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Blogging and social media platforms evolved as a medium for people to express their views. Commenting is a way through which service providers or organizations can initiate a conversation with their target audience. Whether it is about asking any question, starting a discussion, or sharing feedback about products or services purchased, the comment can help you add real value to your blog posts or any specific product page.

When you allow visitors to comment on your posts, products, or services, your ultimate goal is to increase their engagement with your blog or website, tempting people to come back and to encourage others to generate buzz around your website. All of this is a great approach if you are planning to increase online followers of your website or a post.

But do you know that commenting could be a prime source of abuse? People can post spam or threats in the comment section of your website. While there is no way to eliminate this risk, you can always look at the comment plugin for October CMS. The comment plugin for October CMS has gained immense popularity. It has not just helped businesses engage users, but has made social sharing easy. And that is the reason it has been used by more than 4K+ websites across the world.

Do you want to add comments to your website or blog post in October CMS, but not sure how it could benefit you? The October CMS comments plugin is the way out. In this blog post, we’ll help you understand how you can benefit from OctoberCMS plugins like comments for your website or blog.

How October CMS Comments Plugin Could Help You?

October CMS Comments Plugin
  • Improve user engagement

When it comes to digital media, everybody looks for engagement. It is the initial gateway to blast the virality of your website. Adding the October CMS comments plugin will help you transform your content into a must-read piece of information that people share and talk about. It will allow visitors to your blog or website to share their views on your content or products. This is a great way to build a community where people feel their inputs or feedback are seriously considered.

  • October CMS comments plugin can help you get repeated audiences or visitors

When you empower your visitors to discuss something, they will be interested to know what others have replied to their comments. To do so, they will have to come back to your website or blog. In the end, it will increase the number of clicks, which in turn means more business. Adding a comment plugin for October CMS is the best way to make your website or block sticky for visitors!

  • Brings more credibility

One of the biggest benefits of having a comment plugin on your website or blog is that it will help you improve credibility. When authentic or genuine profiles comment on a product or a blog post, people will start trusting it. In a way, this will bring more credibility to your website.

How to Get the October CMS Comments Plugin?

Installing the “Comments” plugin

Well, it is very easy to get the comment plugin for the October CMS website. All you have to do is to install the October CMS plugin. Just navigate to Plugins > Add New in your October CMS dashboard. Search for the Comments plugin; just click the button to install and then activate the plugin.

Configuring the plugin

Once activated, you can configure different features such as allowing guests to post a comment, enable reCAPTCHA, and so on. There are many cool settings, which can enable or disable based on your website and business requirements.

Why Should You Add a Comment Plugin for October CMS on Your Website?

  • It will help you get rid of spamming or trolling by securely validating the user inputs and allow the website owners or bloggers to either publish it on their website or not.
  • OctoberCMS plugins like comment will empower you to improve social engagement.
  • It makes commenting a good-to-go activity for lazy people! The end-users or visitors don’t have to do much; they can simply post a comment using a single click.

Wrapping Up…

There is no denying that adding a comment plugin for October CMS will bring a whole host of benefits for you. The plugin is not only compatible with October CMS v 1.0.4, but it is available for FREE since it is from the contributors of October CMS. You should integrate the comment plugin as soon as you can to give a thought to maximize the benefits discussed above. Want help in curating the comments while improving the conversations? Our October CMS development services could be a helping hand for your business. Looking for a custom October CMS development or a professional October CMS development company? Get in touch with our experts now!

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