Drupal is a recognizable open source CMS ( content management system ). Drupal is noted for its flexibility and tough security. It’s always worth taking a glance at the major release on its horizon, like Drupal 9, which will soon ship in mid-2020.

It is going to be the first major release of CMS with backward compatibility. The upgrade would be effortless if you are already a user of Drupal 8. Let’s discuss the Drupal 9 launch and the upcoming exciting features it’s going to come up with, and how you need to prepare your website for Drupal 9

Drupal 9 launch!

The new reexamined version, Drupal 9, will be coming in June 2020. Analyzing the release of Drupal, it mainly re-invents large parts. But this time the Drupal 9 team is planning to adopt a new model. Drupal 9 will be constructed on the existing architecture, but will continue to come with minor updates every six months and make use of CMS a lot more simpler.

Coming updates of Drupal 9!

Previously updating the new Drupal development version would be an ache as till now it would not guarantee backward compatibility. And we continuously need to use the migration module in order to move data and content from old to new Drupal, and it was also required to check if the modules are supported by Drupal 8 or not, and the need to search for sources to get the deprecated code updated was also necessary.

In all, it would be a lengthy process and would accumulate a lot of outdated modules with every new release that would lag behind for a long period of time.

But from now onwards all your Drupal 8 components will work with upcoming versions, this states that with Drupal 9 is going to provide backward compatibility, this was the primary selling point of Drupal 9 since day 1. So now breathe easy and updating to Drupal 9 soon.

Drupal 9 is going to come up with the latest versions of Symfony and Twig. This launch is going to be similar to the launch of Drupal 8, so don’t expect big changes in functionality.

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How to develop your website for Drupal 9?

develop your website

Before the clock strikes midnight you have a breathing space to upgrade to Drupal 9 as Drupal 7 and 8 will both support till 2021. If you are a user of Drupal 7 you soon have to update to 8 as the migration process to Drupal 9 can take a while so it’s good to utilize the time before 9 hits.

If you are Drupal 8 user, the transition is going to be simpler and would save ample time. Just get done with these notes:

  • Get updated to the latest minor version of Drupal as soon as they release
  • Modules need to be kept updated
  • Check website for deprecated code

That’s it with this you are ready to take a leap to Drupal 9.

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Drupal 9 aims to make a shift that could be handled by core teams and would make the transition effortless for Drupal users, as it is going to be with backward compatibility. So if you are already with Drupal 8 the leap would be swift just make sure that you are updated with the modules and not using deprecated codes.

Get your website ready to take a leap as soon as Drupal 9 hits.

Do you have any questions about the release of Drupal 9? Ask away in the comments section below!

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