A 5-step design strategy focusing on user experience that helped Voxabot, a TTS Editing Platform grow its organic traffic by 71% in a month.

Voxabot Laravel Development Services For TTF

The core service delivery of the client was a TTS editing service to help businesses elevate the quality of their TTS script. It relied on three of the best TTS engines in the world, such as Google, Azure, and AWS. It works with over 150 languages and dialects. Voxabot allows its clients to use different speakers for each language—over 850 voices. The platform needs to be seamless as the users need to constantly interact with the platform to make the TTS files accurate and voices natural.

Although we had quickly understood the vision and design philosophy that Voxabot wanted to go with, we decided that we must engage with the client to understand each aspect of their website. Therefore, we interacted with them to deeply understand how each element works on the website. This helped us fill the design gaps the client needed to be aware of. That detailed understanding also helped us to understand what precisely the client was looking for, what issues they were facing, and how the competition was doing in the field. Once we got enough unique details from the client, we filled up the picture thanks to our experience in offering UI/UX design services.

Based on the details we got from the client, we conducted extensive market research to understand the issues that businesses and users faced. This further helped us get a more comprehensive understanding of the industry’s status and the opportunities we have as a Laravel development company.

The next phase involved creating a strategy for the project execution and the methodology we would adopt. As we have experienced tremendous success with agile methodology, we also decided to go with the same for this project. To execute the project successfully, we created a team of designers, marketing strategists, Laravel developers, etc. With this, we were ready to start the project.


Functionalities Added


Client Calls


Team Members


Man Hours

During our research, we know that design must be the first element to tackle in this project. Hence, we focus on creating the most impressive user experience for the users. Our UI/UX designers worked on the design first based on the client’s inputs. To ensure that the site was highly functional and fast and helped users with easy navigation, each element was seamlessly integrated into the existing design. This was a conscious effort our UI/UX designers made to make the site fast and accessible for everyone.

Once we set the final design, we moved to the development part. According to the client’s requirements, we used PHP/Laravel to create the backend for each section and feature the client required. We developed CMS pages, such as blogs, support, etc., to make the website more useful to visitors. We also created the pricing page, profile page, and sign-up/sign-in pages for the website. As the client wanted to process payments on the site, we also integrated the Stripe payment gateway into the site. Thanks to our experienced Laravel development team that helped us to deliver the development phase in a defined timeframe.

At the end of the project, we were successful at creating a site that has:

User Guide

The site also had a user guide section where users can get all the information they need to use the platform optimally.

User Profile

Users can manage, edit, and update their profile on the website by signing into the website from anywhere in the world.

Blog Section

The blog section allowed users to stay updated with the latest industry developments, news, and other helpful content they needed related to the platform.

Support Section

The support section was included on the website to enable users to find the proper support they need if they face any challenges using the platform.

Voxabot Get's Started Page
Voxabot Home Page
Voxabot Pricing
Voxabot Studio
Voxabot Support
Voxabot Contact Us
“ We are delighted that we chose to hire Laravel developers from AddWeb Solution. Although we worked with Indian UI/UX design services providers, you have shown impeccable commitment and support to our project. Your team was professional and highly supportive. They were open to our suggestions and helped us with their insights and knowledge when needed. Our communication was the best part; you were always available to address our concerns. We will recommend your services to those looking to hire UI designers in India, and we once again thank you for your professional help. ”

Once the website was launched, the client observed improvement in all key performance metrics, such as sales, site sessions, and traffic. Apart from sales, the site also experienced more engagement in the newly launched web pages.


Increased Traffic in 1 Month


Increased Free Trial Signup


Users Accessed Support Page


Increased Standard Plan Sales

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