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The Business Needs

Understanding what Stellar Estates was looking for.

As an up-and-coming real estate business, Stellar Estates was looking to leverage technology to grow its business. Their primary challenge was bringing their properties on a single platform where they could be showcased to customers interested in buying, renting, or leasing the properties. As they wanted to develop a strong and extensive application that could seamlessly serve the real estate requirements of people searching for top-notch properties in varied locations, the solution's user experience was significant. During the initial interactions with the client, we understood these requirements.

With Stellar Estates, visitors can explore properties listed by individuals, real estate businesses, and agents. The solution enables customers and sellers to find each other effortlessly and contact them to meet their requirements.


As the solution needed to satisfy its users' buying and renting needs, the client was looking to develop a solution that is easy to use and navigate while also being simple to manage for real estate agents. Hence, they wanted to work with a Laravel development agency that could:


  • Create a seamless real estate application with great functionalities.
  • Ensure quick and easy management of properties.
  • Develop a high-performance and intuitive app.
  • Create an app at cost-effective rates.
  • Provide after-project support when needed.


About Stellar Estates: Stellar Estates is a growing business indulging in selling and renting properties. They bring together users and customers to promote the selling and renting of properties. The website's overall goal is to enable users to list their properties quickly and find people to buy or rent the same. The client already has a customer base but wants to expand their business to more markets by leveraging the solution they want to develop with AddWeb Solution. And they were looking for a reliable Laravel development company.

Our Approach

Our approach to complete the project successfully.

Our team believes in approaching a project meticulously and planning everything before we start working on the project. This enables us to go through the project efficiently, as we already have all the data, insights, and ideas we need to execute the project flawlessly.


As the client was looking to create a solid and easy-to-use website, we realized it must have a robust architecture supporting users and customers effectively. In addition, we also decided to understand the challenges that similar businesses and website users face in the market so that we can resolve those challenges right from the development stage. After a few calls with the client, we built a list of challenges and opportunities the website must solve and take advantage of. We also conducted market research to check how the industry responded to websites like the client’s website to plan the real estate app development solution.


After understanding the challenges and opportunities for the website, we planned the tools, techniques, tech infrastructure, and the team of Laravel developers we needed to carry out the project. Further using the same, we also developed a blueprint and schedule for the project to complete on time. As with every other project, we also decided to take advantage of an Agile project management methodology for project management.



Team Members


Man Hours


Client Calls


Functionality Developed


How AddWeb Solution addressed the client's challenges.

Once we had gathered all the background information, client data, industry insights, and other information, we planned the project according to the design and development requirements of the client. Since we wanted to nail the design aspect of the website first, we decided to design the website first. Our design team took inspiration from diverse websites and created a unique, intuitive, and efficient design that guaranteed exceptional user experience on multiple mobile and desktop devices. We also rendered a few design variations for the client to check and finalized the one the client liked the most.


We moved to the development phase after locking in the website's design. Our real estate solutions development team consisted of expert Laravel developers, strategists, and testers who had worked on diverse projects before. We took a systematic approach that helped us ensure efficient coding and architecture to make the property management app light and high performing. Once the development stage was completed, we provided that it could operate on various devices despite being resource and data-rich with images, data, location information, property details, contact information, etc.


Once the development phase was done, we moved on to the testing stage, where each aspect of the website was tested. We tested for data security, ease of use, navigation, server connection, and the website's overall performance. After testing, we delivered the website, which has by then been transformed into an impeccable, feature-rich, and high-performant website with diverse user profiles, such as:


Admin Profile


This is the administrator of the website who can manage the profiles of agents of users. Their dashboard has diverse capabilities that allow them to accept or remove agents and users, check the activities of users and agents on the website, etc.


Agent Profile


The agent profile is for the users trying to list their properties on the website for sale or rent. They can add properties, modify them, upload new images, and change details for contact, etc.


User Profile


These customers want to buy or rent properties listed on the website by businesses or agents. They can search for various properties based on their requirements, location, and other property features.

Striking Features

Our work on the website made it one of the best in the industry. The website was enriched with the following features and capabilities:

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

The client gave us glowing feedback after the project was completed.

I want to thank the entire Laravel development team for your impeccable work. The website came out perfectly, looks much better, and performed flawlessly than expected. The team was very professional, and they helped us understand everything. They also were straightforward to talk to and understood our needs quickly. If you are a business to develop a Laravel website, we recommend you hire AddWeb Solution as your trusted Laravel development agency. Thank you.

Jerry Lane


Final Outcome

How the project helped their business in the end.

After the release of the website, the client experienced tremendous growth and a positive response to the website. They improved the number of users to their website, which was a massive positive for the brand. In addition, they found more people signing up for their services. Additionally, the number of sessions on their website also improved considerably. And two months after the site deployment, they more than doubled their website traffic. They shared these results, as given below:



Increased New Users


Increased Agents’ Signup


Increased Website Sessions


Increased Overall Website Traffic

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