AddWeb Solution has worked on the WordPress website for TFF UK to add CRM capabilities and additional features using Zoho Creator included in Zoho One.

Timber Trade Federation

About TTF: TTF is the biggest membership body for timber importers, merchants, agents, and manufacturers, constituting about 80% of the $10 billion industry in the UK. The federation had been a significant force in the industry for over 125 years, which shows the body’s importance in the country’s timber industry. The portal acts as an all-inclusive resource for industry news, information, knowledge, and trade policies for anyone wanting to become involved with the industry.

Although AddWeb Solution has worked with clients looking for Zoho consulting services from the timber industry, considering the sheer size of the portal, we realized that we needed a custom approach with TTF. The first thing we did, hence, was to identify the issues that the client was facing.

We brainstormed with the client and discussed in length to understand their current challenges and what ideal solution they need. The discussions were highly fruitful as we could understand the project’s scope, what the client needs, and the opportunities and challenges with the project.

As we learned about the exact requirement of the project, we designed a blueprint of the project and how we will execute the same. As we needed an exceptional team of developers with Zoho-certified consultants, we put together a team that included designers, WordPress developers and Zoho experts, and PHP, jQuery, Nginx, and MySQL professionals. We also ensured a testing team to ensure the integrations worked as intended.


Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


Client Calls

As the project’s chief goal was to make the website more efficient, expansive, and effective for the users, we decided to rely on agile methodologies and development processes.

When we started working on Zoho CRM integration for the website, we wanted to ensure that the website could cater to users’ and administrators’ needs. Since the website is a comprehensive portal, ensuring it is easy to manage as it is easy to use was paramount.

Along with integrating Zoho CRM with the site, we also fixed the address for sales in Solihull to ensure it is accurately pinned on the map.

The development team has also taken care of the following: 

Apart from this, our Zoho experts have reviewed the TTF Zoho plugin to ensure that it updates accurately, it has the right and efficient layout, and its password update feature works properly.

At the end of the project, we also worked extensively to test each functionality and feature of the website to ensure that it worked as intended.

Striking Features

The following features were developed and updated to make the website perform well:

Free and paid online courses

Added paid and free courses that visitors can enroll in to acquire new skills and capabilities to manage and run their businesses better.

Wood campus

The site has the ‘Wood campus’ that is redirected to the App Store and Google Play.

TTG calendar

TTG calendar has been integrated into the website to display all upcoming events visitors can look up and sign up for.


Created a sitemap to enable the users to navigate through the website quickly.

Product types

Added six product types to the website per the TTF requirements.

Search insight on the home page

We added search insights on the homepage for website visitors to access the same for a better user experience.

Campaign of ‘Wood for Good’

Used the website to promote and empower the ‘Wood for Good’ campaign promoting sustainable businesses and service to the community.

Code of conduct for members only

We have added a feature that clearly articulates and displays the code of conduct for the federation members.

Newsletter sign-up form

Developed a newsletter sign-up form for the website to encourage visitors to become a part of the community to understand and learn about the latest developments happening in the UK and the world in the timber industry.


Look at the screenshots of the site to know how it was realized

TTF education
TTF find a member
TTF home page
TTF login
TTF stats
TTF divisions
Wood award
TTC member code of conduct
TTF Regions
TTF-about us

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work

“ Before connecting with AddWeb Solution, we interacted with a couple of Zoho software consultants. However, we could not find the right Zoho-certified consultant to meet our requirements. Our search ended with AddWeb, and the discovery call convinced us that AddWeb could pull this off. They understood the challenges quickly and shared how they would approach this from a development perspective. This made us confident that AddWeb knows what they are talking about. Like the initial interaction, all the further calls, sessions, and interactions were fruitful. The team was courteous to our requirements and shared timely updates, which was a huge relief. We recommend AddWeb to any business looking for a reliable Zoho CRM integration and services provider with complete confidence. ”

After the project went live, we closely observed it to ensure it performed as expected. TTF has witnessed a considerable uptick in its website’s performance. The number of sessions increased, as has the time spent by the users on the website. The site also observed an increase in newsletter signup, which was one of the significant issues with the previous site version. The admins considerably reduced their time managing the site and maintaining the content.

TTF has been able to enjoy impressive results like the following after the launch:


Increased Website Users


Increased Newsletter Signups


Reduced Website Maintenance Time


Increased User Engagement


Decreased Bounce Rate

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