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Understanding the needs of Matchup to create the ideal dating app.

The client was looking for an experienced dating-app development agency that could bring alive their vision. More than a development team, they wanted to work with a partner who could fine-tune their ideas, brainstorm ideas with them, and make the app more comprehensive. The client’s primary objective was to build an inclusive app that brings together people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. With the app’s help, they wanted to make the world a more inclusive, accepting, and loving space where everyone can date and find the love they are waiting for.

The client wanted the app to help its users find the perfect match based on their location, interests, location range, gender, and sexual orientation, which users can set in their profile.

They also wanted the users to have extensive privacy features to make their profiles private and public.

The client wanted to build the perfect dating app for everyone that:

About Matchup: Matchup is a dating app that wants to help its users have the most secure, unique, and safe dating experience online. They are looking to cater to the dating needs of users with diverse genders and sexual orientations. With Matchup’s dating app, they want to create a singular dating culture where even its users’ most unique dating desires are satisfied.

How AddWeb Solution’s team approached the dating app development.

When Matchup came to us looking for a reliable agency to help create dating apps like Tinder, we instantly knew the client’s expectations. However, as we wanted to gain a deeper perspective into what the client was looking for, we decided to have a thorough discovery call. The interactions helped us realize the client’s vision and how we could approach it to make it a reality. Although there are dating apps like Tinder in the market, the client was very particular about creating a highly personalized dating experience for each user. This was the foundation we decided to build the website’s front and back end.

To gain current market insights, dating trends, and user preferences, we conducted extensive research in the field, looking into dating websites, dating applications, etc. This helped us realize what the users are looking for in this industry and how we can mold the app’s front and back ends. Based on the same, we developed a dating mobile applications development plan.

The app’s deliverables, specifications, and communication strategy were set along with a team of expert designers, dating website developers, and Laravel engineers. Once all was set, our team started the project.


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How AddWeb Solution executed the plan and developed the app.

Based on the dating portal development plan, we decided to get the design for the app first. We focused on creating a unique user experience, so we went with getting the design element first. As the app was envisioned to deliver an immersive experience for the users, we focused on solving the design pain points of the users on diverse apps, which we had learned during the research process. Having already worked on numerous design-intense apps as a professional dating website development company, our UI/UX team quickly nailed the design. The design focused on ensuring a user-friendly, intuitive, and quick-to-navigate interface everyone loved.

After the preliminary rounds in design, we discussed the design with the client, and based on a few inputs from the client, the design was finalized. Then our team moved on to develop the back end of the app. Our app development team quickly developed the back end as we knew the features, capabilities, and integrations needed from our research. We also added many security features to make the app highly secure.

At the end of the project, we were able to deliver a dating app that had the following capabilities:

Subscription plans

The app offers multiple subscription plans that users can choose from depending on the features and capabilities they need.

User accounts

Users can create highly personalized profiles and interact with others, matching their profiles using the app. It offers multiple options to edit, optimize, and tweak their profile on the dating mobile app to find ideal matches.

Admin accounts

The admin can comprehensively view, monitor, and manage the user’s activities on the app. This makes it easy for Matchup to ensure a safe and welcoming technology ecosystem for everyone using the app.

In our efforts to make the app more user-friendly and value-adding to the users and the business, we added various features to the app.

User management

This is where the user can manage all the users of the app. They can monitor the app and how users use it, and if others report any users, the admin can also take appropriate action.

Payments management

This feature allows the admin to quickly and effectively manage user payments. This also involves any disputes and refund requests.

Subscription plans

As the app’s services are offered based on subscription, the admin can manage the same to drive maximum revenue and value for the business.

Users sign up

Users who want to use the app can create an account using the Signup option, which is quick, easy, and user-friendly.

Location setting

The users can set their location as per their needs and current location. They can also use the feature to find profiles that match the area of their own preference or location range.

Payment gateway

Users can quickly pay for the subscription to the app using the built-in payment gateway on the app.


The users can use the message/chat option available on the app to chat and interact with profiles of their choice and interest. The chat/message allows the users to send images, videos, documents, etc.

My profile

My profile feature gives the users complete control of their profile. They can edit the profile, modify the specifics, update visibility, etc., on the app.

Admin dashboard

The admin dashboard is where the admin can get an overview of the entire app and its statistics. It helps the admin understand how the app is performing, how the users like it, what areas are performing well, etc.

Illustrating our dating app through screenshots.

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How the client expressed their satisfaction.

“ Me & my team all loved how the app came out and are delighted to say that it has come out exceptionally well. We thank you for your effort and insightful approach to the entire project. We had tried to work with a couple of other dating website development companies, but we were not happy with their strategy or inputs. Our first call with your team convinced us that you would be able to deliver a great job, and you did not disappoint. The team was very receptive and open to discussion, and they always were timely. The entire experience with your team was professional and satisfying. We thank you for the work and recommend your services to anyone looking to develop dating apps in the market. ”

How the app performed after its release.

After releasing the app, the client experienced an overwhelming signup after the first two weeks. Signups increase by 170% in the third and 210% in the fourth weeks. 60% of the users also purchased the premium plan within a week of signing up.


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