How AddWeb Solution developed a managed WordPress hosting platform to help customers host their WordPress site quickly and save 45% of their hosting costs.

WeWp WordPress Managed Hosting Provider

When the client discussed the matter with us, we realized that the client was looking for customized managed hosting services from us. We also interacted with diverse business teams to learn more about their challenges to tailor a suitable solution for them. We knew that the current web hosting services needed to meet their expectations and limited the reach of their website. Also, we found the hosting services to offer very few features to the client. As we had already worked on various projects providing WordPress-managed hosting services, we quickly understood what the client was looking for.

To ensure the best performance of their websites, we planned the entire web hosting services through our product WeWP hosting. We customized the product’s offering to meet the client’s needs. This helped us plan the whole project in detail. Once the project plan was set, we interacted with the client again to ensure everything was as needed by them.

Before delivering the service, we also set up our team, including experienced web hosting services professionals and specialists, to ensure top-notch delivery of managed WordPress hosting services.


Client Calls


Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Added

Using our managed WordPress hosting WeWP, our team of WP-managed hosting services delivered the composer-based hosting to the client. Per the client’s requirements, we provided them with a plan to meet their growing hosting needs, including a faster website, quick management, and reliable performance. After the plan was chosen, our WordPress-managed web hosting services team began working on moving the site to the dedicated server based on their plan.

Automatic updates

This feature helps our client keep their WordPress constantly updated with all the latest updates and patches released by WordPress.

Composer Based Hosting

This feature empowers clients to author, schedule, and monitor pipelines across clouds and on-premises data centres.

Flexibility and scalability

Our managed web hosting services made it easy for clients to scale their websites according to their growing business needs and be ready for the future.

High performance

Our managed WordPress hosting services ensure better performance for the client’s website using various technologies.

Advanced caching

This ensures better performance and speed of the client’s website. It provides faster delivery of content and enhances the responsiveness of the client’s website.

Git integration

This makes it easier for the client to carry out their WordPress development with Git integration and enhances team collaboration, automatic site updates, etc.

Multi-PHP versions

The multi-PHP capability enables the clients to switch between multiple PHP versions to ensure compatibility with plugins and extensions for better site performance.

“ Thank you to all the team members who worked on the project. You have done an excellent job, and I am extremely happy with the way you have executed the same. I have worked with a couple of managed web hosting service providers before, and I must admit that you guys are the best. You tried to understand what type of help I needed when I came for your WordPress-managed services and delivered excellent service. This focus on your client is what makes you different from others. It was easy to communicate with you, and you were extremely professional. The project was also done faster than I thought. Hence, I thank you again and recommend your services to everyone who values time and money. ”

At the end of the project, the client was able to experience better performance from their website. Compared to their past website performance, the loading time improved considerably after the new hosting, leading to a better customer experience. This also led to more web sessions on the client’s website. The number of users also increased greatly, improving the business’s online performance. The client could also reduce their website management by more than half, which was great for the client. They shared the following details with us:


Reduced Bounce Rate


Increased Website Loading Time


Increased Sessions


Increased Number Of Users

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