Know About Using WordPress as LMS

WordPress is a “Versatile” content management system that brings a set of tools and plugins to simplify your life. Be it a business website, a blogging platform, or an eCommerce store for your products, WordPress development services provide you with many opportunities to make money online.

But have you given thought to using it as a learning management system? Or have you ever thought about how you can transform your site into a powerful learning management system? Well, if you have not given a thought to WordPress LMS, it is high time to do it now! It is the time of the year when the eLearning world is fighting back against the Covid-19 pandemic and preparing itself for the upcoming academic years.

Talking LMS Statistics:

90% of students prefer online learning due to various conveniences such as saving time, reducing learning costs, etc.

The online learning market is expected to reach $25.4 billion from 2021 to 2024.

31% of LMS customers are technology companies willing to enable a robust learning environment for their employees.

While there are many native learning management platforms available in the market, with the help of the right set of tools and WordPress LMS plugins, you can transform your WordPress website into a robust learning management system to offer online courses to students and grow your revenue.

This leads us to the main question – “What all it take to transform your WordPress site into a full-functional LMS” Let’s figure it out.

Feature of WordPress LMS:

There are a few basic elements that you will require to transform your website into WordPress LMS, namely:

Student Management: Manage students joining different courses on your eLearning site.

Certifications: It helps learners get certification upon course completion so that they can showcase their achievements.

Single Sign-on: Simplify the way you manage logins from different roles in your learning management system.

Manage Courses: WordPress LMS helps you create and upload course materials and manage courses on the go.

Integrating eCommerce: Sell your courses online and customize your online store with ease.

Generating Reports: Let the admin or tutor generate a variety of reports to gauge the student’s performance as well as your overall business revenue.

Video Tutorials: The influence of digital video is undeniable. Video tutorials and management help you deliver critical lessons and concepts with ease.

Multiple Subscription Models: Now it is possible to help learners subscribe to your online courses and services supported by different subscription models, i.e., Unlimited courses, multiple users, and more…

Benefits of using WordPress as LMS

  • Cost-effective: One of the most significant benefits of using WordPress LMS is that WordPress is an open-source platform. You don’t have to invest much in transforming your conventional site into a fully functional learning management system. It does offer a wide range of unique themes and WordPress LMS plugins that greatly simplify your overall online learning web development.
  • Plugins to add new functionalities: Compared with traditional or native learning management systems, you will get more flexibility and student engagement on your LMS. The main reason is that WordPress offers various marketing and social media plugins, which will help you keep students engaged with your learning management.
  • Fully customizable: Customization is an integral part of any learning management system as no two education providers think similarly. With multiple integration support and open-source nature, you can easily customize the WordPress theme, plugin, and extensions the way you want to make your eLearning website unique.
  • Search Engine Optimized LMS: WordPress is known for its search engine friendliness. With the help of dedicated SEO plugins and tweaks within your eLearning site, you can quickly get search engine optimized LMS.

There are almost 250 FREE plugins about LMS or supporting LMS features available in WordPress. Also, there are thousands of PREMIUM WordPress plugins available to support your eLearning objective. However, there are a few LMS plugins that are most popular, such as:

MemberPress: The most popular plugin offering creation, management, and selling of online courses.

LearnDash: Most useful plugin for universities, professional training institutes, and any other organization planning to launch an eLearning platform.

LifterLMS: It offers the basic features required to set up an eLearning platform along with premium features to help you create multi-tier courses.

LearnPress: With more than 50,000+ active installations, it is the most popular FREE plugin to convert your site into LMS.

WP Courseware: It helps you create LMS solutions with ease. All you have to do is to use its drag and drop builder to create courses.

Future Opportunities with WordPress LMS

We’ve given a detailed walkthrough of interesting facts and things for WordPress LMS. WordPress is huge, and there are enormous possibilities it brings for you when it comes to eLearning. Starting from WordPress LMS plugins to custom online learning web development, you can use it the way you want for your learning management system needs. Either you can go for customer online learning website development or use free/premium plugins to transform your site into a robust LMS; the possibilities are enormous with WordPress. AddWeb Solution is known for its expertise in helping WordPress site owners to initiate their transformation journey towards becoming a popular and robust LMS.

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