Evergreen SEO Recommendations

The world of SEO is an ever-changing one and yet a highly significant one. And hence, you can’t afford to stay unaware and ignorant of the current SEO trends and changes. Especially, because it helps in raising the presence of your website on the search engine from an ocean of other similar websites. We know that not everyone can be in a constant radar of the SEO trends, which is why there are SEO experts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself with the fundamental and forever significant trends of SEO.

Why Care About SEO?

The web world has been here for quite some time and so has SEO. Yet, it’s a tricky thing to be decoded and implemented correctly. Of course, it takes an expert’s knowledge and experience to bring about the desired results. But a handful of such evergreen recommendations can come handy for each one of you, from someone who has been catering SEO services since 6+ years and has delivered quality results for all this while.

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5 Fundamental SEO Techniques

Fundamental SEO Techniques

It’s about time that you learn the basics of this highly effective web-technique called SEO. As an experienced tech-expert and the one amongst Top 5 Indian IT Firms, as announced by Clutch, we will like to share five fundamental trends and techniques of SEO that you should be aware of. Check the list below!

  1. Structured Data
    Structured data is what helps the crawlers to clearly understand what the particular page consists of and hence helps in increasing the impressions of the respective page. Structured data is basically a tool, which helps you in the successful implementation of the web page. It basically provides a prior & quick view of the website for a better understanding of the website. Highly recommended by Google and other search engines, structured data is a powerful tool that makes a positive impact on your pages.
  2. Fresh Page
    A fresh page is always considered to be a healthy one, catering positive results through SEO. There are multiple deciding factors for defining a page as a fresh page. The quickest and simplest hack of all is changing the date of the page. The freshness of a page matters a lot to the user and hence, the search engine also gives importance to it. Putting out content that is relevant and updated, it helps in improving the rank of the page on SERP results. This also helps in doubling the impression of the page, along with the CTR.
  3. Internal Linking
    One of the ancient-most and popular tactics of SEO, internal linking has always been delivering positive results. And yet, it is one of the most misunderstood and wrongly implemented methods of SEO. It is important to link pages and yet not to impact the equity the page is sending to all the pages that it is being linked with. Hence balanced interlinking is what is recommended because that is what proves to be helpful to the user and helps crawlers in discovering your page.
  4. Title
    An appealing title of a newspaper article decides whether it’s interesting enough to read it or not. Similarly, a fresh and distinctive title of the web page, news content, blog, et al affects the SEO rank of the respective page. Changing the title tags has always reaped rich results and hence considered to be a sure shot SEO technique for positive outcomes. Just stay the most relevant, short and updated with the trending keywords, mix it well with your common sense and create a fresh title tag that will bring positive results.
  5. Backlinks
    Obtaining backlinks might not be an easy task but has proved to be yielding positive results. Plus, it is also one of the safest ways to do so is by building creative pages. The length of the articles on such pages does matter. The larger ones are expensive and yield better results as compared to their counterparts. But that doesn’t take away the impact of lightweight pieces made out of a smaller budget. These articles are usually on the lighter side, which is related to business but is more creative ones and not commercial. And hence, when used as backlinks they are more successful in grabbing more audience.

Concluding Words!

Post-globalisation, the market-place of every kind of business has been expanded drastically. Now, the internet is your market-place and your competitors are not anymore just a lane away but can belong to a land far away in some other country too! And hence, it has become essential to have a web-shop or website, as they call it, for your business to sustain and thrive. And just like you had to spruce-up that brick and mortar stores of your, in order to make it look extraordinary and more appealing for the customers to walk-in. SEO does the same for your web-shop by increasing traffic, brand credibility, visibility of search engine, sales, etc.

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