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In today’s uber-competitive digital world, SEO or search engine optimization is integral to any business’s growth strategy. According to a report by BrightEdge, organic search accounts for over 1000% more traffic than social media.

That’s a massive number by any margin. And SEO is what makes businesses drive this organic traffic. Without a dedicated organic SEO campaign to improve your website’s SEO, ranking for your keywords is impossible.

AddWeb Solution understands this when we offer our SEO services to our clients. As an experienced SEO agency, we craft impeccable SEO packages that comprehensively address all clients’ requirements.

And we know you would love to know how we help our clients with eCommerce SEO strategy. And that’s why we are publishing a case study where we helped an eCommerce business get 80K impressions in 2 months of our organic SEO help.

Keep reading to find out what we have done, what results the client got, and how you can do it.

Details of the Client

PS: We have changed the client’s name here due to privacy concerns.

  • Client: ABC Plants
  • Niche: eCommerce Industry

What Were the Client’s Requirements?

The client is one of the up-and-coming eCommerce businesses in the online nursery industry.

Their offerings are:

  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Seeds and plant saplings
  • Garden accessories
  • And they have an all-India presence

They could not garner monthly traffic of more than 4K to their website, although they have been in the industry for more than 2 years. They were also doing SEO in-house, but they could not get the results they were expecting.

And as a result, their revenue was not growing as expected, and they were experiencing fewer sales.

Therefore, the client was looking for a digital marketing company that could create an eCommerce SEO strategy for their business and help them:

Optimize their website for SEO regarding content and technical side.

  • Help them create a good content development strategy.
  • Improve the overall user experience on the site.
  • Bring high-quality traffic to their website.
  • Bolster the reach of their site.
  • Improve their search engine ranks.
  • Find the right keywords for their website.
  • Understand the intent of the searchers thoroughly.

How We Approached the SEO Project?

Once we understood the client’s requirements, we accepted the project thanks to our years of experience as an SEO agency. We devised a three-phased approach for the project:

1st Phase: Auditing, Examination, and Strategy

In this stage, we thoroughly audited the client’s website, the loading speed, and other digital resources to understand what was wrong. Once that was done, we examined the current approach and learned what went wrong.

After this, we created smaller strategies for content, link building, site speed, and technical SEO while pulling them all under the same umbrella.

We created a unique eCommerce SEO strategy to do this.

2nd Phase: SEO Implementation and Execution

In this stage, we began executing the strategy parallelly. We created content for the website, products, and blogs published on the website.

Our strategy was to transform the website into an excellent authority website where users can come and gather all the information they need regarding planting and gardening.

A similar approach was used for link building and guest post outreach. This helped us get over 79 high-quality links from authority websites for the client.

3rd Phase: Monitoring, Analyzing, and Optimizing

Along with implementing the strategy, we kept monitoring the performance of our efforts. We analyzed the content and links, and whenever the opportunity came, we quickly optimized them to make them more value-adding for the client.

In everything we have done, we never overlooked the user experience.

We always considered that when delivering the content, optimizing the web page, and creating product descriptions.

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What We Have Done for the Client

Here is a description of precisely what we have done for the client after analyzing their website and based on their requirements.

Website Audit

Before we started doing anything, we wanted to understand where the client’s website was at. Hence, we embarked on a thorough analysis of the client’s website:

  • On-page SEO
  • Current performance
  • Content
  • Technical side
  • Internal linking

This process helped us pinpoint areas that needed enhancement. This would later help us ensure a seamless user experience and better search engine visibility.

Keyword research

Once we audited the website, we moved on to understand the keyword the business must target.

We used a variety of tools to identify valuable keywords that resonate with the client’s target audience. Our next move was to categorize and cluster similar keywords to create value-adding, helpful, and content clusters.

This was done to ensure that the website does not miss any keyword that is worth ranking for.

The keywords were classified into the following:

  • Planting season-based keywords.
  • Location-based keywords.
  • Activities-based keywords.
  • Plant-based keywords.

Technical SEO

Our website audit proved insightful and helped us learn about the current situation of the client’s site. We learned that the site was not optimized for SEO when it was developed.

The meta details sitemap was missing, and the site speed was not up to the mark.

We meticulously optimized various technical aspects behind the scenes. Our SEO experts enhanced page load times, mobile responsiveness, and refined HTML tags.

Our focus was not just to make the site optimized for search engines. We created a seamless online experience for users at the same time.

Creating content.

After doing the keyword research, we focused on creating content to help its customers. We decided to publish 2-3 blogs every week as we decided to go with an aggressive approach to content creation to build traction.

Content creation was focused on helping users with information and establishing the client’s authority in the industry.

This was done to cater to the E-E-A-T aspect of Google’sGoogle’s search algorithm. We categorized the content into the following:

  • Destination-based content.
  • Planting guides.
  • Garden setting series.
  • Garden tips and resources.
  • Customer stories and experiences.

Link building

To bolster the reputation of the client’s website, we curated a network of authoritative backlinks from reputable websites. We first curated many websites in the same industry to get backlinks from.

We chiefly used the following link-building methods to help the website improve its Domain Authority and search engine value:

  • Guest posting.
  • Directory submissions.
  • Business listing.
  • Article submissions.
  • Link exchanges.

This not only established the website as a reliable source of information but also significantly boosted search engine rankings.

Guest posting

While this falls under the larger group of link-building, we approached this strategically to get links. We curated some of the best resources in the field to bring quality, do-follow links.

Our focus on this was to gather quality links from domains with considerable Domain Authority to improve our client’s site’s DA, as well.

This has helped us amplify the website’s authority in the industry and drew in new visitors through referral traffic.

What Result Did the Client Get from Our eCommerce SEO Services?

After our dedicated eCommerce SEO services for the client, we began seeing results as early as the 6th week of the campaign.

The following were the client’s results at the campaign’s end.

  • The site began getting 40K impressions per month.
  • Achieved an 84% increase in the overall website sessions.
  • Gradual increase in the Domain Authority of the website.
  • 60% of keywords ranked in the first 3 pages of Google SERP.
  • The number of visitors to the blog section increased by 47% in 2 months.
  • The number of users sharing blogs on social media increased by 81%.
  • The eCommerce website began ranking for over 354+ keywords.
  • 4 keywords began ranking in the first 5 positions in Google.
  • The average weekly conversions went up by 79%.

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Why Work with AddWeb Solution’s SEO Team for Results?

Are you tired of searching for a digital marketing company offering the best search engine optimization services that can help you grow your traffic with organic SEO?

Work with us if you want to experience the same results as ABC Plants in three months. And if you are wondering why, here are a few reasons to consider us.

Years of SEO experience.

Our SEO company boasts a proven track record of enhancing online visibility and driving organic traffic for diverse businesses. We have an extensive portfolio you can check on our site.

We guarantee results, such as better reach, traffic, sales, etc., while using inventive strategies to keep that reach growing.

Affordable SEO packages.

All our SEO solutions are budget-friendly. We believe in offering cost-effective packages without compromising quality.

Our commitment to affordability ensures businesses of all sizes can harness the power of effective SEO and foster organic traffic without straining their financial resources.

That’s one of the reasons why most of our clients love our search engine optimization services.

Our expertise 

We excel at dissecting our client’s market, building effective keyword strategies, and making a robust SEO campaign.

By fusing innovative techniques with meticulous analysis, we position your website for better visibility, increased engagement, and enduring success in the digital landscape.

And that’s what makes businesses confidently hire SEO experts from AddWeb Solution

Quality of the SEO services.

At our core, we prioritize quality above all else. We fortify your website’s foundation for sustained organic growth by focusing on quality.

It’s about curating a seamless user experience, creating valuable content, and building authoritative backlinks. And we leverage multiple quality assessment plans to deliver the best SEO services to all our clients.

This is also why numerous clients hire SEO experts from us.


Over the last few years, SEO has changed drastically, and with the introduction of new AI tools, it has become highly challenging for businesses to tackle SEO effectively. To make your SEO efforts work for your business, you need to hire SEO experts who know what they are doing and how to leverage it for your site’s advantage.

As a pioneer SEO agency, AddWeb Solution has helped numerous clients increase their web traffic. At AddWeb Solution, our SEO team focuses on delivering your business’s desired results. Using our insights and expertise in the field, we create personalized SEO strategies to make you stand out. Leveraging the power of SEO to dominate organic search, you can outperform your competitors to bring traffic, revenue, and profit. And AddWeb Solution has been doing it for years. We can do it for you, too.

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