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Azure DevOps Experts from AddWeb

Plan smart, work smart and deliver faster with Azure DevOps

With each passing day, IT and business infrastructures are getting more complex. The more complex your IT infrastructure is, the more efforts it will require to maintain and manage. This adversely affects the agility and productivity of your team. AddWeb’s Azure DevOps services help you breakdown this chain and deliver smart solutions faster, with high quality, and at a lower cost.


With hundreds of happy clients and more than a decade of experience, AddWeb is a trusted partner when it comes to Azure DevOps consulting services. With our depth in Azure DevOps server support or services, we help our clients to optimize their product or application development process and stay ahead in the game called “competition”.

How AddWeb helps with Azure DevOps Services?

Whether it is about automating your IT infrastructure or speed up your builds and deployments, our expertise in Azure DevOps services has been gained from the enterprise-wide complex projects. And we are continuously evolving and learning more to bring an exhaustive list of services such as:

Azure DevOps Infrastructure Assessment

Azure DevOps Infrastructure Assessment

We know that every organization is different and so their DevOps infrastructure. Therefore, we help you assess your existing DevOps infrastructure and provide recommendations to improve it.

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

Want to upgrade or migrate from the legacy systems to improve your team productivity and delivery time? We help you migrate your Team Foundation Server to Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps Pipeline

Azure DevOps Pipeline

Our Azure DevOps consulting services help you streamline your product release management. Plan, deploy, and execute in different environments with ease.

Azure DevOps Integrations

Azure DevOps Integrations

AddWeb can bring your DevOps vision to real life with seamless integration services. Be it ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, or Salesforce, our experts will help you with the integration of almost everything possible.

Azure DevOps with Terraform

Azure DevOps with Terraform

By combining Azure DevOps with Terraform, we intend to help you ingest continuous automated deployment through the pipeline. We will utilize Terraform tools to make your Azure DevOps investment worth.

Azure DevOps Support & Training

Azure DevOps Support & Training

Looking for Azure DevOps server support? Let us help you manage your Azure DevOps instance and related issues or problems. You better focus on your business!

Our Work

We serve all our clients even-handedly, irrespective of the size of their business, project or industry type. No wonder our portfolio today is wealthy enough to be boasted!

PPE Supply Direct

PPE Supplies Direct

PPE Supplies Direct aim to be a world-class business generating long-term value by consistently providing high quality products at a competitive price. All of this whilst offering a truly unique customer experience.

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PPE Supplies Direct

Fantastic work! I am just impressed by their service quality and working strategy. I hired them for the Woocommerce development and maintenance work of my online store and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional solution. They have great expertise, are dedicated, attentive, talented, and care much about the client's needs. Highly recommended.

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Our DevOps consultants are experts in industry-leading DevOps tools

Why AddWeb’s Azure DevOps Consulting Services?

Adhere to DevOps best practices and strategies
Boosts the concept of Agile
100% successful DevOps implementations
Azure DevOps support in your time zone

Adhere to DevOps best practices and strategies

Our team members not only utilize advanced tools and technology but also follow industry-best practices to plan out your Azure DevOps implementation strategy.

Boosts the concept of “Agile”

Helps you to plan frequent and stable releases by enabling automation in deployment for even a small change.

100% successful DevOps implementations

With our certified DevOps experts capable of working on different cloud platforms and tools, we have managed to achieve a 100% success ratio for the Azure DevOps implementation so far.

Azure DevOps support in your time zone

No matter where you live and from where you are operating your business. We work round the clock to provide uninterrupted support to our clients.

Our Engagement Models

Choose The Best Engagement Model That Works Best For You

Agile Methodology

Pragmatic, Artful and Transparent working Methodology is what differentiates us from others

Agile Development Workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you prefer Azure DevOps solutions over other application lifecycle management tools?

Being a SaaS platform, Azure DevOps brings an end-to-end toolchain for DevOps that helps professionals develop and deploy applications with ease. It is very easy for businesses to integrate it with the leading tools available in the market and is one of the best DevOps orchestration platforms available so far.


It brings benefits such as:


  • Helps achieve higher reliability and scalability for your business
  • Minimizes the headache of regular upgrades for on-premises CI/CD tools
  • Brings innovative features every 3 weeks so that business can stay ahead of the competition
  • Integration with Azure brings robust support for the business
  • Higher performance makes product launch speedy
What Azure DevOps can do for my business?

Azure DevOps comprises a set of services to help your business manage the entire development life-cycle. AddWeb can help you do the following things for your business:


  • We help you with agile planning, track work items, visualization, and reporting using Azure Boards
  • To support Kubernetes containers, we can help you with Azure Pipelines as a CI/CD platform
  • Our Azure experts can use Azure repos to manage your repositories
  • Be it Maven, npm, or Python, we can provide integrated package management using Azure Artifacts


Moreover, AddWeb can help you utilize Azure DevOps to orchestrate various third-party tools.

We are not using Microsoft or .NET for our applications. Can we opt for Azure DevOps?

No need to worry at all! Azure DevOps is not dependent on whether your organization is Microsoft or Windows driven. Azure DevOps is designed in such a way that it can work smoothly across the different platforms. Moreover, you don’t need to use all the services offered by Azure DevOps. Instead, you can adopt the services that are suitable for your existing toolchain. To know what services are best for your business, get in touch with our Azure DevOps professionals.

I am using TFS at present and want to migrate to Azure DevOps. How can you help me with it?

When it comes to migrating to Azure DevOps, we are a renowned name in the market. We know the steps involved in migration, the pitfalls, and the services and tools required to mitigate any challenges during the migration from TFS to Azure DevOps. We also validate the database post-migration to identify the errors, if any. Moreover, we also perform a dry run of the migration process to check the time duration required and catch any issues to ensure the actual migration takes place smoothly for your business.

How Azure DevOps can help me in CI/CD tooling?

One of the major plus points of Azure DevOps is that it is flexible and extensible to help the businesses leverage from the existing tools. It becomes very easy for organizations to mitigate their day-to-day CI/CD tooling problems with Azure DevOps. Moreover, it is possible to integrate third-party CI/CD tools like Chef, Ansible, and Terraform.