Rejuvenated its Online Bookstore with a Modern Technology Stack

Meccabooks Online Bookstore

Laden by age-old technology, cumbersome checkout process and performance, challenges were:

  1. Outdated technology stack, including backend and front-end framework.
  2. Lack of advanced plugins and functionalities to match the latest eCommerce trends.
  3. Poorly designed checkout process lacking simplicity and speed.
  4. Lack of latest security measures to safeguard the website against intrusion or hack attempts.
  5. Absence of content management & personalization.
  6. Age-old design lacking effective engagement with the audience.

ABOUT MeccaBooksMeccaBooks is a unique and special place to shop Islamic books for today’s generation of knowledge seekers. The bookstore is known for an extraordinary collection of traditional Islamic books from the best of the line of authors with popular titles. Visitors can browse shelves, refer to newly added books, and gift their loved ones special items.

A deep dive into how AddWeb Solution Helped MeccaBooks.

While evaluating MeccaBooks’ previous website, it was apparent that the site lacked modernization in terms of speed and user experience, considering the unique range of products MeccaBooks had to offer. Turning the vision of MeccaBooks’ into reality was challenging but exciting.

Our approach was not limited to improvisation of the user journey and modernization of the tech stack, but the ease of maintenance post-deployment without much dependency on the technical team was also an essential factor for a cost-effective solution. 


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Features Enhanced


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The journey towards technology upgrades and advanced features.

The ultimate goal of the MeccaBooks eCommerce website was to take a technological leap while providing an exceptional user experience. AddWeb Solution has created and launched a whole new eCommerce site from scratch with advanced features, scaled existing core functionalities of the site, and a whole new look and feel of the site that smoothly works across all devices with modern front-end architecture. Furthermore, the new eCommerce store offers various features discussed below.

Innovative Features

A bird’s eye view of striking features of MeccaBooks.

Add More to Wishlist

An essential feature for MeccaBooks users is to help them add their favourite books to their wishlist to avoid searching for them again later when they buy them.

Book Animation Videos

Let the MeccaBooks users sneak into their favourite books with the help of engaging animation videos.

Advanced Search Option

Enhanced search option where the MeccaBooks user can filter the collection on the store based on various search criteria such as categories, subcategories, type, and more with the help of Algolia search.

Enhanced Checkout Process

Enhanced checkout process where the MeccaBooks users can manage shipping address, change shipping methods, payment options, and more.

CMS Pages

Implement the state-of-the-art component-based CMS system to add new dynamic pages and components.

VueStorefront 2 Headless

Let the MeccaBooks leverage the actual break up of front-end and back-end by migrating from VueStorefront-1 to VueStorefront-2, a lightning-fast front-end for headless commerce.

Enabled Live Chat

The users of MeccaBooks can quickly get support or assistance in their search for Islamic books. Moreover, the users can find answers to their queries on the go with round-the-clock chat support.

Knowledge Points

With the help of Yopto API, we have helped clients enable loyalty and rewards programs to encourage their users to purchase and earn reward points.

Unique Donation Page

Now, let the worships come from around the world to MeccaBooks with the help of a Donation Page where interested buyers or visitors can donate for the betterment of the community.

Website Screenshots

Getting into the reborn MeccaBooks Store.

Meccabooks blog detail
Meccabooks checkout
Meccabooks home
Meccabooks popup
Meccabooks footer
Meccabooks product listing
Meccabooks product details
Meccabooks cart
Meccabooks about us
Meccabooks blog landing

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work.

“ The major challenges we had with our previous website were its performance, usability issues, and outdated technology stack. Even though we were pretty different from the others in the niche, we were struggling to promote our offerings effectively and gain momentum. All thanks to the AddWeb Solution team who understood our pain point and helped us get a brand new MeccaBooks website specifically designed keeping in mind our business needs and overcoming the challenges we faced. ”

Final Outcome

Witnessing the astonishing results of transformed MeccaBooks.

The client witnessed an engaging and modern eCommerce solution with all the necessary upgrades and desired features. To easily resolve customer queries, various on-the-spot applications are enabled. Customized themes, streamlined checkout process, multiple plugins, and UI enhancements helped the client get a crisp, clear, and responsive online store and succeeded in providing an engaging online store. The client and traditional Islamic book lovers greatly appreciate the refreshing look and advanced features.

MeccaBooks has managed to achieve great results like:


Traffic Growth


Improved Page Speed


Reduced Back-end Management Time


Customer Engagement Improved

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