AddWeb Solution has evaluated and improved the official website of LinkageX, an integration platform as a service business. The business focuses on delivering impeccable experiences for its clients looking for an integration platform.

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Learning about the website improvement needs of LinkageX.

As part of their business expansion strategy, the client was looking to work with a enterprise WordPress development agency that could improve their website and add a few features. In addition, they also wanted an SEO agency that could optimize the new features for better search engine performance. The client’s primary objective was to elevate the overall user experience on the website while adding a few features.

The website helps businesses integrate their enterprise solutions with other software and solutions to run their business effectively and efficiently. Businesses can build, operate, and use complex integrations for their business functions with confidence and ease using the platform. LinkageX offers no-code development options to transform their client’s businesses, create data and system-agnostic integrations, and use the platform’s cloud-nativity capabilities.

LinkageX wanted to work with a WordPress development agency to:

About LinkageX: LinkageX is an eiPaaS solution provider that helps businesses connect their older, legacy enterprise systems with new, advanced technologies. The primary aim of LinkageX is to make enterprise systems integration seamless and smooth despite any siloes or legacy infrastructure that the businesses may be using. The brand’s focus is to ensure quick, efficient, data-driven, and continuous enterprise integration as its clients need.

How our WordPress development team approached the project.

After having a preliminary discussion with LinkageX, we understood that the client needs an experienced WordPress development agency that can also help them with SEO. To understand the exact pain points of the client and that of the client, we went on a series of calls with the client. These interactions proved extremely helpful for us in understanding the client’s expectations, the issues they were facing, and the goals they had in mind. Having already worked on numerous WordPress development projects, we knew what to do.

However, to gain a broader perspective of the challenges of the client’s industry, we went on a marketing research spree, which helped us further gain insights into the industry and its competition. Based on the research, we laid the foundation for the project.

After the project blueprint was developed, we set the deliverables, the client’s specifications, and the communication channels for quick and easy communication. We also constituted a team of expert WordPress developers, SEO professionals, designers, and strategists to make the website impeccable for the client. And we were ready to work on the project.


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


Client Calls


Team Members


How we executed the project plan for LinkageX.

As the client wanted to improve the website by adding new features and pages, we knew the user experience must be the focus. We analyzed the brand strategy of the client and their design aesthetic to emulate the same for the new features and pages for the website. Once we got the underlying brand philosophy of the brand, we quickly got into the design part of the project. During the design phase, we kept the outcome and SEO in mind to ensure that the design aligned perfectly with the user experience and SEO of the site. As we worked on multiple projects as a WordPress development agency, the design element quickly materialized for the Blogs, Job Integration, and Resources sections.

After the client reviewed the design, we made the final iteration. The next phase involved the development aspect. After developing the pages as the client needed, we also ensured that the page was optimized for SEO using the existing SEO philosophy and cues from the client. We also did extensive keyword research to make the site even more search engine friendly.

Finally, we delivered the website with better performance and user experience, and:

Striking Features

As per the needs of the client, we added the following features to the website:

ROI calculator

We added the ROI calculator under the resources section on the website to help the clients calculate their ROI based on various inputs.

Blog section

Added a blog listing section on the website where the audience can visit and view all the blogs published by LinkageX. On clicking on any blog, they will be taken to the blog detail page, which is optimized for all devices.

Resources section

A resources section was added to the website, and it has all the information, help, and support the brand’s clients need to use the platform successfully.

Job board

We created the job board on the website to display the career options available with the brand. This included a listing page and a detail page.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

After delivering the project, the client was pleased and showed great appreciation for our work.

“ We thank you for the impressive work you have put in for our website. The SEO and new features added came out much better than we had hoped. Working with you was easy; your team was very professional, understanding, and helpful. They listened to our suggestions and provided better options due to their experience and expertise. Although we tried to work with other WordPress development agencies and hired an SEO agency in India before, we are happy to have found you. I recommend your services to anyone who needs professional and quick service without compromising the quality of the work. You have done a great job. ”

Final Outcome

The client informed us of the website’s progress after our project.

After making the site live with new features and optimization, the client experienced a surge of 35% in traffic in 1 month. The blog section alone saw a CTR of 65% from the previous quarter. The impressions also went up by 71% from the last month.


Increased Organic Traffic


Visitors Accessed ROI Calculator


Increased Website Impression


Increased User Engagement

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