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The Business Needs

US Based Photography Studio Website's Pain Points

The client had a website with mixed performance. It performed well for a select few search terms, but many blog posts and pages were not ranking well, and traffic was for a narrow subject area. For her, the major challenge was to increase organic and paid quality leads for their Photography website along with addressing the following pain points:

  • Poor ranking of niche-relevant keywords. It was essential to build a core audience by ranking niche-relevant keywords on leading search engines' first page and increasing their web visibility.
  • Increase the organic traffic on the website.
  • Improve the number of conversations.
  • Fix the website's technical challenges
  • Improve user experience and behaviour on the website


About Client: She is a talented and well-established photographer in Wisconsin, United States. Through her professional photography skills, she has provided personal portraits and headshots for businesses. She had a fantastic website with a lot of information about her offerings, a gallery, FAQ, and blogs discussing how to photograph professionally. Her website is an excellent illustration of pro photography offerings with great care.



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Our Approach

How did we help her through our SEO Services?

A thorough analysis of her website (including the study of backlinks), competitors, and the marketplace was performed. It is found that the website was having mixed performance issue. It has helped us gain a complete understanding of the current position of her site and allowed us to put together a strategy focused on:

  • Enhance organic visibility by positioning better in the SERPs Boost the quality of traffic to the site.
  • Increase better-quality leads to the site, therefore increasing the likelihood of conversions.


AddWeb Solution, as an SEO agency, wanted to create a long-term SEO strategy that would provide consistent leads for the client while at the same time working with a limited, and possibly variable, monthly budget; thus, the strategy or approach comprises the following actions:

SEO Process we Follow


7 Step SEO Strategy for the Website

Website Audit:


Our first step was to understand how the website was performing. And that's why we performed a thorough website audit using Google analytics and multiple other tools. It has helped us understand the critical pain points within a website that can be improved as a part of search engine marketing services. We've identified or validated the website against mobile-friendliness, speed, low-quality or unnecessary pages, fixed indexing problems, analyzed backlinks, and a lot more to optimize her social media.


Keyword Optimization & Competitive Analysis:


While the Photography industry is the narrow one, competition is fierce. The SERPs are flooded with vague keywords and well-established global photographers. We were supposed to be very strategic about performing keyword optimization. We've performed the following activities for keyword optimization:


  • More than 28 Primary and Secondary Keywords Targeted
  • Review each keyword and tag the most relevant
  • Pulled keyword competition data
  • Selected keywords based on the translation and commercial purpose


Organic Result Improve


Also, we performed a competitive analysis based on metrics such as current traffic, traffic sources, periodic growth, current trends, domain rating, backlinks, referring domains, and more.


On-Page Efforts


One of the significant challenges was to make the site on-page ready. Her website was under-optimized in terms of on-page SEO and was the primary objective of SEO services offerings from us. Therefore, we have taken the following measures:


  • Using targeted keywords within the website, such as title tag, meta tags, H1, etc.
  • Worked on URL optimization
  • Performed sitemap optimization
  • Carrying out the canonicalization
  • Performed SERP enhancement through Schema's
  • Enhanced website to improve page loads


Off-Page Efforts


Another important aspect where her website needed attention was off-page optimization as a part of SEO services. And the activity involved:


  • Creating off-site references with the help of social media marketing, guest blogging, and influencer marketing.
  • Performed business listing on various location-based websites
  • Performed and was active in the photography community
  • Worked on Web 2.0 & article submissions


Technical SEO


Her other challenge was that a website that needed attention rectified the technical SEO glitches. Various activities were performed, from schema optimization, making the website mobile-friendly, fixing duplicate content issues, XML sitemap, and structured data markups to registering the site with Google search console, setting up Google Analytics, and GMB.


Content promotion


To help her get into the top 10 SERPs on popular search engines like Google or Yahoo, we have initiated regular blogs and articles related to the niche of her offerings. At least 4-5 guest blogs were posted monthly to increase the site's visibility. Also, we've worked on promoting content on social media and other public forums. Also, we have leveraged Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads for lead generation and to improve the website search.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Here is what she had to say about our work together.

Working with AddWeb Solution was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I was so frustrated trying to figure out where to get the quality leads at regular intervals. I spent a lot of time and money with other agencies, but they made it simple when I connected with AddWeb Solution. Digital Marketing Experts from the AddWeb Solution are the perfect guiding hand and give you the tools and knowledge to take your business to the next level. The digital marketing agency gave me awesome insight and guided me on things to do to improve my site’s SEO ranking. The SEM services and SEO experts are easy to work with, too!



Final Outcome

Astonishing Improvements Were Observed in Her Site

Since AddWeb Solution, a search engine marketing company, started working with pro services, their organic traffic and quality leads have significantly improved. SEO experts could acquire quality backlinks and improve keyword rankings with the right strategies and approach. As a result, she observed a massive increment in organic search results:



Keywords Ranked


Users Improved


Leads Enhanced


Bounce Rate Reduced


Session Improved


Page Views Improved

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