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Understanding the Client’s Requirements

SharePlay is a technology platform that wants to bring gamers together to share their favourite games. The idea of the platform is to enable gamers to come together and create a strong community where every gamer can thrive by sharing ideas, skills, and tips. To make this vision come alive, the client was looking for a reliable Ghost CMS development company that could help them design an intuitive and immersive UI for the platform.

They wanted to create the most unique and seamless user experiences for their users. Hence, they wanted to work with an agency with the right experience and expertise in Ghost CMS development. SharePlay was looking for an agency offering Ghost CMS development services to:

About SharePlay: SharePlay is a platform for gamers to come together and interact with each other to build and grow their communities. The platform is for everyone who loves games. The users can stream their gameplay and interact with the audience. As their major service is fully dependent on their platform, they were very particular about their UI as the users will be interacting with the platform extensively when consuming creator content on SharePlay.

How Our Ghost CMS Development Team Approached the Project.

As we discussed with the client, we learned that the client needs a customized Ghost CMS development package from us. Since their requirements were specific and unique to the platform they were developing, the tailored approach was the best way to ensure a fitting design. We also learned from the discussion that the client sought a simple yet efficient design that enhances the user experience and simplifies the operations. Having already worked on a range of projects on Ghost CMS, we quickly understood the goals and expectations of the clients.

However, to understand that the UI exceeds the client’s expectations and improves upon what is available in the market now, we have decided to conduct extensive research to understand what works and what does not in similar industries. Based on our research, we decided on the design philosophy and theme we would adopt for the platform.

We have also put together a team of experienced Ghost CMS experts, UI strategists, designers, etc., to work on the project along with a blueprint for the project’s timely execution.


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


Client Calls


Team Members

How Did AddWeb Solution Deliver the UI Design to the Client?

Based on the insights we gathered through our research on the industry and competitors, we began working on the UI design of the platform. We focused on creating an immersive design that facilitated an exceptional user experience while making the platform easy to use. We also considered the notes and specifications from the client, as they also had a vision for the design. To educate the client on our various design choices, we made several calls to the client. This helped the client understand our overall design language for the platform. The color palette, fonts, and other design elements we selected needed to resonate with the energy and excitement that any gaming community would share. And we worked extensively to nail the same right from the beginning.

At the start of the project, we decided to go with the project in a phased and streamlined way. This helped us create the overall design for the platform and pivot the internal design for navigational pages from the overarching design language. The client loved this approach as it helped make adequate changes as needed.

Our team worked tirelessly on the project to create the most mesmerizing design for the platform without compromising the user experience.

What Are the Features Making the Platform Exceptional?

Social Media

To enable social sharing and interaction, we have also integrated various social media handles of the brand into the platform for quick access and sharing.

Account Creation

Users can create accounts with the platform, enabling them to track all their activities. This helps them interact with other users on the platform, stream their gaming, and explore all features offered by the platform for creatives.

Profile Management

Using the profile management section, users can easily manage their profiles. They can change their profile image or avatar, update addresses, and change passwords when needed.


Users can get a PlayTag, a unique identity to take full advantage of the platform and identify themselves during streaming and other community interactions.


The platform also has a blog session designed to be highly user-friendly. This section was designed to share news about the platform and other updates from the community.


An events tab was created to publish the details of the upcoming events hosted by the platform. This enables the users to prepare themselves for the events and participate in them.


A resources section was also integrated into the platform to help the users get all the needed help. We added SharePlay University, support, feedback, blogs, safety, etc. to the resource to ensure a safe gaming environment for all.

After completing the project, the client shared derailed feedback as given below:

“ I thank your entire AddWeb team for the excellent work you have done. When searching the market to hire Ghost CMS developers, we came across various agencies. However, none of them had a strong portfolio as you did, so we decided to go with you. And the first interaction we had with your team proved that we made the right choice. Your team was easy to communicate with, and we were also part of the design process. We loved your collaborative approach. At the same time, we liked your patience in helping us understand the reasons for going with certain design aspects even more, as not many agencies do not explain why they are going with what they are going with when it comes to design. The project was also done much faster than we thought, and we are grateful as it reduced our time to market. ”

After the Project, the Client Enjoyed the Following Benefits.

After the project was released, the client received excellent responses from gamers, streamers, and general audiences. SharePlay platform was able to witness 100K sessions in the first week itself. This was beyond the expectation of the client. They were also able to grow their user base, the number of people streaming their platform, and user sessions of the platform. The client shared the following result stats with us.


Increased New Sign-ups


Gamers Streaming on Platform


Increased Sessions in a Week


Increased Users

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