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The Business Needs

Identifying the Requirements of UVG Forex.

The chief requirement of the client was to create a holistic and easy-to-use website that can help users convert their island currencies to other global currencies quickly. The client had only a few suggestions and wanted our expertise and consulting help to start the website.

They were looking for a Laravel development company to help them with everything related to website development, such as:


  • Buying a suitable domain name and hosting the domain.
  • Developing a robust currency converter web app.
  • Creating a strong backend and intuitive frontend for the platform.
  • Creating a web conversion service for all 40 of their currencies.
  • Designing a clean web interface to offer quick currency conversion help.


About the UVG Forex: The client is the King of Papua New Guinea, one of the world's sovereign cities. The city is the heart of the contiguous territory and the center of political, economic, and cultural life there.

Our Approach

AddWeb Solution's Approach to Creating a Functional Forex Website

As we needed to work on the website from the ground up, we started working on the project with extensive research. We were involved in multiple brainstorming sessions to ensure a streamlined and defined project approach. This has helped us understand the project's requirements, possibilities, and potential challenges. We also provide plans to meet any unforeseen challenges that might come up, as well.


UVG Forex Redefined


The research helped us understand that we needed a clean interface that is easy for every user to understand and use. Since the platform is for currency conversion, our Laravel development team decided to go predominantly with the color blue as it represented trust, confidence, and reliability. The design philosophy also involved having a lot of white space in the design so that the website has enough breathing space. We have also decided to add a few complementing features that the website's users might find appealing to make the website even more utility-centric.

UVGForex Rebranded

Once the project's goals and deliverables were defined, we brought together a team of Laravel development experts, UI/UX experts, QA, DevOps, and Designers who have already worked on currency converter calculators and web platforms.


We have also agreed to communicate quickly and constantly with the client to ensure we are on the same page regarding the project.


Now that the plan was laid out perfectly, it was time for our team to execute the project.



Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


Client Calls


How AddWeb Created an Intuitive and Seamless Forex Conversion Website

As the client needed AddWeb’s team to ideate, develop, and optimize the website from scratch, we began working on the project with the following:


Coming soon page: Announcing the imminent arrival of the website with a coming soon page.


Domain and hosting: Purchased the domain for the website from a reliable hosting service provider


Custom theme: Designing a custom theme for the website with an adequate theme that blends seamlessly with the currency conversion needs of the users.


Currency conversion: Our team also created currency conversions for the 40 currencies per the client’s requirements.

Salient Features of the Web App

An Easy Peek Into the Features of the Website

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

About How their Client Responded to the Project

We are thrilled with the website delivered by AddWeb Solution. The website is straightforward to use and very quick to return conversion requests. Although we spent a lot of time searching for and hiring a Laravel developer, we are glad we finally met the right people. We thank you for your help and would love to work with you again.

Samuel Miikaii

King of Bougainville Island

Final Outcome

Results After Launching the Website

The client was ecstatic about the website's performance after we delivered the same. As AddWeb Solution worked on the website from ideation to execution, the website had a clear theme of cohesion to it. The website performed exceptionally well in diverse testing environments, especially on mobile devices, where it was easier for users to check the conversion rates. Once the website was live, it experienced the following results:



Users Visited Website


Increased Website Sessions Daily


Users Improved Daily


Organic Traffic

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