Drupal Web Development Technology for Government Websites

Websites play an integral role in the working of any organizations, whether it is a corporate, business, or Government organization. Government websites are essential for giving out information to its citizens, accepting grievances, or to raise an alert during times of emergency. They are the interface from which any person can get up-to-date information about government policies. Governments can reach out to their people through their websites, and the websites need to be always available, ready to serve the needy around the clock. These websites are built using various web technologies that are mainly proprietary in nature. So, using open-source software for the website development is a right and efficient choice for the government websites. Drupal is an efficient option in this case. Drupal is one of the leading open-source frameworks for content management. It supports about 2.2% of the websites which are developed world wide. In around 150+ countries, Drupal is being used in the Government as well as many intergovernmental agencies.

Drupal has a Plethora of Benefits When it Comes to Web Development

Benefits of Drupal for Web Development

Drupal Development is a useful proposition. Now, let us just check out some of its features:

  • This Is an Open-Source Software: Drupal’s core software, contributed modules, as well as many of its themes are available totally free of charge; and this helps many firms in reducing their web development costs.
  • Can Be Tailored: When it comes to features, Drupal is highly customizable. Its operations, layout, and design are open for personalization. This leaves the developers with many options accommodating the requirements provided by the client. This helps in allowing quick deployment. This also helps in enabling the core features as well as the functionalities.
  • Synonymous with Perfection: Drupal is manageable, scalable, reliable, flexible, and secure. It also has interoperability, and is the best one in terms of availability of resources. Drupal for sure is a truly one of the best Content Management Systems.
  • Provision of API Support: Twitter, FB, YouTube, Google Apps, and Google Analytics, etc. all give Drupal the provision for API support. Developers have the option of creating their own custom segments by using such well-documented Application Interface programming.
  • SEO Implemented: Search Engine Optimization has a vital role to play in any organization’s web marketing strategies; and this is where Drupal enables them to come to the forefront with SEO optimized websites. It is flexible to show content in a way that search engines adhere to.
  • Compatible with Devices of Different Platforms: With the increase in smart devices, the websites have to provide accessibility to these devices as well. Sites developed using Drupal are compatible with these smart devices, which offers the real-time experience to its users.

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Differences that Drupal have When We Compare it to Other CMS

There are umpteen reasons why Drupal is one of the top-most utilized CMS and why tons of small to large complex systems have made it their options. Here are those,

  • Reliability: Drupal has come a long way since it was founded. Many versions are updated, and currently, Drupal 7 is used, and Drupal 8 is released. But the support for the older versions will be provided.
  • Very Large and Dedicated Community: Drupal’s community is very vast; it is determined, and it has functioned well from the onset of the year 2001. Being a newbie or even as a senior professional, Drupal.org is surely the must-have technology which you can dig into in order to learn content, know the upcoming news, or enquire for any support needed from other specialists and/or enthusiasts.
  • Highly Robust & Very Convenient: One can be rest assured that the source code to build the Drupal website is written precisely, as well as it is designed by the Drupal’s experts. Whenever there is any intent to do much more advanced as well as complicated work, one will find it rather easy as well as very convenient to change this system, which gives the users a great level of advantage over the other CMS.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Drupal offers customization of features and functionalities, which makes it flexible. It also allows for integrating various modules perfectly with the Drupal core because of its flexible internal structure.
  • Security Aspect: Drupal is tested meticulously up to strict security-codes by the developers as well as Drupal’s communities. The built-in security system of Drupal is highly efficient in that aspect. Drupal will try to stop the attacks by locking down the important files and folders. Security is one of the big concerns for government agencies, and Drupal will cover them in this also.
150+ Countries use Drupal

Why is Drupal the Perfect .gov Platform?

Governance has now become digital! It is not possible to create the citizen-centric .gov solutions with the ultimate power of Drupal!

  • This Is Highly Flexible – It is not possible to serve the state, federal, or local mission(s) in a better way by lowering the entire ownership cost, with the power of this open source platform.
  • This Is Truly Scalable – The multiple site functionalities allow managing as well as controlling of the brand(s) centrally while still providing content independence to all the agencies and departments.
  • This Is Very Much Accessible – It is now possible to be compliant while still serving the disabled citizens with the fundamental commitment of Drupal to the accessibility standard(s).

Drupal 8 Development and Drupal 9 Development

Drupal 8 and 9 are the latest versions of the Drupal for web development. The already existing websites developed using earlier versions of Drupal can continue to support by migrating its data to Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. During Drupal Migration, while upgrading a Drupal 6 / 7 sites to Drupal 8, first install a clean Drupal 8 site. Then migrate the site configuration and site content to the new Drupal 8 site. The existing Drupal 6 / 7 site remains completely unaltered and intact.

Why AddWeb Solutions?

Government organizations and offices are welcome to approach AddWeb solutions and hire Drupal developers from here for their website needs. We have Drupal experts who will design your website such that it will cater to all the audience of govt. Websites. We provide reliable, secure, and flexible solutions to the website requirements of the Government using the Drupal Content Management System. Our solution architects will develop an enterprise-scale website for Government business. The best user experience will be provided so that any citizen who sues the site is satisfied with the website. AWS is a leading Drupal development company that has worked for more than 150+ Drupal websites.

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