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Development Methodology to Maximize Business Growth

Saurabh Dhariwal

Saurabh Dhariwal

Agile and DevOps Development Methodology

A great DevOps strategy to ensure a quick and efficient development process is crucial for software development businesses. This is especially important for businesses looking to keep up with the changing digital trends, AI adoption, and competition in the market.


However, due to its apparent benefits, businesses are going all in with software development. In 2023 the software market revenue is estimated to reach USD 650 million. And the CAGR of the industry revenue is about to hit 6.00% by 2027.


Agile DevOps Development Stats

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Therefore, having the correct DevOps development methodology is crucial for all DevOps consulting businesses to keep them afloat, improve profitability, and deliver value to their clients. And one of the best ways to do that is to combine your DevOps development with Agile methodologies.


And if you have no idea how that can help your business or how to do it, keep reading.

What Is Agile DevOps?

You may have heard of the Agile and DevOps approach to software development. These methodologies help businesses enhance the quality of their development process, reduce time and resource wastage, and ensure high-quality software development.


Agile DevOps Development Process


Agile methodology is all about collaborative development and small changes at a time. In contrast, DevOps is chiefly about improving operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating a business's IT development and operations teams. You get the DevOps Agile process when you combine these unique methodologies for greater efficiency and value.


The idea is to streamline the development process of a business and ensure the timely delivery of top-notch software without interrupting the IT operations of the business.


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Advantages of Combining DevOps Development Methodology with Agile Process

When you combine these methodologies, you get to expedite the development process and deliver impeccable software while keeping the IT operations running efficiently.


In addition, combining both these methodologies assure the following advantages to your business:


Simplify your release process


With an Agile DevOps methodology, you can make your release process more efficient, straightforward, and seamless. This allows you to deliver software products that are better with shorter time-to-market.


Constantly engaged delivery pipeline


Using the Agile DevOps methodology, you can constantly improve your software product and add new features to improve it. This allows you to improve your app's user experience and considerably reduce the user churn rate.


Faster and efficient bud fixes


DevOps Agile methodology lets you quickly find issues within your software and fix bugs before it is launched. This helps you improve your customer experience, retain your clients, and boost revenue while improving your brand reputation.


Improved collaboration


Good collaboration between operations and development teams is crucial to creating top-notch software products. When you integrate DevOps and Agile methodologies, better team collaboration and communication are a natural result.


Better value and lower risk


Minimizing the risk of failure with new software products is one of the most essential considerations of businesses when developing software solutions. When you have DevOps Agile methodology, managing and mitigating risks become easier.


Efficient and quality products


The combined methodology allows businesses to carry out the development process and ensure high-performing products quickly. As a result, businesses can create products per their changing needs and goals.


Better project visibility


With the help of the DevOps Agile process, the entire organization can view the development of the project and its progress. This results in better decision-making and identifying areas for improvement, which results in better products.

Factors to Consider When Integrating Agile and DevOps Frameworks

Combining your DevOps development and Agile methodologies is significant for your business. Doing it in haste can lead to compromised processes, dwindling quality, and undelivered promises.


It would help if you avoided all of these at all costs. And if you want to do it well, remember the following factors throughout your implementation.


Ensure smooth team workflow


The success of integrating Agile and DevOps workflows lies in ensuring effective and boundless communication between your teams. Hence, you must promote transparency and eliminate siloes for communication to flow and for collaborations to happen.


Define the Software development cycle


It would help if you defined your software development cycle before you combined your Agile and DevOps methodologies. This helps set the right expectations for everyone involved, from the ideation to the delivery stage. It will also help you identify and establish everyone’s role for a smooth development process.


Quality assessment and assurance


Quality assurance is one of the core elements of software development as it helps ensure the product meets the expectations and specifications of the client. Hence, you must include good quality assurance practices and conventions into the methodology for continuously delivering quality software products.


Execute service backlogs


Service backlogs can be a challenge for businesses involved in software development. Including and completing them in the DevOps Agile strategy can ensure the smooth delivery of software solutions.


Use the right infrastructure


When integrating DevOps and Agile methodologies, having the right infrastructure is crucial. You must assess the technology and system requirements before the integration process. This will help ensure communication, collaboration, and consistency in various software development processes.


Continuous assessment and analysis


Constantly analyzing and assessing the software development processes, practices, and systems is crucial to ensure the quality of the software developed. This will also help remove any vulnerabilities and challenges from the beginning, making the integration process all the more effective.


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How Can AddWeb Solution’s DevOps Consulting Services Help You?

As you have seen before, marrying your DevOps software development methodology and Agile methodology can help your business in more ways than one. However, doing that yourself can be a challenge as you have numerous business responsibilities to attend to.


That’s where AddWeb Solution can help you, and we are rightly positioned to assist you due to the following traits we enjoy:


Years of industry experience


We have been working in the software development industry for years. For most of our experience, we have used Agile development DevOps to deliver value to our clients and their investments.


Team of DevOps experts


We can deliver the best DevOps consulting services in the market due to the expert team we have. Not only are our team members experienced, but they also have the right academic and technical qualifications to do what they do.


Hands-on process knowledge


Thanks to our experience in the industry, we know how processes work, and they need to be managed. Whether it is Agile or DevOps development methodology, we integrate it into our workflow seamlessly for value deliverance.


Custom DevOps consulting services


While most of our clients may need software development help, their end goals, audiences, and KPIs differ. Hence, the DevOps consulting packages we offer are tailored to meet their singular goals and business requirements every single time.


Extensive quality checks


At AddWeb Solution, service quality is at the core of everything we want to accomplish. We have multiple internal quality checks and analyses to deliver the impeccable services our clients need. When you hire DevOps engineers at AddWeb, you also ensure service delivery of industry standards.


As you have seen, creating the most suitable DevOps software development methodology is crucial for your business to drive maximum value from your development budget. This requires a planned and strategic approach that you may be unable to design alone. Hence, you need to work with an expert DevOps consultant, and if you are looking for a reliable brand, AddWeb Solution is the best.


At AddWeb Solution, we work closely with our clients to know the kind of DevOps consulting services they need and craft solutions tailor-made for them. If you are looking for a client-centric brand, you can hire DevOps engineers from us.


We are easy to onboard and have years of experience to help you with your DevOps development methodology. So, contact our client support team now and hire DevOps engineers to expedite your software development with the right methodologies and approach.