Hiring Freelance Drupal Expert

Hire Drupal Freelancer

Hiring a talented developer is not an easy task, there are abundant of developers, working remotely on various development projects. But when it comes to the talented ones, who are industry ready in a true sense, we still face dearth. Now, for Drupal, it's even more challenging to find the right candidate. If you miss to hire a Drupal expert for the job, your ambitious project might end up in a soup.

Problem clients face

Traps - Let's face it, people do fall for traps. There are lots of attractive offers available for Drupal projects, people who are willing to complete it in half the estimated price, for the same reason without assuring the credibility, project is assigned to them.

Quality - After cheap outsourcing, issues clients face could drive them completely mad, project is left completely uncooked. Poor optimization, zero quality assurance, faulty integrations are some of the many pitfalls of the same. Recruiters must complete their prior research and look for a fair priced deal to avoid this.

Assurance - Some freelancers quietly vanishes in the middle of an assignment; project is left unfinished. I am aware because we have encountered many such cases in the past, have taken them and successfully brought them back to life.

False Advertising - Many don't possess the skills they advertise or are always behind the schedule. Every freelancer associated with Drupal would want to label him/herself as a “Drupal Expert”, but you must know the means to understand and validate claims made by them.

I will now present a step-by-step guide to avoid these complications.

What to look for?

Technical Skills - It goes without saying that above all, developer's technical competencies matter the most. It is important to know on how many versions of Drupal he/she has worked on in the past as it is the best indicator of the technical exposure and expertise to work around Drupal.
Past Experience – It's important to know for how many years he/she is associated with Drupal Development. Take a look at the developer's earlier projects, identify their complexity and relevance to your current project.

Social Footprint

It is becoming increasingly important for recruiters to check online presence of developers.

  • Drupal.org - Maintains the work and directory of all the active Drupal contributors, the easiest indication is how long they've been a member of the Drupal community: Drupal.org tracks that automatically. Users can also fill out their own bios with information about their own skills, whether they help with user support and writing automated tests, what DrupalCons they've attended, and so on. A strong profile with these indicator suggests a skilled and experienced Drupal developer. For e.g: Check this Drupal.org profile.


  • Github – You should see the examples of his/her commits and review it to determine his/her expertise if developer maintains a clean profile here with a regular commit, then he/she most likely would work in accordance with your requirements.


  • StackOverFlow - Serves as a platform for users to ask and answer the question. Active participation on such sites indicates greater technical depth and communication abilities of a developer. For e.g: Check this Stackoverflow profile. 

Testimonials – Nothing is better than word of the mouth assurance, look how many clients in the past has recommended them for the project, see their rating, their client retention and decide whether or not they are the right choice for your Drupal project. Recommendation number is the best way to assure the credibility of a developer.

Communication – Analyze their communication skills and make sure their communication style meets your company culture/goals and make sure you communicate this early to the Developer/agency. Effortless communication is what is going to ensure the smooth and on-time delivery of your project. An excellent communicator is an undeniable asset.

Methodology – Flawless work requires effective use of latest methodologies, if your developer is using Agile or Scrum methodologies with DevOps, then it's definitely a PLUS. You should always provide them higher preference as it increases the chance of successful and timely outcomes.

Now, if you have verified all of the above-mentioned parameters and if developer successfully clears all the criteria, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you can also assign them a small project initially, if developer completes it to your satisfaction then you can hand over rest of your projects.

This is the way you get your best Drupalers!