AddWeb Solution worked on Zoho customization using Zoho Creator for the client. Along with the same, our team helped the client with the content update for multilingual support and theme update to create a more streamlined and impeccable user experience.

Zoho Creator Customization for Skyfluent
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Zoho Creator

Understanding what SkyFluent was looking for.

The major requirement of the client was to update the website for modern users while making the website available in multiple languages. As such, they wanted to associate with an experienced Zoho consulting partner who could help them with the following:

  1. Zoho creator customization.
  2. Theme customization support.
  3. Integrating the Zoho Form plugin for data collection.
  4. Multilingual contact form integration.
  5. Relevant plugin installation on the site.

About SkyFluent: SkyFluent helps businesses develop their CRM plans and harmonize them with various cloud technologies per their requirements. They focus on delivering impeccable customer relations experience and automating sales team communication so multiple teams can share information quickly. SkyFluent also helps implement marketing strategies for businesses so that SMEs can improve their market share.

Our approach to strategizing and executing the project.

Over the years, we have worked with various clients as a Zoho consulting partner, offering them customized services. However, when the client approached us with their requirement, we conducted industry and target audience research to understand the business pain points firsthand. The research helped us understand the client’s issues and the target audience’s concerns. Once we understood the challenges we needed to address, we moved on to developing the project strategy.

We went ahead with the agile development methodology to ensure quick development, quality, and client feedback to make the website impressive. Every stage of the development process was planned and discussed with the client to avoid any fundamental mismatch in deliverables. Once the deliverables were agreed upon, we created a blueprint based on the scope.

Keeping all these in mind, we decided to give the app an exceptional design and powerful functionalities that can make it the best in the market. So we quickly assembled a team of UI/UX designers and developers to develop the food app. We developed a roadmap for the app that also involved time for extensive testing to ensure that the app works perfectly in all environments.

After developing the plan, our team was on board with the development.


Man Hours


Functionalities Developed


Client Calls


Team Members

How AddWeb created the perfect solution for the client.

According to the project execution strategy, we began working on developing the website for the client. Our focus was ensuring the best experience for both users and admins of the website to take full advantage of the website. The theme was customized to make it intuitive and easy to navigate. The theme customization focused on usability and visual appeal.

After finalizing the design, the development process went into full swing. To deliver the best experience for everyone, we endowed the website with various features that make the site easy to access, use, and manage. We also added a few plugins to the site for various purposes that helped the website improve its functionality extensively. All this has been done keeping in mind the multilingual support that the website was also going for. We added Yoast SEO and many other performance-related plugins to make the site SEO easy. Our Zoho consulting services also included hosting the website on GoDaddy and using GitHub for version control.

Before letting the site go live, we tested it extensively on diverse technology platforms and environments for trouble-free user experience and website management.

We added the following important features to the website to make it user-friendly and easy for its administrators to manage.

User Roles

We also worked on the user role for protected pages on the website for a better user experience.

Zoho Forms Integrations

Zoho Forms were integrated to collect data from users on different destinations on the website for marketing and other purposes.

Customized Theme

We customized the theme to meet the new client requirements and multilingual support features.

Multilingual Support

The website has been integrated with multilanguage support capabilities to cater to the wide target audience that the business caters to.

Look at the screenshots of the site to know how it was realized.

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Listen to what our client has said about the project.

“ It has been a while since we started looking for one of the best Zoho consultants. Although we did not have much luck, AddWeb Solution impressed us initially with its portfolio. They understood our requirements quickly, and their plan was top-notch. We were also impressed with the Zoho-certified consultants that AddWeb had. The entire team was professional throughout the project and willing to make the website excellent. We are satisfied with the Zoho CRM integration and consultation services provided by AddWeb. ”

Let’s look at the project’s outcome after the implementation.

Since launching the website, the client has observed better engagement and increased sessions and session time. This has helped them improve their conversion rate as well. One of the biggest changes happened with the number of international clients that turned up on their website due to the multilanguage support that the website offered.


Increased Number of Sessions


Increased International Traffic


Increased in Form Submissions


Increased Website Traffic

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