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Coronavirus global pandemic has been impacting all the sectors of our lives and defining all the events of 2020. The shopping behaviors of the consumers are changing as people are scared to move out for buying the essentials and luxury items. COVID-19 has resulted in the eCommerce boom because most of the users are turning to online shopping to ensure safety and convenience. With social distancing and lockdowns in place worldwide, consumers are relying heavily on online shopping. eCommerce business owners and retailers are adapting to this new consumer behavior and fulfilling stay-at-home orders for the users.

In many families, groceries, apparel, books, daily essentials, and other products are replacing shopping malls visits until a vaccine is available. According to a Morning Consult study, more than 24% of consumers said that they might not prefer to visit the malls for the next six months. Though shopping malls and local shops are eager to re-open their doors to reignite the cash flow, shoppers do not feel safe to travel to such places.

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Whether you own an eCommerce store already or want to invest in WordPress development, it is important to plan the right strategies to help you get the maximum ROI. Forward-thinking retailers are adopting digital transformation and moving to an omnichannel model for their eCommerce businesses. With the growing customer expectations, increasing competition, and changed shopping behavior, retailers need to look beyond the website and mobile apps and make investments in the right marketing channels to make huge profits. If you have an eCommerce website, it’s time to make your own WooCommerce mobile app to make it convenient for the mobile users to shop from your app. AddWeb Shop is a leading mobile app builder for WooCommerce that can help you get iOS and Android app in a few weeks.

Personalization is the key

Personalization of the web content based on consumer behavior was a popular trend in 2019, and it continues to be prevalent in 2020 also. Running promotional offers and discounts to the users according to their preferences and buying history can help eCommerce business owners make more sales. Ensuring complete security for online customers eliminates the friction of having loyal customers for your brand. Businesses need to follow a more adaptive approach for defining and personalizing shopping experience for greater convenience. It is important to know the user type, IP risks, geolocation, device specifics, and more to define the right micro-segmentation strategy for the users. A mobile app builder for WooCommerce can help you enjoy higher conversion rates.

eCommerce delivery and supply chain

eCommerce delivery

With the increasing demand for products with the surge in online shopping trends, eCommerce businesses need to be on their toes to deliver the orders to customers in the shortest possible time. The uplift in online orders in terms of the number of orders and average order values, business owners should focus on keeping the supply chain moving uninterrupted and ensure that the customers get their orders delivered with utmost safety and security.

Communicate with your customers clearly

Survey your customers and potential leads to find out what they expect post-COVID. Hop on the phone or create online forms for surveying and compensate them for the time they spend on surveys. The insights received will help you drive your marketing strategy in the right direction and make your business run forward. If users have abandoned their carts on your website, send a reminder to them for completing the purchase.

Make it clear on your website that you are accepting orders

WordPress is an easy to manage content management system that helps you manage the content on your website. With WordPress development, you can choose to edit your website content on your own. One of the major concerns of online shoppers is whether they will actually receive their orders because of lockdown in some cities and countries. If you are accepting orders and shipping them actively, make it clear on the home page (preferably at the top of the website) so that the customers are not hesitant to place orders online. If you are unable to ship the orders due to lockdown, you can still accept orders from users and ship them once the situation in your state changes. Make sure that you keep the shoppers informed about the status of their orders.

Inform the customers about changes in delivery and return options

Logistics is a crucial part of online retail. eCommerce development agencies spend a great deal of time ensuring that their websites deliver an amazing shopping experience, but overall customer satisfaction depends on the delivery of goods. Warehouses and delivery networks face a rapid increase in demand and so, some courier networks have extended their delivery times to ensure that customers receive their orders on time. As customers have fewer options to return or exchange the goods, it is advisable to mention the terms and conditions clearly on the website. If a customer will have to wait longer than usual for receiving their orders, inform them to ensure greater satisfaction. Your customers may have questions and queries related to delivery times, returns, exchanges, and others. It can be a good idea to update FAQs, delivery, and return information on your website to help customers make it easy to make buying decisions.

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Get creative ideas from your inventories

Sometimes, you may not be able to get more sales for a specific range of products showcased in your store. You can keep an eye on your inventory and plan the right online marketing strategies based on the consumers’ buying trends. You can think of offering discounts or running a discounted fire sale on your eCommerce website to boost your sales. Offering bundled products or using upselling and cross-selling can help you increase your sales and profits. Offering subscriptions can have a great positive impact on your sales. When lockdown and social distancing measures are in place, offering convenience to shoppers with subscriptions of the essential items to ensure greater revenues can be a good idea.

Millions of online shoppers are looking for saving time and convenient options, putting a greater strain on eCommerce and online retailers today. eCommerce business owners and retailers are focusing on securing and protecting online identities of the consumers and helping them make safe and secure transactions while they shop online. There are a lot of things you can do to help your customers through these challenging times. So, more than anything, focus on client-happiness and your users will thank you for it. Having an online presence over the web, iOS and Android platforms can definitely help you make more sales as it offers a better user experience to online shoppers.

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