Websites Developed Using Laravel

Websites are the most important part of a business’ growth strategy. Without an excellent website to convince your potential customers online, growing in today’s technology-driven business landscape would be hard. That’s one of the major reasons there are 1.13 billion websites worldwide.

Developing a website is another challenge that businesses must address. They use different technologies to create their websites. Laravel is one of the most widely used technologies to create powerful and intuitive websites.

Thanks to its versatility and diverse features, the platform is used by 747K+ active websites worldwide as of 2023.

Let’s explore 12 websites developed using the Laravel framework. But before getting into that.

What Is Laravel?

It is an open-source PHP framework developed to create functional, intuitive, and feature-rich websites and platforms. The framework leverages the components from other platforms, such as CodeIgniter, Yii, etc., to make web app development quick and faster.

This is one of the major reasons why Laravel development agencies like AddWeb Solution prefer Laravel over similar web development frameworks.

In addition, Laravel also brings various advantages and features that help efficient Web Application Development Services for all businesses.

Why Use Laravel for Web App Development?

Laravel offers a wide range of features and functionalities, making it an ideal choice for developing web applications. Here are some of the reasons why developers choose Laravel for their projects:

Easy to Learn: Laravel has a simple and intuitive syntax that makes it easy for developers to learn and use. This simplicity extends to the common tasks in many web projects, such as routing, sessions, caching, and authentication.

Extensive Documentation: Laravel has comprehensive documentation that makes it easy for developers to get started and find solutions to any problems. The community around Laravel is also incredibly active, providing additional resources, forums, and online tutorials.

Rapid Development: Laravel includes built-in tools and features that help developers save time and effort when building web applications. For instance, its blade templating engine is intuitive and works well with typical PHP syntax.

Secure: Laravel has built-in security features such as CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) protection, making it a secure choice for web app development. Laravel’s security features are constantly updated, ensuring the framework adapts to new threats.

11 Excellent Websites Made with the Laravel Framework

Now, let’s look at each of the 12 websites we are going to discuss.

1: InvoiceNinja

An open-source website, InvoiceNinja helps businesses, freelancers, agencies, etc., to process their payments, create custom invoices, curate proposals, monitor and track their expenses, etc. The website is popular among its users as it enables users to do all these things under the same umbrella. While the brand is not the most recognized or ubiquitous, the solution is powerful and serves its customers very well.

Excellent Websites Made with the Laravel Framework

The service is also delivered as a SaaS model and service software, enabling users to pick any model they feel fits their business or needs.

Over 170,000 users use the site, making their invoicing processes quick and efficient.

2: Alison

Another website made with Laravel, Alison is an e-learning platform offering users various courses and programs for acquiring skills and certifications. Users can find a range of courses, diplomas, and certificate programs on the website in diverse fields. The courses are available in various fields, such as marketing, IT, finance, language, business, etc.


The website has over 20 million users from over 195 countries, transforming how the world learns and upskills itself.

3: Barchart

This is another platform developed using the Laravel framework and has over 3.7 million users. Barchart helps its users research global stock, cryptocurrency, forex, future, etc. The website’s target audience is investors and traders from the UK, the US, and Canada.


One of the most exciting features of the platform is the number of tools to help conduct technical and fundamental research to create portfolios for investors.

4: MyRank

This is another e-learning platform in the list that’s developed with Laravel. It is an Indian website catering to the academic and upskilling requirements of Indian students looking to achieve their academic and learning goals.

Students use MyRank to prepare for competitive examinations, such as GRE, Bank PO, GATE, etc.


The platform has over 36K+ students enrolled in various academic coaching programs.

5: AlphaCoders

This Laravel website enables freelance writers to connect with those who need their services. AlphaCoders allows users to search for art, images, videos, etc. This unique website has been growing ever since its release.


6: Laracasts

Designed especially for web developers who want to improve their website development skills, this platform is a tribute to the community of Laravel. Laracasts is a resource hub with various courses and learning materials for its users to master diverse web app development topics.


The platform now has over 3 million active users, and the Laravel community constantly suggests it to new people who want to learn Laravel and upskill themselves.

7: CheckPeople

An excellent platform that allows its users to find their friends, relatives, or classmates, CheckPeople has been widely used in the USA. Using the site, a user can find and locate any information about another person.


The simple interface makes the site a popular one among its users.

8: World Walking

The World Walking website can help you walk better and more. Made with Laravel, the website has diverse challenges people can take to improve their walking habits, styles, and skills for a healthier lifestyle.

World Walking

It has been reported that the World Walking community has walked over 75 billion steps collectively and is on a mission to complete 100 billion in a while.

9: October CMS

A self-hosted open-source Content Management System, October CMS helps businesses to manage their content online. Some of the biggest names in the world, such as Toyota, KFC, Nestle, etc, use this CMS. Thousands of web developers and digital agencies use this platform for content management.

October CMS

10: Cachet

A Laravel site designed to help web developers and businesses address the issues with their websites; Cachet is a one-of-a-kind. Users leverage the platform to check their websites’ speed, functionalities, or performance.


This website is used by businesses and services providers to explain whether web services are down, the reason for the outage, etc., to customers, stakeholders, and their teams.

11: is one of the biggest Laravel community websites in the world. Users can get anything and everything related to Laravel and technology on, from news, podcasts, articles, guides, and more.

With 52K+ users and counting, the site is growing excellently. One element that makes everyone love the site is its simple design and high performance.

As you have seen here, the Laravel framework can be used to build various websites for businesses in diverse industries.


There are many famous Laravel websites worldwide apart from the ones discussed above. It shows that the framework can be used to build excellent websites for business purposes. As a business, you can also rely on the Laravel framework to create your business website with many features and capabilities. And if you are looking for a reliable Laravel development company to help you, AddWeb Solution can help you.

We have worked with numerous brands in the past and created excellent websites for them using the capabilities of the Laravel framework. Our team of expert Laravel developers knows how to create the best Laravel websites that meet all the client’s requirements. In each of our projects, our experience and industry insights have also helped us deliver top-notch Laravel development services without fail.

You can hire a dedicated Laravel developer from AddWeb Solution with the right experience and expertise to meet your development needs and goals.

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