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Implement Skills In Laravel 5

Saurabh Dhariwal

Saurabh Dhariwal

Enhance Your AdminLTE Implement Skills In Laravel 5

Let me walk you through AdminLTE Introduction:

  • AdminLTE is a popular open source WebApp template for admin Dashboard and control panel.It is responsive template using Bootstrap 3 and CSS framework.
  • AdminLTE is now used by thousands of users around the world.
  • AdminLTE is a based on modular design and it easily customizes and built upon.  
  • This package is switched default laravel scaffolding / boilerplate to adminLTE template.
  • In laravel AdminLTE is managed by “ Bower “.

Feature of AdminLTE:

  • AdminLTE provides Sidebar mini feature to the user with the ability to collapse the sidebar without losing accessibility to side navigation.
  • Control sidebar is a new section of the layout. This sidebar use for many purposes in right sidebar
    • AdminLTE provides the 6 new skin originally. That switch the color of sidebar in dashboard.

Integrate AdminLTE:

  • If you have integrated AdminLTE so first you have to create a new project using laravel because it is easy to use and more comfortable.
  • First, You have to use laravel installer, In the terminal type the command.

    composer global require "laravel/installer=~1.1"

  • Here, this command will install composer in few minutes. Then get the fresh copy of laravel using below command. 

    laravel new myapp

  • Here,  we create new laravel copy and its name is myapp.
  • Laravel setup is completely installed in your system then you have able to see the welcome page on your site.
  • Once, it's process is done then after you have navigated to the public directory in a terminal command.
  • After you have navigated to the public directory you have to install AdminLTE using Bower

    bower install admin-lte

  •  Once, you have to successfully installed adminLTE in laravel then you should have folder called bower_componets and inside it you will find admin-lte.
  • Laravel is provide the greate templating system out of the box called Blade. Then after we have to convert the regular HTML page to Blade.
  • First you have to create a new blade in “ resources/view “ directory and then you have to create route for this blade.
  • If you have to create the route and blade then you will copy the “ bower_components/admin-lte/starter.html ” in new view and modify the code. Then after you will visit the page so it has blank.
  • Then after you will split the template into the three files like sidebar.blade.php, header.blade.php, footer.blade.php . so you have create new blade in view directory.
  • Then after you have create a new controller using the controller command 

    php artisan make:controller TestController --plain

  • After creating controller you will do work in controller and you will create the new route for this controller

    Route::get('test', 'TestController@index');

  • After creating route you will check your test page so you will display the output for your developing view.

Install AdminLTE template: 

  • A laravel 5 package that switch the default  Laravel scaffolding / boilerplate to adminLTE template with bootstrap 3.0.
  • AdminLTE is the so simple to install and use.
  • AdminLTE is install globally with compose

       composer global require "acacha/adminlte-laravel-installer=~2.0"

  • And convert any fresh laravel installation to AdminLTE to use with:-

    laravel new laravel-with-admin-lte cd laravel-with-admin-lte adminlte-laravel install

  • It successfully installed so you can use AdminLTE if you are use llum. 
  • You are start to using AdminLTE project. Llum will be configure database (sqlite), execute migrations , install devtools and serve for you to use it.

 Hope this helped you to get most out of the system. Feel free to share your reviews and need assistance for Hire Laravel Developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enhance my AdminLTE implementation skills in Laravel 5?

To enhance your skills, start by exploring the official documentation—additionally, practice by integrating AdminLTE into sample Laravel projects. Online tutorials and hands-on coding can significantly improve your implementation skills.

Do I need advanced programming knowledge to use AdminLTE with Laravel 5?

Not necessarily! While some Laravel basics are helpful, AdminLTE is designed to be user-friendly. Follow the step-by-step guides and integrate it into your Laravel 5 project without advanced programming knowledge.

Can I customize the look and feel of AdminLTE in Laravel 5 to match my project's style?

Absolutely! AdminLTE is highly customizable. You can easily adjust colours, layouts, and styles to match your project's branding. Laravel's Blade templating engine makes customization straightforward.

Are there any performance considerations when using AdminLTE with Laravel 5?

AdminLTE is optimized for performance, and when implemented correctly in Laravel 5, it should not significantly impact your application's speed. Ensure you follow best practices and have a smooth-running admin interface.

Can I use AdminLTE for different types of projects in Laravel 5, such as e-commerce or content management systems?

Certainly! AdminLTE is versatile and can be adapted to various project types. Whether an e-commerce platform or a content management system, AdminLTE can provide a polished admin interface for diverse applications.

Are there any compatibility issues with the latest version of Laravel 5 and AdminLTE?

AdminLTE is well-maintained, and compatibility with the latest Laravel 5 versions is typically ensured. However, checking for updates or community discussions to stay informed about potential compatibility issues is a good practice.

Can I use AdminLTE for free in my Laravel 5 projects?

Yes, AdminLTE is free to use. It comes with an MIT license, allowing you to use, modify, and distribute it in your Laravel 5 projects, even for commercial purposes.

How can enhancing my AdminLTE implementation skills benefit my Laravel 5 projects?

Improving your AdminLTE skills enhances your ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly admin interfaces. This, in turn, can streamline the management of your Laravel 5 projects and contribute to a better overall user experience.