How AddWeb Solution leveraged a client-centric development strategy to develop a real estate app solution to launch his business app & website in just a matter of days & 3X revenue of Stellar Estates.

Stellar Estates Real Estate App & Website Solution

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Once the development phase was done, we moved on to the testing stage, where each aspect of the website was tested. We tested for data security, ease of use, navigation, server connection, and the website’s overall performance. After testing, we delivered the website, which has by then been transformed into an impeccable, feature-rich, and high-performant website with diverse user profiles, such as:

Admin Profile

This is the administrator of the website who can manage the profiles of agents of users. Their dashboard has diverse capabilities that allow them to accept or remove agents and users, check the activities of users and agents on the website, etc.

Agent Profile

The agent profile is for the users trying to list their properties on the website for sale or rent. They can add properties, modify them, upload new images, and change details for contact, etc.

User Profile

These customers want to buy or rent properties listed on the website by businesses or agents. They can search for various properties based on their requirements, location, and other property features.

Striking Features

Our work on the website made it one of the best in the industry. The website was enriched with the following features and capabilities:

Search Property

Users can search for properties on the website based on the amenities, location, and features that the users are looking for.

Save Searches

Users can save their search to review and come back later. This will help them find the best property and keep the previous searches.

Search Filters

The website also enables users to filter out their search based on various parameters, such as location, size, price, etc.

Contact Owner

Users can also contact the owners or the people who listed the properties on the website. This enables security and data protection.

“ I want to thank the entire Laravel development team for your impeccable work. The website came out perfectly, looks much better, and performed flawlessly than expected. The team was very professional, and they helped us understand everything. They also were straightforward to talk to and understood our needs quickly. If you are a business to develop a Laravel website, we recommend you hire AddWeb Solution as your trusted Laravel development agency. Thank you. ”

After the release of the website, the client experienced tremendous growth and a positive response to the website. They improved the number of users to their website, which was a massive positive for the brand. In addition, they found more people signing up for their services. Additionally, the number of sessions on their website also improved considerably. And two months after the site deployment, they more than doubled their website traffic. They shared these results, as given below:


Increased Agents’ Signup


Increased New Users


Increased Website Sessions


Increased Overall Website Traffic

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