A Leading Insurance Aggregator Player from the United States Modernizes its Web Application using Bootstrap

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“ The AddWeb team made it so simple. Not just Bootstrap upgrade, but all the enhancements and new features have made our web application faster, easier, and more engaging. The entire modernization of the web app was done exceptionally well and professionally… ”

US based insurance aggregator giant that simplify disability and life insurance for busy doctors.

The Pattern is a trusted U.S.-based physician disability insurance and life insurance provider. It simplifies disability and life insurance for busy doctors and helps them choose the right policy that fulfills their needs. The portal helps physicians to request a quote, Pattern assembles the policy options and helps doctors choose the right policy with the help of their agents.

Industry : Insurance

Headquarters: United States

The main challenge for the Pattern team was to modernize their existing web application or portal to make it user-friendly using various front-end modifications. Besides this, the company leadership saw the demand for:

Tasked with the overall modernization, AddWeb Solution took full ownership of the modernization and upgrade process providing the customer with all required assistance along the line.

After the profound analysis of the existing web portal, the AddWeb Solution team initiated a project by deploying the best-in-class October CMS development team to work on the modernization of the web application by incorporating new features as a part of enhancement. On the other hand, the best of our creative minds and front-end experts have started working on the tedious task of Bootstrap upgrade and other UI elements.

The team AddWeb has revamped the existing web portal and made it secure, scalable, and responsive that smoothly works across all the devices with modern front-end architecture. Furthermore, the web portal now offers:

Mobile Portfolio

Quote Comparison

Pattern users can easily compare quotes provided from different insurance carriers to provide the most suitable life insurance to the doctors.

Personalized Reports

Reports are vital for business owners to get an insight into how their business is performing. The Pattern users can get personalized comparison reports.


Offline Chatbot

Helped Pattern users to get instant support in the event of any problem or concern regarding insurance quotes with the help of an offline chatbot.


Team Members


Man Hours




Client Calls

Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to design & upgrade Pattern website.

Milestones & Deliverables

After modernizing the web portal with all the necessary upgrades and desired features, the client witnessed noticeable business growth. Offline chatbot feature facilitated clients to resolve customer queries on the spot. The enhanced header and footer, various plugins, and UI enhancements helped the client get a crisp, clear, and responsive web portal and succeeded in combining both insurance providers and customers.


Significant improvement in PERFORMANCE

It essentially paid off to the Pattern team within months with improved web application performance due to reduced code redundancy during the upgrade.

Noticeable GROWTH

Within a few months of its launch, the app has received a fantastic response from its users and customers. As per the feedback received from users, the app is known to increase productivity and goal achievements through social integrations, Google maps, and more.


The web app has been enhanced to add several new features such as quote comparison, personalized reports, and offline chatbots, which has helped the client achieve noticeable operational efficiency.

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