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Group Ski trips made easy.

Skidaddy makes easy for people to plan group or family ski trips to Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. It also provides information to order lift tickets and rental equipment to make it easy for ski goers. Moreover, they help people find the perfect group ski package that will best fit the needs of the entire group. We helped them to migrate their PHP to PHP 7. We also updated their WordPress site and served them with plugin updates, speed optimization and many more. We helped them to increase their page speed by 83%. With our provided updates now instant bookings, group bookings, free quotations, and many more things will be benefitted by users. 

Country: United States

Industry: Travel

Ski Daddy wanted us to help them with certain upgrades for their WordPress site, and also with the PHP 7. They also wanted to add certain plugins and wanted us to optimize the speed for their website.


The Frontpage of any website should leave an amazing impression on the viewers. As Ski Daddy is a website that promotes adventure, it is very necessary to get the trust of its users. We helped them modify their home page in a way that helped them express more and gain trust. With the attractive theme, users will definitely take more minutes of them and go deep into the site. It will end up impressing the users and book a trip. For making booking easy for the users we served with the instant booking option on the front page.

Mountain Comparisons

It is very necessary for every adventure person to know what miles would be the route and how many runs would take him to his destination. We understand it and hence we provided with the comparison wherein the ski person can comapre the skiable acres, runs. It will also provide them with the state and the distance from the airport. Security also comes as a foremost concern for travelers so the idea of travel insurance was a necessary take. One with comparison, insurance is all set for the users to book their trips individually or in groups. For group booking free quote, options are also provided.

Ski daddy web
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Find Your Mountain

This was necessary to be provided as the users should definitely know which would be the best-suited place for mountain climbing. Here in this space, we provided them with the list of mountains Ski Daddy is associated with. Further to find the information users can click on the name of the mountain and look into details regarding the activities and more and can find the best for them. Here while checking out they can also glance at the several discount options and pay with the way best suited to them. To make the payment easy several payment gateway options were provided from our end.




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AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop Ski Daddy website

We take our clients seriously and provide our services to them with 100% commitment. Ski Daddy is a website hosted on Amazon Web Services. They wanted us to get the upgrades for their WordPress site which got them bug fixes, optimized speed, enhanced security for them as well as their users. It also brought new features that helped to get a new and improvised theme for them in order to attract their users. It improvised 75% of the traffic quality of the website. The update of PHP 7 helped with twice the speed for the website, it also facilitated them by handling errors and timely cleans the space for them.

The description plays a vital role to convince the users hence for the home page we gave trustworthy descriptions, which helped Ski Daddy to gain the trust of their users. Trustworthy clients reflect positive reviews. Space was also provided from our end where the users can get to know more about the mountains and also compare them further. Looking at the activities and all in detail they can safely plan the trip, with the travel insurance.

Summing up comparison, information, insurance all is done now users can plan safe trips individually and also in a group with instant booking options. Before checking out the booking travelers can also look to several discount options and free quotations for group booking. We also provided them with several payment gateway options so that their users can pay with the option best suited for them. With GDPR cookie implementation now Ski Daddy can keep data of all the people visiting their site. It was an amazing experience to work with Ski Daddy and improvise their conversion rates with 150%. And help the Tours & Travel industry reach new heights.

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