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As per a collective study done recently, it is fathomed that DevOps’ market had generated around 2.9 billion in the year 2017, and this market of DevOps Consulting Services is projected to reach around $6.6 billion by the year 2022. AI inclusion and the inclusion of security in DevOps, together with a dramatic shift towards the automation, are some of the unanimous DevOps predictions for the year 2020.

DevOps offers the following benefits:

  • The fast response towards an amendment
  • Offers great speed and makes the security arrangement more agile
  • Establishes a perfect channel of collaboration and communication
  • Fast identification of bugs or vulnerabilities in the code
  • The team can effortlessly put their sole attention on other critical things instead of focusing on security features
  • Many enterprises are adopting DevOps; there was a boost to 17% in 2018 from about 10% in 2017 (according to Statista)

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DevOps adoption

DevOps adoption

Here is what you can see for DevOps in the year 2020.

1.) Automation Becoming the Main Focus: Organizations that have witnessed DevOps implementation already are fortunate enough to see very high efficiencies and faster rate of deployments. While mentioning DevOps, we largely talk of DevOps automation. The future of this is certainly going to 0-touch automation. Applying automation among the DevOps cycle’s 6 Cs holds the key to the future as this is projected to be one of the major objectives in the year 2020.

2.) An Attention Shift from the CI Pipelines to the Assembly Lines of DevOps: Yet another crucial DevOps goal is of improving the collaborations among the planning phases and the automation phases of the delivery procedures. This isn’t only about the CI i.e. the Continuous Integration; rather it is more about continuous delivery or (CD). Many organizations are putting in their extra efforts as well as time into automating the entire process of their company’s software development. For such organizations, it is thus the high-time to contact a DevOps consulting service provider. In the year 2020, it is projected that the attention will shift from CI pipelines to assembly lines of DevOps. Some of the common advantages of the Assembly Lines are as follows:

  • Native integrations
  • Sturdy nested visibility
  • Perfect CD with proper interoperability
  • Team-based analytics as well as business intelligence
  • Quick onboard and scaling with the “as-code” philosophy

3.) Increased Use of Serverless Architecture: You can reach the zenith of DevOps with the serverless architecture, which is not perceived to be free of servers; but, there exists a cloud service, which handles the whole architecture. FaaS & BaaS are 2 crucial aspects of this architecture, which is serverless. By using such serverless architecture, it is possible to save time, to reduce the cost, and to have a resilient workflow.

4.) “Everything as Code” Concept: Coding is now the IT backbone. Understanding DevOps automating tools & scripts will rule the year 2020. Hopefully, the future of this particular IT domain rests on the technical abilities of developers, QAs/testers etc. Now, as DevOps eases the delivery cycles, so there’s a requirement of bringing in the code that one can use for augmenting the efficiency of the software production cycle(s). This particular concept is DevOps’ in-built practice, and it could possibly be in the SDLC for making a trend in the year 2020. The QAs and software testers are quite likely to gloom if they don’t learn to code/write test scripts.

5.) Much Better Embedded Security: With security breaches being the order of the day, cyber-safety is imperative for all businesses, big and small. In the year 2020, DevOps is projected to include security rapidly. DevSecOps has been about first injecting safety in the development lifecycle of the application, and then reducing any vulnerability, and finally augmenting business reputation. The companies’ shift to DevSecOps would bring in some awesome collaboration in the software development processes as it ensures that the software development process always remains immaculate, effectual, and operative. For most such firms, it is thus the high-time to contact the DevOps consulting companies.

6.) Rise in AI and Boost in Data Science: With a massive increase in the AI-driven apps, data science is pushing more and more companies to go-in for the DevOps philosophy in their workflow. This is projected to boost even more as data science, as well as development teams, are moving closer and closer for higher efficiencies in software development, deployment, as well as the management of AI-driven applications.

7.) Automation Harbored through AI & Data Science: 2020’s main objective is 0-touch automation. The incessant upsurge of AI & Data Science has played the role of a game-changer. Many applications are infused with Artificial Intelligence, and this has been pushing several DevOps teams to look for automation so as to discover the same prospects in their own workflows.

8.) Kubernetes to Have Evolved Greatly: Kubernetes has emerged to be the top container technology. CIOs, as well as technologists all over the world, are preferring Kubernetes owing to its offerings, and this is projected to increase by the year 2020.

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