AddWeb Solution developed an intuitive and powerful taxi-booking application per the client’s requirements. The users can rely on the app to find taxis near them, book them, and make payments online for comfortable and convenient journeys.

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What was QuickHail looking for in their taxi booking business?

When QuickHail approached AddWeb Solution, they established the need to create an excellent Uber taxi booking app clone, and they wanted to make it even better. The industry research conducted by the client helped them realize the growing potential for a taxi booking application as consumers are unhappy with the current providers.

QuickHail needed a solution that was easy for users, drivers, and admins. Their focus was on delivering impeccable user experience for everyone.

QuickHail wanted to get an app that includes the following:

About QuickHail: QuickHail is in the transport business and looking to expand to online taxi services in the USA. Their experience working in the industry helped them realize that there is a massive gap in the online taxi booking industry. They want to combine their industry experience with an online taxi business to diversify their business model.

What approach have we adopted to meet the needs of the client?

While the client was very specific about their requirements and gave us the reference of Uber, we knew that a fresh perspective on the development and designing of the app was necessary. The idea was to understand the pain points of the users and the general challenge that the industry faced over the years. We also spoke to many businesses and technology providers working in the field to understand the ground realities of issues and the opportunities to resolve them. After gaining deep insights into the industry, we evaluated the same with the client’s requirements and fine-tuned the taxi booking software to make a better solution for the client.

The next step involved creating a blueprint outlining what we would do to develop the app. We also defined the project’s timeline, deliverables, and communication strategy to get a thorough project scope. Based on the talent and resource requirements, we set up a team of developers, UI and UX experts, and taxi app strategists to deliver an end-to-end taxi booking solution to our client in just days by implementing our quick readymade taxi booking system like Uber.

After laying down the foundation, we quickly started implementing the app to make it more than just a Uber taxi app clone.


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How AddWeb Solution developed an intuitive and robust online taxi-booking app.

The team we constituted for developing the taxi booking app started working on the project according to the strategy we formulated. We knew the first thing to get right was the design to ensure a better user UX. We cracked this by understanding the limitations of similar apps in the market and the users’ expectations. To gather this information was challenging. However, the market research we conducted early in the project helped us nail this perfectly by leveraging VueJs. This allowed us to develop an elegant design that was equally user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use.

After finalizing the application’s design, our team navigated to the development process. As we designed the app with the development process in mind, our team was able to develop the app rather quickly. We used Laravel for backend development. Integrating Google Map API and RazorPay payment gateway was also done.

Ensuring quick response with an easy-to-navigate design was the core aim of the entire project, based on the client’s requirements. We also created the app to deliver different experiences for each of its user types:

Customers: Customers get all the options to book, manage, and cancel their trips. They can also rate the trip, driver, or service and make payments online.

Drivers: They can sign up with the app to offer their services to customers looking for taxi services. The app allows them to accept or reject ride requests.

Admins: The admins are the ones who manage the entire app from the backend. They can decide the commission rates, users, and drivers registered on the app.

Striking Features

The app has been developed to deliver the best in industry features and user experience to its users. The following features make the Uber taxi clone app convenient and easy to use:

Cashless Payments

The app offers seamless and secure cashless payment options, enabling users to pay for their rides conveniently using various methods such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, or digital payment platforms.

Rating and Reviews

Users can rate and provide feedback on their ride experience, allowing for transparency and accountability. This feature helps maintain quality standards and improves the overall service provided.

Scheduled Rides

Users can pre-book rides in advance, enabling them to plan their trips. This feature ensures reliability and convenience, especially for important events or early-night airport transfers.

Rider Panel

The rider panel allows the customers to take complete control of their trips and journeys. The panel is loaded with a variety of functionalities.

Driver Panel

This panel is designed for the drivers to manage their trips and customers. They have all the functionalities to ensure that they can deliver the best possible experience to their customers via the app.

Admin Panel

This is the panel where the admin manages both customers and drivers. This could be anybody from a travel agency, transport business, or bus or taxi owners.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can track their booked ride in real-time on a map, allowing them to know their driver’s exact location and the estimated arrival time.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

At the end of the project, the client shared the following feedback.

“ Thank you, AddWeb Solution, for the exceptional app you developed for us. The app was much better than we had wanted, and we are really happy we chose to work with you. Your team was always professional and willing to listen to our suggestions and requests. They also educated us to improve the app as they better understand the technology and industry. We will recommend your service to anyone looking for on-demand taxi booking development services and assistance. Once again, thank you very much. ”

What was the client experience like after the app went live?

After the Uber clone taxi booking software was launched, the client was able to experience a lot of signups from travel agencies and taxi operators. The response has encouraged the client to add chat options and food delivery services to the app; we are currently planning the same.


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Trips Booked in The First Week

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