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Building a University Website and managing the entire University CMS is not a child’s play. Not only you need extensive logic, you need customization at each step during its development. That’s exactly where the best website development companies struck a chord with Drupal development. The topmost educational institutions and universities worldwide mostly have their websites built on either Drupal 8 development or Drupal 9 development.

This proves that Drupal Development is the ideal platform for managing voluminous content as always anticipated on University Websites. Apart from its extensive customization capabilities, Drupal is an ace when it comes to managing multifaceted and multilayered content ecosystems. The huge associated database not only calls of extensive management, but also expected to be logically placed.

Personalized Experiences for Students through Drupal

The social, academic, and financial needs of today’s new-age students are so intense that they seek everything put together in one single place. Thus, for a university website, it is almost necessary to mend digital pathways in a fashion that is most suitable for its end users, i.e., students. The platform for university website development needs to be evolved over time. With ever-changing and dynamic requests for enhancement, the technology must be robust and at the same time flexible. This is exactly where Drupal development is extremely capable and efficient in delivering. The platform delivers on its promise to ensure smoother and faster interoperability between users. The powerful personalization tools of Drupal such as Acquia Lift with integrated CMS provides for a wonderful online space and creates the most conducive environment especially for university students.

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Major Reasons for the Popularity of Drupal in Universities

Drupal in Universities

Drupal is a well known and most preferred platform of choice for the best developers because of its cost and time efficiency. It provides for a strong foundation for efficiently managing large volumes of data coming from thousands of contributing individuals. Because of its proven flexibility and scalability, Drupal can easily be put to use to serve the needs of individual departments simultaneously. With Drupal, individual departments can easily take extensive control of specific areas of the main website via customizations as per their specific needs. The main reasons why Drupal is the preferred choice for University Website Development are listed below:

  • Protection of Personal Identities & Maintaining Confidentiality: You know, even the White House uses it. Drupal provides for an extensive safeguarding mechanism to ensure protecting any personal identities of students, their academic records, and personal info of any faculty members. A Drupal Website is always and almost a difficult hack.
  • Multi-functional Site Capabilities: Various departments in Universities seek different functionalities even though they share a common space. This is where Drupal is extremely efficient in providing a safe, secure, robust and dynamic platform to ensure smooth interoperability. It can both serve the requirements from Internet and Intranet most efficiently. Individual departments can enjoy full and extensive control while Drupal is handling and managing multiple sites with a single, common IT platform.
  • Templates for Easy Content Creation & Design: The UI of Drupal 8 is so friendly that even non-developers can easily manage, create, and upload content. There are many in-built and highly customizable templates which can be easily customized and utilized to develop content to meet any requirement effectively.
  • Complete Control Over The User Access: Websites for institutes need multiple access rights for students, teachers/professors, website visitors, etc); which Drupal provides.
  • Content That Can Be Reused: After building the content, Drupal exercises its reuse; and it also circulates it through the various departments, different intranets used in the university as well as sub-sites. Being open-source, Drupal has various free and simple modules to enable it.
  • Mobile First: Students, and also the staff members, use Smartphones more than the PCs for communication, information, and administration purposes. Drupal’s “mobile-first” approach ensures that the university’ website is mobile optimized.
  • Multilingual Capability: Drupal operates in numerous languages, allowing the university to cater to any and all global needs. The translation module is also awesome.
  • Easy Access to Literature: Drupal’s powerful feature(s) help the students as well as faculty to easily access handbooks, documents, manuals, and other research content.
  • Easier SMO: Drupal also makes social media campaigns easier.

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Drupal Days Are Here! Graduate with AddWeb Solutions!

Drupal Days Are Here

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