AddWeb Solution used Silverstripe development to create an impressive, scalable, and easy-to-use web app, enabling clients to record and manage key vessel-related data.

SeaLogs SilverStripe Development

Learning about what SeaLogs was looking for:

Managing the details of vessels that arrive and depart, along with other crucial information, such as the vessel’s engine specifications and the people working on the vessel and their roles, is more challenging than it looks. As a maritime fleet management software solution, SeaLogs wanted to add significant functionality to the application to serve their clients better.

In their efforts to quickly manage their requirement, they were hunting for a SilverStripe development company that could pull off the project successfully. They preferred to work with an independent team that could work as per the client’s brief and timeline. Along with this, SeaLogs looked to improve the app’s performance by adding the following:

About SeaLogs: SeaLogs is a comprehensive digital logbook and fleet management solution that manages the vessel and its logs efficiently and conveniently for anyone across multiple devices. The app’s primary objective is to ensure seamless collaboration and communication between Maritime Managers and Surveyors and help build a stronger, professional relationship between these parties. Founded in 2018, SeaLogs has become one of the industry’s most reliable and trusted applications.

Insider info on what AddWeb Solution strategized for SeaLogs.

As SeaLogs came with their project requirement, they already knew what they wanted to add to the application. However, they needed more clarity and technical know-how, which we had. Relying on our experience of offering Silverstripe development services to multiple clients for years, we created a quick and customized development plan for the client. The plan focused on how we could use SilverStripe development to build the functionality that the client was looking for.

After having a quick meeting with the client to make necessary changes and adjustments to the plan, our SilverStripe developers’ team began working on the project. Since the client’s goals favored a tailor-made approach, we went ahead with a client-centric approach.


Man Hours


Client Calls


Team Members


Features Developed

Creating an essential functionality towards better vessel management.

As our Silverstripe web development team began working on creating the functionality, we decided to make the functionality even more effective and relevant by adding a range of features. To do that, we not only used SilverStripe but also the latest versions of jQuery, React.js, Leaflet, and PHP, along with additional tech stack as needed. While developing the functionality, we also considered how it would be rendered on multiple hand-held devices. This understanding also played an integral role in making it seamless across platforms and devices.

To make valuable functionality for the users, we made the communication between the app and server seamless. It also ensured quicker sharing of data stored between the server and the device used to manage the log and other vessel details.

Value-adding and essential features to make the app user-friendly.

View Reports

Users can view various reports on trips, crew sea time, engines, fuel records, etc., on the app.

Better Management

This feature enables users to manage schedules, crew duties, and company details on the app.

Member & Data Control

Admins can add, view, delete, and edit the information or members added to the application.

Report Generation

Admins and managers can generate the reports they need for diverse management purposes.

Document Formats

Users can download and upload documents to the application in PDF and CSV formats.


Admins and users can make remarks on the schedule, vessel logs, and member information.

G-Map Integration

Integrated Google Maps into the application for better location tracking of multiple vessels.

App Theme

Made the application better aesthetically by creating light and dark themes on various devices.

Vessel Category

Created multiple vessel categories so users can view them as per the category on the app.

Trip Report Form

Create, edit, and download Trip Report Form from the app to make trip management easier.


Integrated notifications feature into the app so users can stay updated about crucial info.

Day-wise Info

Users and admins can view details on the app for the previous day or the current day as needed.

Passenger Count

Users of the application can view the count of passengers and members on board the vessel.

Vessels Data

Users of the SeaLogs can view the list of the vessels and their locations in real-time on the app.

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Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work.

“ Although we had interacted with a couple of SilverStripe development companies before discussing the project with AddWeb Solution, our first interaction with AddWeb was encouraging. We felt the team knew what they were talking about and how our requirements could be effectively met. In addition to the team’s technical expertise, we were impressed by how professional and patient the entire team was. This was further underlined with each subsequent project, and they educated us on how the functionality will enhance the app’s performance across the platform. The entire project was fruitful and more than delightful. Thank you, team AddWeb Solution ”

How our hard work helped SeaLogs.

Even from the beginning of the project, the client was very receptive to the suggestions that AddWeb Solution’s Silverstripe development team provided. SeaLogs was on board with most of the tips we provided to them, as their focus was solely on improving the app’s performance and use case. Further, they also had a clear view of what they needed, and our technological expertise showed them the direction. The functionality that we added made the app even more effective, value-adding, and efficient for the users.

After implementing the functionality, SeaLogs experienced results like the following:


Software User


Increased Client Revenue


Increased Business Inquiries


Increased Report Downloads

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