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Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Saurabh Dhariwal

Saurabh Dhariwal

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Past is a place, thoroughly familiar and yet the experience of revisiting it varies drastically. Revisiting some leaves you with happy nostalgia, some with innocent laughter, some with a moment of pride, and some, a prick of sadness or regret. But yet we choose to visit this place called ‘past’ through our memory, time and again. In fact, we recently did so by revisiting the year 2018, like many others, that is about to end in just a handful of hours. And fortunately, it was filled with a host of happy moments to rejoice and relish, topped by several breakthrough changes and chances we’ve embraced with all love & warmth.

The year 2018 has been the most eventful year for the AddWeb-traveling, counting right from the moment of moving into altogether new office space to officially being a supporting partner of and everything in between. It’s a journey no less than a cinematic experience, with all the drama, emotions and heroic ending - full of catharsis. Let us take you through this marvelous journey, as experienced by AddWeb-ians.


Welcoming 2018 - The Journey Begins, Quite Literally!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

The hobby of traveling might be a trending one today. But we refrain from polluting our passion for traveling, by putting it under the category of ‘trending’. We’re so much about traveling that it has become just a part of our existence, now. Apart from all the traveling we individually do, throughout the year, we also make sure to plan at least one with our AddWeb family. And this time, we literally began our journey of 2018 by going on a trip to Jaisalmer - amidst sand dunes and folk tunes, starry nights and tipsy sites; quite literally!  


AddWeb Family Celebrate Emotions!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

We promised you a journey with emotions at the backdrop. So, here we share a set of different emotions we shared and celebrated across the year.

  • Celebrating the born-day of our dear AddWebians with cakes, candles, and compassion

  • Celebrating the unity in diversity of the Republic of India with the strength of tri-color dress code and decorations

  • Celebrating the diverseness of our being with colors during the festival of Holi

  • Celebrating the feminine force on Women’s day by showing them the feeling of gratitude with ‘sweet’ presents

  • Celebrating the feeling of freedom on Independence day by painting our mood with patriotism

  • Celebrating the oneness of AddWeb family with an electrifying and energetic party - The AddWeb Annual Event at Olives Restaurant

  • Celebrating the almighty of auspiciousness - the cherubic Ganesha with an immense amount of faith and festive decorations on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi

  • Celebrating the festive mood of Diwali with DIY decorations, dazzling traditional dresses, delicious Diwali lunch, and gifts!

  • Celebrating the Christian festival of Christmas with a dress code, gifts, and our own two self-proclaimed Santas!

Level up, Metaphorically & Literally!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Well, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we said we literally levelled-up this year. Because this very year we moved into a new & bigger office space that is a few floors up from the old one. And we guess, this clearly states that we grew bigger in terms of our employee strength too, or as we like to address it - our AddWeb family grew even bigger! Yes, we started off from 50+ in January 2018 and today, by the end of December 2018, we’re almost a family of 100.


Apart from the above two, there are a few other spheres too, where we levelled-up. Like we launched a brand new website of ours, a couple of months before shifting into a brand new office space. Also, since we’re already following the international method of working, we also adopted the international standards of work hours by bringing the ‘5-days working’ policy into account. We also initiated sponsoring quarterly team lunches for our AddWeb family, who after travel bonds the most over food!  


Giving Back to the Society

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

The universe thrives and survives on the rule of ‘give & take’ and we firmly understand the importance of the same. Hence, we do believe in giving back to the society that has given us so much to relish upon. Maybe, that is why apart from doing things for the lesser privileged on a personal ground, we also choose to do a small act of charity on an official ground. We deliberately choose to publically share it, in order to inspire others to do the same.

This year too, we gave back to society by visiting a nearby government school. We spent some really good times with the happy and giving souls there and donated some stationary products, cookies, crayons, textbooks, et all for those kids. Believe us, it was one of the most wonderful time we had throughout the entire year. Something, that’s going to stay with us for a long, long time!


The AddWeb-Drupal Association, Elevated!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Our association with Drupal is as old as our existence. In fact, we as individual team members have been Drupal-ing even before the inception of AddWeb. And this year, we took a step ahead by giving the monetary contribution to the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ by How could we not contribute, when it was about strengthening the community to a higher level.

And our support & passion for Drupal doesn’t end there. We also became the official ‘Supporting Partner’ of Drupal, which ultimately helped us in extending and strengthening our association with Drupal. We also made another contribution towards Drupal by organizing a ‘Drupal Meetup’ in our city and had multiple interesting knowledge-sharing sessions with the local community members.

And of course, how could we not attend the international Drupal events, worldwide! This year we attended the Standford Drupal Camp, DrupalCon Nashville, and Drupal Europe event that was voluntarily organised by the Drupal community members. We also attended our first ever Laravel event in Europe by the name of LaraCon EU.


AEDU Hits the Market, Successfully!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

The joy of launching your very own dream-project is no less than winning an Oscar. Indeed! The year 2018 gave us one such moment when we launched our very own school management software - AEDU in the market. And to our surprise, it got adopted by more than 200+ schools across the nation with all love and warmth. Not just that, we also launched the Parent and Driver’s App, for the same and they also got an equal and elaborative response as the software did!


Community, Coding, Contributions & Client-Satisfaction

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Last but not least! Our core passion for coding paved a path full of new endeavors and wealthy projects. Let us share these moments of pride and high spirits, from this year, with you before we all enter into a new year with goals to achieve and moments to live!

  • On one hand, when we introduced our very own Research Wing for Artificial Intelligence(AI); on the other hand, we also spent 1000+ hours on contributing towards the open-source community

  • We adapted the Intranet & Instant Communication Tool by the name of ‘’, along with developing & launching our very own ‘AddWeb Ionic Chat’

  • Witnessing the boom of ReactJS and ASP.Net, we also adopted them, for we love learning and excelling at new technologies

  • We automated the DevOps process that we follow with the use of Jenkins and Ansible, resulting in being more productive and futuristic!

  • And the most momentous achievement of the year - We successfully completed 100+ projects, worldwide along with one of the biggest project of the year, named ‘AnyQuip’


With a wish that we haven’t bored with our smiles, stronger bonds and success, we again wish each one of you reading this a #HappyNewYear and blissful moments, manifold!