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Kindly ASP.Net Development
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Understanding where Kindly was lacking.

It can be challenging to bring together many people to work towards a common goal. Even more challenging is coordinating the members’ efforts, events, and even the monetary support they offer. Being a social fintech platform, Kindly was looking to streamline its functions for better service.

Kindly was looking for an ASP.Net development company that could create a robust and easy-to-use backend for them to enable easy website management. In addition, they wanted to address other pain points, such as:

About Kindly: Kindly is a social fintech platform that enables community funding and volunteering. Kindly focuses on conducting a plethora of social causes and community activities, such as feeding, providing clothing, and providing books to the needy.

An insider look into what we did for the client

When the client approached us with the project, they knew what they wanted. However, they needed clarity and technical expertise. As an expert ASP.NET web application development company, we put together a plan for the client. It explained how we could leverage the possibilities of .Net MVC development and create a pitch-perfect, tailor-made solution for the client.

After extensive discussions to finalize the features and functionalities that the client needed, our ASP.NET development services team began working on the project. We decided to use a custom approach as we felt the client’s requirements warranted it.

In order to help the client meet the current and future technology challenges, we advised the client to create an ASP.NET backend that can act as an umbrella system enabling them to maintain the data of organizations, associations, event managers, and events taking place simultaneously. The team for the project included UI/UX experts, ASP.NET strategists, quality analysts, and testing professionals.


Client Calls


Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Developed

The path toward efficient service management.

When the project began, we decided to work on creating a backend that would help the client extensively cover the website’s functionalities by adding various management features. We leveraged multiple plug-ins, such as Hubspot, MapQuest, Latlong, Pusher Beam, and, & Bootstrap theme. While doing the same, we also ensured that the admin panel was simple and effective, with accessible navigational elements.

Striking Features

Features to enhance user experience and site management.

Tailored Events

When a user signs up, they are asked to share their interests so events according to the same can be shown.

Time Zone

The app automatically detects the time zone that the user is in and displays the time as per their locations in the US.

Event Series

Based on the number of events coming up for the next week or month, event series can be created for the users.

Payment Gateway

We integrated the Braintree payment gateway to enable easier payment via Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, etc.

CRM Integration

We have integrated Hubspot CRM into the website to help the admin manage the resources more efficiently.


When an event is scheduled, the users are notified before the meetings start. This helps them never miss an appointment.


The user can use the feature to donate money to an NGO of their choice. This helps improve user engagement.

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Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work.

“ The experience and expertise of the team at AddWeb Solution were palpable throughout the project. The team knew the nuances of ASP.NET development and how to leverage its potential. They were also professional and timely in their service support. They were open to receiving suggestions and criticism and educated us when we needed help understanding certain aspects of the backend. The entire project was an excellent experience for us. And we are proud of the support we got from the team. ”

Final Outcome

The fruits of purposeful hard work

Working with a client who knows what they need is always exciting. There is always this vision of the client, and they need technical expertise. More than just a project, this was a collaboration of ideas and technology, as every project should be. The backend solution developed has the potential to take Kindly to the next level and make it a pioneer in the social fintech sector via its focus on community service and member management endeavors.

With our help, the website began experiencing results such as:


Improved Event Participation


Increased Customer Engagement


Lesser Site Management Time


More Signups for The Services


Joined New Organizations

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