needed a pair of expert hands too:

About HumaHuma is a Prix Galien International 2022 Award-winning healthcare service platform delivering top-notch and inventive solutions for better patient care, healthcare delivery, and disease diagnosis through streamlined patient data collection in real-time. The brand is already serving leading healthcare service providers, clinics, and the efforts of research institutes to improve their deliverance. Huma is quickly on its way to becoming one of the most dynamic and revolutionary names in the digital-first healthcare services industry, helping people live longer and fuller lives.

A quick peeks into how AddWeb Solution crafted the solution for Huma.

When Huma approached AddWeb Solution to help them with their comprehensive requirements of platform and API testing, we knew that we would need to flex our Python development services capabilities. Huma knew what they wanted to the core and had a unique automation framework covering the use cases of all their applications and their API. Having worked with diverse clients from international markets with extensive testing requirements, we realized that Huma needs a tailored approach as the platform, their applications, and the API demand it.

The primary focus was on developing the necessary capabilities to seamlessly meet the testing expectations of the client. After strategizing the testing plan, we evaluated the same with the client, who suggested a few modifications, which we made to the plan.


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API Tested


Team Members


Man Hours

How we ensured the robust and seamless performance of Huma’s capabilities?

When our Python development team began working on the project, we decided that it was best to approach testing with a clear path and goal. The functions of the modules in each of the applications and the platform at large and the performance of the same were the focus. The API was also tested for compatibility, performance, and ease of use. Our team also tested the platform and the modules on various browsers and devices to ensure that it performs as well as intended on multiple scenarios and use environments. In each instance and scenario of testing, along with the functionality, the performance was also focused on assessing the performance capability of the platform and applications. We also tested the same in diverse mobile environments and technological settings.

To accurately test the performance and workings of the platforms, their modules, and the API, we leveraged cypress.js and cucumber.js tools for automation testing, which turned out to be quite remarkable in saving time for the client and our Python development team.

Features of the Application

Features that make the application and platform even more user-friendly.

Audio-Video Consultation

Users can use the app to get timely and additional healthcare support from their doctors using secure audio-video consultations.

Multi-Patient Management

Doctors can effectively manage multiple patients within the app as the application can prioritize patient care based on the data it collects.

Data Visualization

The application can create an interactive visualization of data collected from the patients and display the same on the dashboard.

Consultation Management

Doctors can use the web-based portal and its mobile app to create notes and add appointments with patients to manage consultations.

Custom Healthcare Plan

The users can access custom healthcare plans via the mobile app as per their needs from a repository of modules and features.

Real-Time Data Capture

Doctors can use the app to collect real-time data from users, enabling doctors to create personalized treatment plans for them.

Tailored Content Delivery

Users get constant educational content tailored to their health, disease and other conditions to help them track and manage their health better.

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Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

See what Huma says about their delightful experience with AddWeb.

“ Before coming to AddWeb Solution for the project, we discussed the same with several other service providers. None of them turned out to be fruitful for us, as they needed to gain the proper knowledge and technical expertise to carry out the project seamlessly. We are very particular about the project as we want to make the platform as flawless as possible. The first interaction with AddWeb itself convinced us, as the team knew what needed to be done immediately. The entire relationship was very professional, with no instances of miscommunication between our technical team and AddWeb’s Python mobile app development team. We are happy about how the project turned out and happy that we chose to work with AddWeb, which offered excellent testing and Python development services. ”

Final Outcome

How the project concluded with impressive results

Right from the beginning of the project, Huma’s team was very receptive to our approach and the solution we designed for them. We experienced little resistance to the processes and procedures adopted as Huma wanted to test every use case and scenario to ensure the application’s perfect working and impeccable performance. The testing of the website proved to be highly effective as we could identify a few significant performance and functionality concerns that Huma was able to address quickly.

After the testing and remediation, the platform experienced the following:


Increased Platform Inquiries


Increased Clent Revenue


Improved Website Performance


Increased Mobile App User

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