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AI has always intrigued us and made our lives easier and simpler. As the first Terminator arrived, we devised our theories and watched Skynet try to conquer the world. Since then, we’ve always had a negative perspective towards AI.

In the present condition, we all use AI with our hands through Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant and have been using them for years. Later on, things changed when OpenAI discontinued ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a critical component in our everyday lives and helps with our daily SEO and digital marketing tasks. Chrome extensions are worth investigating to achieve maximum benefits from chatbots powered by AI. However, with the latest ChatGPT software constantly being developed, it may be challenging to keep track of the latest developments.

Why Should You Use Chatgpt Extensions For Chrome?

With a market share of more than 63 percent, Chrome is by far the most used browser on the internet. There’s likely a good likelihood that it’s a regular part of your everyday routine. Therefore, pairing it with an efficient AI plugin is a great way to increase your productivity. You can start a dedicated tab to ChatGPT AI and utilize its regular chat interface. However, it’s a bit cumbersome and could result in additional repetitive work rather than getting rid of it.

It is necessary to copy-paste the answers you receive and switch between tabs, which can be lengthy and tedious. Luckily, there is a solution. The Chrome store on the web is filled with ChatGPT extensions that address this issue and add new features that are unavailable with the default tool.

What Are The Advantages Of Chatgpt?

Businesses and users are investigating the advantages of ChatGPT as ChatGPT continues to grow. A few benefits are as follows:

Efficiency: AI chatbots can handle repetitive and routine tasks, which frees employees to concentrate on more challenging and strategic duties.

Cost savings: Using AI chatbots in daily routines is cost-efficient in training and hiring additional employees.

Improve content quality: Writers can utilize ChatGPT to correct grammar or contextual mistakes or help generate new concepts. Employees can use already-written text and request to enhance its grammar or use new phrases.

Training and education: ChatGPT can be a virtual instructor who explains more complicated subjects. Users can also request guidance and get any needed clarification regarding responses.

Improved speed of response: ChatGPT gives instant answers that reduce wait times for customers seeking help.

Greater availability: AI models are accessible around all hours to offer continuous support and help.

Multilingual support: ChatGPT can communicate in multiple languages or offer translations for companies with international viewers.

Personalization: AI chatbots can customize their responses to users’ preferences and behavior based on previous interactions.

Scalability: ChatGPT can handle many users at once, which benefits applications with high user engagement.

Natural language understanding: ChatGPT can recognize and create human-like text, which is beneficial for tasks like producing content, responding to questions, engaging in discussions, and presenting explanations.

Digital accessibility: ChatGPT, along with other AI chatbots, may assist users with disabilities by delivering interaction with text, which may be more user-friendly than other platforms.

Time-Saving: ChatGPT extensions save time and provide insightful information within just a few minutes.

User-Friendly: ChatGPT Extensions are easy to use and don’t require technical knowledge.

Top 15 ChatGPT Extensions Enhancing Productivity

Performs extensive research and lists the top 15 ChatGPT Chrome extensions that you can try to enhance productivity and efficiency. Let’s delve into them.

1. YouTube Summary, with ChatGPT

If you’re a professional who doesn’t have the time to spend hours watching long YouTube videos but would like to know the video’s background and context, then YouTube Summary with ChatGPT could be the ideal ChatGPT Google Chrome Extension for you.

It was created by a social highlighter tool called Glasp. This extension, chatGPT for Chrome, repackages every YouTube video in seconds and shows its script.

You heard it right! This isn’t an overview but a complete script divided and separated by timestamps.

To begin with, YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, install the Chrome extension. When the extension is installed in the browser, you’ll notice a ‘Transcript & Summary’ option every time you watch a video on YouTube. When you click it, the extension will produce the entire transcript and offer to summarize it using Open AI.

You’ll have to duplicate and copy the transcription enquiring ChatGPT for a summary to provide an accurate summary.

2. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT to Google is a free-of-cost Chrome extension that operates with popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more.

ChatGPT integrates the responses of ChatGPT online with regular search results so that you will get clear answers to your queries via ChatGPT as well. The extension for Chrome with ChatGPT power integrates with an official OpenAI API, meaning you can use ChatGPT’s capabilities through the popup window. It supports markdown rendering, code highlight, and dark mode to provide personalization.

The generation of ‘ChatGPT for Google does not respond quickly and could take a long time to respond, thereby defeating the goal of not navigating through several hyperlinks.

Once the response is generated, you can take a copy and use it as needed.

3. TweetGPT

TweetGPT is a Chrome-powered ChatGPT extension that can generate tweets and tweet replies. To access it, you’ll need a Twitter account, an internet connection, a Chrome browser, and an Open AI account. Users can download TweetGPT from the Chrome extension store online and pin the extension for easy access.

Once installed successfully, you’ll see a TweetGPT icon in the corner on your right-hand side.

If you click on it, you can select the tweet’s tone. TweetGPT will then generate random tweets. To respond to tweets, you must select the tweet and click TweetGPT. Click on the TweetGPT icon to send replies.

TweetGPT is a ChatGPT Chrome extension. It does not allow you to input an idea of what you’d like to discuss via tweets. Instead, it produces random tweets that might not match your content strategy. It’s based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT to retrieve tweets and responses, which can result in outdated and irrelevant responses.

4. Engage AI

Are you looking to connect with people you haven’t met on LinkedIn by commenting on their posts?

Use the Engage Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT Chrome extension to make thoughtful comments in seconds. You can also contact strangers who may be leads and potential customers for your company.

If you’re a social media administrator, this Chrome extension, which comes with ChatGPT capabilities, could help you save time and improve your productivity. Eliminate dull comments such as “Great post,” 

“Thanks for sharing, ” and the famous,” and switch to meaningful and relevant comments.

  • Engage AI, the ChatGPT extension is simple to use and works with 20 languages.
  • Navigate to the EngageAI icon within the comment section, and then select your tone.
  • Edit the comment and customize the comment as needed.
  • Post comments.

5. Merlin

Merlin is the miniature version of ChatGPT. This ChatGPT Chrome extension works on any website in the Chrome browser to aid in editing, writing, formatting, and browsing the internet. After you’ve installed it in your Chrome browser, users can use the shortcut ‘by pressing Ctrl/Cmd and M.’

It is an expensive ChatGPT Chrome extension. You can use 11 generations daily for free. After that, you have to sign up for the premium version, Merlin Pro. Prices start at $19/month for 1,000 queries.

Merlin is one of the most popular chatbot Chrome extensions that works on Google Chrome and other extensions. It has a few limitations, such as it can’t operate on

  • Bing and Edge
  • New Tab or Blank Page
  • Always remember to refresh the page so that you can make use of Merlin.

6. Fancy GPT

However, as the name implies, it’s fancy. It allows you to share conversations through hyperlinks, PDFs, images, and text files with the ChatGPT Extension for Chrome.

If you’re looking for a way to save and transfer chats and share them with others ChatGPT chats.

FancyGPT gives you an easy way to do so. It allows you to export ChatGPT responses in PDFs, images, and text files to save them to your device and send them to your network. You can select which conversations you wish to include in your export so you can focus on the best parts and leave out the rest. You can also highlight various parts of the conversation and choose between different styles, including:

  • Neon
  • Dark/Light
  • Sketch

7. ReaderGPT

ReaderGPT can be an invaluable tool for managing your online reading. It can create summaries of any webpage that contains text, using ChatGPT to assist you in quickly learning the meaning of long blogs or articles.

It will give you an overview of any web page with a single click. There’s no need to go through lengthy articles or pages! ChatGPT has many fun features, such as creating bullet points for your articles or altering ChatGPT’s prompt ChatGPT prompt to meet your preferences. For instance, if you want to summarize an article quickly, Reader CPT can summarize the long paragraph or article in just three bullet points or 50 words using ChatGPT. ChatGPT Chrome extensions. If you’re looking to translate a text into Spanish or make it easier for a child of five, the ReaderGPT extension has the job covered.

8. Share GPT

If you enjoy sharing interesting ChatGPT conversations with your friends, ShareGPT may be a lifesaver. It lets you instantly share chats with the click of one button.

After installation, a tiny share button is displayed in every ChatGPT chat. You just need to click it to create an easily shareable link.

It’s an easy and quick method to share interesting ChatGPT conversations without the difficulty of exporting or taking screenshots.

9. WebChat GPT

The most significant limitation of ChatGPT is that its knowledge base is only available until 2021. However, with WebChatGPT, this won’t be an issue. This Chrome extension includes relevant web-based results to the prompts, ensuring your conversations remain precise and current.

It allows you to get web results for your search and extract the text of webpages by examining any website. The extra prompt templates and DuckDuckGo bangs can help get more precise results for searches from thousands of sites.

10. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

By using this plugin, you’ll be able to quickly find, share with friends, import, and utilize the most effective chat prompts available for ChatGPT while synchronizing your chat history locally for quick search and access. You can save your chats in different formats, including markdown HTML, PDF, or PNG. You can also make the most of your ChatGPT experience by modifying themes like SMS, cozy fireplace hacker, and cozy fireplace.

You can also look through or bookmark topics, browse through prompt templates and threads, and offer feedback or suggestions via your built-in form for feedback.

11. WiseOne

Are you faced with situations where you read voluminous texts but fail to comprehend the implications? In such circumstances, Wiseone is your best friend! This Chatbot reduces complicated sentences to simpler ones without changing the meaning.  It also includes additional features such as Discover and FAQs and suggestions and summarizing that change how you read information or data online.

Although these tools are beneficial to professionals, they could stand to gain more AI tools for students. ChatGPT’s human-like chats have made it a popular AI, prompted demands for integrations, and improved productivity. Its Chrome extensions speed up tasks by integrating AI into the web browser.

The debate about Bard against ChatPT continues, and we’re hoping the ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome can help you get the correct answers and save lots of time at the same time. Just make sure to check the details with reliable sources. You can also perform plenty of exciting things with ChatGPT that you did not know about. 

12. Chatsonic

If you’re contemplating the most effective ChatGPT extension to use with Chrome, here’s the solution. It’s Chatsonic! You can utilize this ChatGPT Chrome extension to do everything and anything on the internet.

From creating instant text snippets and producing social media copies and emails, expanding texts, paraphrasing them, and more, Chatsonic brings all the ChatGPT capabilities but with the ease of the Chrome add-on. That’s why Chatsonic is ranked as the best on the best ChatGPT Chrome add-ons list.

To experience the ease of the Chatsonic Chrome extension, you must install it first by following the steps. The installation of the Chatsonic Chrome Extension is an easy process that will reduce time and increase your productivity.

13. Prometheus

Do your hands hurt from typing during the day? It’s nice to break from work and enjoy a talk with Chat GPT on the internet. Amazingly, Prometheus lets you chat with ChatGPT instead of having to type in your instructions. Not only is it an amazing accessibility feature for those who can’t type, but it also makes conversations with an AI tool easier and more enjoyable.

For installation, all you have to do is connect to ChatGPT via its official site and press the spacebar. Thanks to the technology that enables text-to-speech, you can prompt ChatGPT by speaking instead of text and have it reply to you.

14. Summarize

Contrary to YouTube Summary, which uses ChatGPT and Summarize, this Chrome extension can be used on any webpage. If you’re looking for blog posts, articles, news, or research reports, Summarize provides the information in short.

The technology for summarizing runs on ChatGPT, which is specially trained to give complete, high-quality summaries. It is also constantly re-trained with summaries written by humans to ensure that they are accurate and constantly updated.

The ChatGPT extension for Chrome lets you navigate your tabs swiftly and devote your time to work on other important tasks. It helps you stay on top of what you’d like to read and ensure that you don’t miss important information effortlessly.

It is reported that the ChatGPT Chrome extension is a Summarizer that often gives an error message: ‘Failed to load the response,’ making it difficult to use the extension.

15. Compose AI

Compose AI is focused on increasing your productivity in various ways. It’s a great solution for speeding up and simplifying content creation. All you need to input is that it will prompt you to create diverse kinds of content quickly. The tool can also be useful to complete everyday tasks faster because of its numerous tools that go beyond the creation of content:

Simple Email Reply – This tool lets you respond to an email with just one click based on its context.

Rephrase: You can rephrase, reduce, or expand the highlighted text and alter its tone to suit your personal preferences.

Autocomplete – Completes your sentences similarly to Gmail, except the feature extends to other websites and chat services.


AI-loaded ChatGPt software is beneficial for those who enjoy ChatGPT’s default chat interface but want to upgrade it. The extensions in this guide allow users to add fashion and color to the ChatGPT interface. There are more than twenty-five font colors and 15 color options to choose from. They change the ChatGPT user interface and enhance the overall experience by offering additional features, such as sharing and download options.

ChatGPT or AI-powered applications are changing the marketing world, and their implementation will help you improve your job and increase efficiency and productivity. Without doing this, your competitors could gain an advantage.

You will have no choice but to take advantage of this advanced technology soon or soon enough.

Merlin ChatGPT is the only extension that works with Chrome across all browsers. To activate it, press Ctrl+M and then activate the Merlin ChatGPT Chrome extension.

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