From the Desk of Experienced Developers: Choosing Between PHP and Node.js - Which is the best and Why?

In today’s time, technology has been growing at very rapid speed. This growth seems to be not stopping currently, and it is expected to have major evolution in the world where we live. As we technological development is completely based upon the number of languages that needs to be built upon various structures and each is for different usage. These languages and developments of such kinds of structural platforms differ in their usage, compatibility, execution, and performance and thus are selected intelligently by the purpose.

So, PHP and Node.js are two major languages that are popular among the developers and back-end programming. So, PHP is an open-source and server-side scripting language. In the beginning, it was known as “Personal Home Page” and currently it was more popularly known as “Hypertext Pre-Processor.”

Whereas on the other side, Node.js is one of the open-source languages. This platform is more useful in developed server-side applications as it is built over Google Chrome’s Engine to form fast and extensible network applications. It is highly scalable, overcomes buffering, and event-driven.

Numerous Similarities Between Node.js and PHP

As every language has some common features and same is with Node.js and PHP, both the languages have numerous common features which are as follows -:

  • Interpreted Languages: Both of the languages Node.js and PHP are interpreted languages.
  • Service: Both languages are somehow utilized to serve web requests. Both the languages are capable to manage the content quite efficiently and make up an interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Compatibility: This is one of the major advantages of the languages that both the languages are extensively compatible with various operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. Both of the languages are exceptionally flexible and can be modified comfortably.
  • Performance: Both the languages only differ in the performance which is based on the objective and intent which is utilized to establish a web platform. Both languages are very much efficient in usage when used for their expertise areas.

Various Differences Between Node.js and PHP

Node.js and PHP both offer a robust backend for vital and effective platforms but these both have numerous differences in their specific fields. Let’s see how:

  • JavaScript Affiliation

Node.js provides an exceptionally adequate environment to the developers, which provide the capability to go beyond the browsers with the required script and lowers down the dependability of the web platform upon the flash.

Whereas on the other side, PHP has its infrastructure to carry out the content from the servers to the browsers itself.

  • Complexity

Working on PHP is quite easier as beginners can easily and comfortably work upon it when we compare it with Node.js.

Whereas Node.js is not very much complex, but it requires an additional number of codes for its compatible working as compared with PHP.

  • Execution

PHP is more made up of a basic platform, which is quite slower than the Node.js to accomplish the advanced programs and is quite heavy when compared to Node.js.

  • Portability

PHP is very much portable and compatible with all the operating systems as its quite easy to develop web programs on it.

Another factor is that Web hosting on the PHP is very much cheaper and more usable if considered with Node.js. This is also one of the biggest reasons that PHP platforms have more content than Node.js.

  • Synchronization

Language codes are accomplished line by line and move forward to another line of the code at that time when the present line has been finished is known as synchronous code, whereas the code which is executed at the same time is called asynchronous code.

Node.js is an asynchronous coding language, whereas PHP is the synchronous coding language. The asynchronous web platforms are considered more because it completes the program at more speed whereas synchronous web platforms are less considered due to the slow speed.

  • Framework

PHP is one of the most famous server-side scripting platform languages, and it is simple for backend development.

The language is supported by various frameworks, which names as Cakephp, Codelgniter, and Laravel, which is exceptionally effective to be utilized in development of the highly secured and robust web programs.

Which One is Better: PHP or Node.js?

Backend programmers are ones that are quite frequently found to be in difficulties between the selections of two languages that need to be executed for a project. PHP and Node.js both of the languages ensure an excellent deal of web programming to the backend programmers as well as to the end-users through the final result.

As we have read it above that coding in PHP is quite simpler and quicker than Node.js, and hence it is more interesting and looks more valuable to be used.

Whereas on the other side, Node.js is a little bit more complex language. The execution of programs that are developed in the case of Node.js is quite complex.

Both PHP and Node.js languages have their respective pros and cons, which are as follows:

  • PHP provides a stable and reliable performance of the developed programs, whereas Node.js is quite faster and gives a rapid turnaround time for web programs.
  • PHP language is supported by the number of different platforms, and hence it is quite easier to work on it and arrange to host the web program. Whereas Node.js, on the other hand, utilizes a virtual server for the same.
  • Node.js is not very much easy and capable of handling CPU through activities even though being exceptionally user-friendly and responsive.
  • Node.js is a very much flexible and scalable platform if compared with PHP. It has limited dependencies and boundaries, which make it more quite easier to work with huge number of files.


As we have written down, almost all the major difference points between PHP and Node.js and both of these platforms have their benefits and advantages when used for the desired outcomes.

The important question which needs to be asked is that when selecting the language is that which language could be used to serve the purpose in an exceptional way rather than looking out for their ability and efficiency.

So, here we conclude that both the languages are brilliant platforms to work with and have awesome benefits. We also found that both the languages have there pros and cons if seen, and both of them are brilliant at their respective ends.


Both languages are best at their end, and none of the language is less than each other. As both of them have their usages when used with the purpose and the particular requirements of the project which need to be delivered. Both languages are much effective and powerful in their ways, but their features may vary. They also have similarities and differences which cater to distinct needs of the numerous projects.

PHP is older language when compared with Node.js and very much easier to utilize for beginners during the coding phase.

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