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Even if you keep all your data in an Excel file or a grove of Post-its dotted on your computer, you can use CRM software for customer relationships. Thus making it easier to manage and maintain more complicated relationships. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software aids sales teams in managing their client relationships. It allows salespeople to track client interactions, including personal details such as phone calls, emails, and meetings. CRMs also have options to manage opportunities and deals. CRM software sounds expensive, but free alternatives are also available. You can use free versions for trial and testing and then move ahead to paid versions. 

The most advanced platforms include additional features such as marketing, project management support desk, content management, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They also provide automation and integration options to reduce time and simplify processes. They allow small businesses to build reports and access the most innovative analytics. To aid you in making the best choice for your company, we’ve compiled our top list of free CRM tools of 2024. 


Engagebay CRM software has a user-friendly interface, believing this platform will be simple. 

The tool provides a complete and integrated platform beyond CRM, including lead and contact administration, marketing automation, and customer service features.

This all-in-one approach allows companies to consolidate various functions related to customers in one system, making operations more accessible and encouraging seamless communication between teams.

Benefits of EngageBay

Process-Oriented Suites: Provides marketing automatization, live chat, and CRM that are designed to help businesses grow.
Multi-Channel Listening: Consolidates contact information from different contact points with customers.
Integration: Connects to well-known services such as Gmail, Office 365, and Zapier to ensure seamless operation.

Disadvantages of EngageBay

Optional Email Templates: Provides a limited selection of email templates in simple styles.


  • A no-cost plan offers a limit of 250 contacts. 
  • The basic plan costs $14.99/user/month and ends at $119.99/user/month for the Pro plan. 

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM development excels in contact management by providing a structured method for tracking leads, managing customer interactions, and monitoring deals’ development in the sales pipeline.

 Zoho development services offer a unique feature, including extensive integration capabilities, import, automate, and integrate which go beyond basic CRM capabilities. It seamlessly connects to various Zoho applications, making it a scalable and complete platform for meeting various business requirements.

While the free version could be limited, it provides essential features for small businesses, making it a sensible and cost-effective option.

Benefits of Zoho CRM

User-Friendly Interface: Zoho CRM has flexible modules and practical automation.
Free Plan: Provides free plans with essential features for three users.
Scalability: Allows expansion with affordable plans and advanced functions.

Drawbacks of Zoho CRM

  • Insufficient features like the ability to track emails and individual lead notifications could limit the absence of email tracking.
  • The free version of CRM software offers only limited customization options and does not include bulk emailing features.

Pricing Structure

  • The free version is available only for three users. A 15-day trial is free, with paid version.
  • The basic edition costs around $14/month and is billed annually.
  • The professional edition costs $29/month per user, whereas 
  • Enterprise edition costs $40/month per year.
  • The Ultimate edition costs $52/month for users per year. 


Bitrix24 excels in lead management and contact management. It offers a well-organized method for tracking leads and managing interactions with customers.

But what makes it different is the comprehensive communication and collaboration tools integrated into the CRM. These include task management, file sharing, and communication tools, which are aimed at improving collaboration and streamlining task management.

Another noteworthy feature of Bitrix24 is the extensive online marketplace, which lets users extend CRM functionality by integrating other tools and applications.

Benefits of Bitrix24

Popular Free Choice: A well-known free CRM that can accommodate as many as 12 people.
Complete features: Bitrix24 CRM provides essential CRM functions, including report management, pipeline monitoring, and task automation.
User Interface: Provides an intuitive interface that gives access to different communication channels.

Drawbacks of Bitrix24

Complexity of Navigation: Navigating various modules can be difficult for some users.
Customization Limitation: More customization options might be required for specific business needs.

Pricing Structure 

  • The basic plan has five users and costs $49 monthly, payable annually.
  • The basic plan covers up to 50 customers. It is priced at $99 per month and has an annual billing cycle.
  • The professional plan is limited to 100 people. It is priced at $199 per month and has an annual billing cycle.
  • The Enterprise plan is available to as many as 250 people. It’s $399 per month, with an annual bill.


Most people use email as their primary communication method, so we decided to include Streak on the list.

Streak’s most distinctive selling point is its seamless interface with Gmail, making it an ideal choice for businesses that rely on email communications. This integration lets users manage sales pipelines and customer interactions directly from the Gmail inbox, streamlining the process.

Streak is particularly effective in tracking email and relationship management. It offers transparent information about the number of emails opened, link clicks, and engagement.

CRM is also a shining example of project management thanks to its easy tasks and project management features. It goes above and beyond typical CRM functions to provide the ability to manage multiple tasks and collaboratives, making it a multi-functional solution for businesses with various needs.

Benefits of Streak

Gmail Integration: Fully integrated CRM inside Gmail makes it easier for users to adopt.
Free version features: Some CRM platform users use various email features.
Ability to track emails: Streak CRM offers email insights and improves sales follow-ups.

Drawbacks of Streak

  • The browser extension limitation is based on an extension for the browser, which can be a hassle when switching devices.
  • The software is limited in complexity and may not be suitable for businesses with more complex processes that require more comprehensive CRM functions.

Pricing Structure

  • Free plans that provide basic CRM features are accessible to individuals.
  • The pro plan costs $49 per month per year.
  • The pro+ plan costs $69/month for a user and is billed annually.
  • The enterprise plan costs $129/month for each user and is billed annually.


The free plan includes support for two users with 2500 records, lead and contact management, page creation, and templates.

Insightly is a convenient and user-friendly tool for small and medium-sized groups that can be used for lead management, marketing, sales, and outreach. It’s not the most effective free CRM available to small-scale business owners seeking access to powerful marketing and sales tools; however, it has some great capabilities.

This free version of Insightly CRM can help you manage your projects with pre-built dashboards for business and track their effectiveness. Templates can also be used to create numerous landing page templates, email workflows, and more. Handy automated tools can also reduce repetitive work.

The interface is simple and easy to use, with no learning curve for those who are just beginning. However, if you require additional assistance, you can get excellent customer support and onboarding services. These options require an extra cost.

Benefits of Insightly

Free Plan: Provides a free version with features for project supervision and contact data.
Scalability: Insightly CRM is a comprehensive CRM that allows users to route leads, automate workflows, and manage customers.
Customizability: enables the creation of custom applications and visualizations without writing code.


Limitations on Users: The free version is limited to two users and is limited to data backup and mass emailing.
Features Limitations: Certain advanced features require an upgrade to paid-for plans.


  • Free forever plan that can be used for up to two users.
  • Plus plan costs $29/user/month. It’s payable annually.
  • Professional costs $49/user per month and is per year.
  • Enterprise is $99/user/month and payable annually.
  • A 14-day trial for free is available on the Professional and plans.


The free plan comes with all the basic CRM and project management tools for two users with 250 contacts.

Although it’s not as robust as the other top free CRM for small business choices, it offers a unique advantage. If you’re looking to cut expenses by integrating CRM and project management tools within one platform, it’s right for you.

The interface is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. In project management, you can review lists, views, calendars, Kanban boards, and “daily dashboards.” Plus, the free plan comes with a Kanban-style sales pipeline. It displays timeline forecasts for pipelines, status tags, conversion rates, and various other metrics.

Benefits of Capsule

Friendly User Interface: The user interface must be friendly and comprises an easy-to-use and clear design that doesn’t require a learning process, making it effortless for the user to move around and learn.
Contact Management: Capsule CRM makes managing contacts more accessible by allowing easy import of Gmail, Outlook, and CSV files while ensuring effective management.
Integration: It is integrated with different platforms, including G Suite, Zendesk, Twitter and Mailchimp, improving lead-capturing and data collection capabilities.


Limitations for Free Plan: The free plan is limited to up to 250 contacts, and you need to upgrade the plan.
Complexity of Email Tracking: Needs BCC to Dropbox to track emails, which can be a bit challenging


  • A free edition is available for two users and 250 contacts.
  • The starting plan starts at $18/user/month and is billed annually.
  • The rate for the growth plan is $36/month and is billed annually.
  • The plan with the most advanced features costs users $54/month. The plan is annually billed.
  • The ultimate plan costs $72/month. The plan is paid annually. 


HubSpot is one of the most complete CRM services for small-scale businesses. The free plan is unique because it has tools for sales, marketing, and service teams. Some tools assist you in managing your business’s daily operations and other activities.

Generational AI tools, an end-to-end automated workflow, and great report-writing capabilities for every plan are integrated into the system. Additionally, you can manage unlimited users and contacts even with the free plan. HubSpot is compatible with over 800 business tools, making sharing information between apps simple. Additionally, you can build custom dashboards for reporting.

While the free plan only supports one sales pipeline, the free version offers various features compared to many of the top free CRMs for small-sized business platforms. These include access to chatbots, ticket management, and website traffic analysis.

Benefits of HubSpot

Free CRM: Provides an initial free version that includes basic features and unlimited users, which makes it available to businesses of any size.

Complete Tools: HubSpot CRM includes lead and sales management, workflows, and robust email marketing capabilities that increase customer engagement. 

Integration Ease: It seamlessly connects to platforms like G Suite, Microsoft Office, and Zapier to ensure seamless workflow integration.

Drawbacks of HubSpot

Limited Customization Free Version: It isn’t equipped with powerful features and requires additional purchases for using advanced features

The complexity of Niche Businesses: It can be challenging to customize to the specific requirements of small companies.


  • HubSpot CRM Suite Starter plan is $20/month.
  • HubSpot CRM Suite Professional plans start at $1,600/month.
  • HubSpot offers various services, including marketing, sales CMS, service, and more. You can build your bundle with only the required products; you don’t have to sign up for the entire CRM Suite.

Agile CRM

If you’re searching for the most effective CRM development services specifically for small business owners and freelancers, Agile CRM is the perfect choice. Agile CRM offers an outstanding free plan that supports 1,000 contacts, company appointment scheduling, lead scoring, and email marketing.

Marketing tools are available, such as contact-level analytics, forms, landing page builders, and insights into web-based engagement. You can also design your organization’s help desk, develop automated canned responses to chatbots, and even generate important reports.

If your organization uses Agile CRM to manage all marketing campaigns and emails, you design with Agile  CRM features. In addition, you can connect only one integration to your system with the free plan, but it will limit the data connectivity.

Benefits of Agile CRM

  • It is easy to use, even for novices.
  • Service, sales marketing, and service all in one
  • Google Chrome extension, as well as Google sync
  • Form builder and landing page
  • Fantastic lead scoring

Drawbacks of Agile CRM

  • Integrations are limited.
  • Branded emails from Agile CRM

Pricing Structure 

  • The free version is available for as many users as possible.
  • The base version costs $8.99/month.
  • The basic version costs $29.99/month.
  • Enterprise version costs $47.99/month.


Freshsales is a great free CRM due to several factors, including outstanding lead management, reliable email tracking, and automated capabilities that improve sales processes. The tool’s customizable options ensure that it meets each company’s requirements.

The CRM’s reporting and data analytics tools allow businesses to make better decisions. Its intuitive interface is easy for teams to learn and utilize efficiently. In addition, integrations with third-party tools increase Freshsales’ versatility.

These elements make Freshsales an ideal option for businesses wanting to improve their sales processes and customer relations management.

Benefits of Freshsales 

Freshsales CRM: Sales Automation offers a range of comprehensive solutions for getting leads to sign up, engaging with prospects, and generating deals using AI-powered insights.
Efficiency boost: This CRM platform has rich features, including integrated email, phone, chat, and capabilities to automate sales processes and improve productivity.
Pipeline Management: Ensures seamless pipeline management using native CPQ capability, reducing the generation of quotes and sharing.

Drawbacks of Freshsales

Limited Premium Features: Users need to upgrade to access more options, such as time-based workflows, chatbot tools, and advanced metrics reporting.


  • Free forever plan that can be used for three users or more.
  • Growth plan: $9/month. Paid annually.
  • The pro plan costs around $39 monthly; the bill can be payable annually. 
  • Enterprise plan costs $59/month and is payable annually.


Pipedrive is the preferred choice for businesses due to its ease of use, effective sales pipeline administration, customizable options, and robust email integration.

The software can simplify workflow automation and provide helpful information analytics to make informed decisions. This makes it a valuable complement to any CRM toolkit. It can also help improve sales processes and manage customer relationships.

Pipedrive’s flexibility and ease of access make it a top choice for free CRM lists for enterprises wanting to improve their sales and marketing operations.

Benefits of Pipedrive

Scalability: Flexible to the growth of businesses and the diversification of industries.
Affordable package: Pipedrive CRM provides essential tools such as lead and deal management for an affordable cost.
Kanban Boards: Visualize the opportunities to sell and aid in the organization.
Integration Library: Provides connections to various SaaS tools to offer more excellent capabilities.

Drawbacks of Pipedrive

Features for Team Collaboration: Lacks compared to competitors, specifically in collaboration tools.
There is no free plan: There’s no forever-free plan that is free, only a 14-day trial period.


  • The minimum plan for users is $14/month, billed annually.
  • The premium plan costs $29/month. The plan is paid annually.
  • The professional plan costs $49/month and is billed annually.
  • Power plan costs $64/month. It is payable annually.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $99/month for users per year and is charged annually.


Vtiger is among the most popular free CRMs for small businesses if you’re looking for flexibility. It is open-source software that allows you to personalize your experience according to your requirements using a variety of unique modules. You can use sales, marketing, and service-related tools that fit your requirements.

Additionally, there are various ways to streamline your workflow, such as automatized workflow creators, AI tools, and analytics. We especially love how simple it is to start using the platform. When you sign up for your account on the platform, you will receive an extensive onboarding checklist that will guide you through the process.

The free plan is outstanding. It includes CRM tools as well as sales enablement and pipeline options, help desk tools, a mobile app, project management, marketing solutions, internal collaboration tools, and more.

Benefits of Vtiger

  • Very generous free plan
  • Support for customers that is responsive
  • Alerts and notifications that are proactive
  • Incorporated are collaboration, marketing, and project management.
  • It is simple to welcome new users.


Contacts and users are not allowed to be restricted.

Lacks multiple pipeline options


Vtiger CRM software’s paid version starts at US$12.00/month.


Various options are available if you’re looking for the top free CRM solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, allowing businesses to choose according to their specific requirements. It is worth mentioning that the free CRM software comes with only basic features, whereas, for advanced features, you need to upgrade the software from a free to a paid version.

Even with a free CRM, it is possible to manage leads and contacts better, eliminate repetitive tasks, and gain valuable business insights. Certain tools offer additional features to enhance your marketing and sales capabilities.

The best part? If you’re struggling to determine which plan is best for you, there’s no harm in looking. You can join for a no-cost plan and then cancel or upgrade anytime. 

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