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How our esteemed Drupal development team assisted our client with Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migration for their legacy website.

Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 Migration for Travel Nation
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Their basic needs include: 

  • Process the Drupal 7 to 9 migration skillfully.
  • Execute the entire migration process effectively.
  • Deliver the website with better performance and ease of administration.

About Our Client: Travel Nation, based in Brighton, they’re an independent round-the-world expert with decades of experience and an appetite for adventure. They understand that choosing a tour operator for a landmark trip is a big decision. Their friendly consultants are knowledgeable, and our pricing is fair, so your payment and trip plans are safe. They’ve been arranging amazing trips for satisfied customers since 2001.

Once the project onboarding process is completed, our foremost step is to conduct a meticulous analysis of the existing site, pinpointing any constraints or oversights that could impede the migration process. Following this scrutiny, we opted for a phased migration approach from Drupal 7 to 9, ensuring a systematic and seamless transition. Collaborating closely with the client, we elucidated the myriad benefits of the latest Drupal features, encompassing enhanced speed and superior performance, among others.

Once the client was fully briefed on the migration intricacies, we devised a strategic blueprint for execution. This necessitated assembling a proficient and seasoned team drawn from our extensive pool of Drupal development expertise and past migration endeavors. Comprising adept developers and bolstered by the inclusion of a dedicated quality analyst tasked with post-migration testing for performance, security, and manageability, our team was further complemented by a seasoned project manager to oversee seamless project orchestration.


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The journey of end-to-end Drupal 9 migration

To initiate the migration process, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the content types present on the legacy website, devising a meticulous migration plan tailored to these specifications. Following this analysis, we meticulously curated a checklist encompassing all site modules to ensure a thorough migration scope. Subsequently, we commenced the migration journey by upgrading the Drupal version from 7 to 8, marking the completion of the initial phase of migration.

Transitioning seamlessly into the second phase, we commenced by safeguarding the existing website through comprehensive backup procedures. Armed with a pristine installation of Drupal 9, our seasoned team, well-versed in Drupal 9 migration practices, propelled the migration forward with adept proficiency. Methodically selecting the most suitable migration approach tailored to the site’s unique features and modules, we navigated through the migration process with unwavering efficiency.

A pivotal stage in the process entailed a meticulous content assessment to ensure a seamless migration trajectory. Identifying and eliminating redundant content pieces proved instrumental in streamlining the migration process, saving valuable time and resources. As the project drew to a close, we successfully migrated the website to the latest iteration of Drupal, achieving a significant milestone in the journey.

A bird’s eye view of top-notch features of our migrated website.

Travel Package & Destinations

Explore an array of meticulously crafted travel packages and diverse destinations, offering an immersive journey tailored to your preferences and interests.

Customer Review and Ratings

Gain valuable insights from fellow travellers through customer reviews and ratings, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Special Offers

Explore an array of meticulously crafted travel packages and diverse destinations, offering an immersive journey tailored to your preferences and interests.

Travel Blogs

Immerse yourself in captivating travel narratives and insightful guides, offering inspiration and invaluable insights for your next adventure.

Travel Plan with Flight Details

Seamlessly plan your itinerary with comprehensive flight details, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience from start to finish.

Request a Trip Quote

Easily request personalized trip quotes tailored to your specific preferences and budgetary considerations, facilitating effortless trip planning.

Global Search to Website

Navigate effortlessly through the website with a powerful global search feature, enabling swift access to relevant information and resources.

Travel Insurance

Ensure peace of mind with comprehensive travel insurance coverage, safeguarding against unforeseen emergencies and disruptions during your journey.

After delivering the website to the client, our client was ecstatic and shared the following:

“ Working with AddWeb has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise in Drupal development and migration and dedication to our project’s success have been evident everywhere. From crafting captivating travel packages to seamlessly integrating innovative features into our website, they’ve exceeded our expectations. The team’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and unwavering support throughout the process have set them apart. We’re thrilled with the outcome and look forward to continued collaboration with AddWeb for future endeavors. ”

Would you like to know the outcome of the project? Let’s find out.

Following the seamless migration of their website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, our clients in the travel industry can expect a myriad of tangible outcomes. These include enhanced website performance, improved security measures, optimized user experience, streamlined content management, and increased scalability for future growth. With the latest features and functionalities of Drupal 9, our client’s website will be better equipped to meet the evolving needs of its audience, drive higher engagement and conversions, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of the travel industry.


Increase in Bookings


Increased User Engagement


Decreased Admin Management Time 


Increased Website Traffic

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