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Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain

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Starting a business is a tough task. You need to conduct online research, look for investors to fund your startup idea, decide on the business name, purchase a domain, register your business, build a website, plan the right marketing strategies, and a lot more. Creating an effective online presence is a must for making your business grow. Once you have made up your mind to developing a website, you may need to look for the best hosting solutions.


If you are looking for cheap website hosting plans for your startup or small-sized business, managed hosting solutions can be the right option. Some entrepreneurs consider the low cost factor as the basic decision factor while choosing a hosting solution. This is one of the major reasons why most startups fail. It is not a bad idea to maintain your budget while getting high-quality hosting services.


With multiple hosting options available, entrepreneurs may be confused about choosing the right one. We’ll help you understand what makes managed hosting solutions the best option for startups as well as small businesses looking for cheap hosting solutions. With a managed WordPress hosting plan, you rent a devoted cloud server for an optimized hosting experience.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting or single-tenant hosting can help you migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. As there are no shared environments, it can help you manage all of the administrative tasks easily. The data center is owned and run by providers and the data is not stored at clients’ premises. This is a great feature for businesses that deal with a lot of data and need guaranteed information security.


One of the major benefits of managed services is that it provides freedom from server maintenance. With the advancements in technology, enterprises are looking for outsourcing day-to-day infrastructure and hardware management. Managed WordPress hosting is a scalable hosting solution offering high speed and incredible performance for the websites.


When startups focus on SEO, website performance may be affected. High latency and downtime are the two major factors affecting your brand reputation. Managed hosting can help you overcome these problems, and make sure that the website runs smoothly and your site experiences maximum uptime.

Why choose AddWeb Solution for managed hosting solutions?

Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of the major reasons why startups and small businesses should choose us for managed hosting is getting uninterrupted service. Our experts work while you rest. Any kind of issue that may arise can be handled on the backend. Network protection, automated backup solutions, network protection, and other server configurations help to remove the stress from making your business run smoothly.


Flexibility & Scalability

Being a startup, you may need to scale up by implementing enterprise WordPress managed hosting to help you to scale and plan effectively. You will be able to enjoy a hassle-free upgrade of server resources with hosting solutions. You may start with basic hosting plans and then scale up and upgrade to a higher bandwidth as your business requirements grow. Most of the hosting service providers charge a lot of money for upgrades. With our enterprise WordPress hosting solutions, you can upgrade the plans and pay for the resources you use.



Security is a major factor for any business. We ensure that our hosting services cover all the aspects of security such as:


  • Virus scanning
  • Spam filtering
  • Running security audits
  • OS updates
  • Software firewall configuration


Our company is well equipped with the latest tools and has huge expertise with dealing with security-related issues. Our expert professionals scan the operating system and applications to identify security vulnerabilities to prevent your server from being attacked.


Managed Storage

We understand that the storage requirements of an organization may change from time to time. The amount of space required may not be the same as they required a few months of years ago. Outsourcing your storage needs to us helps you reduce costs and get complete security of the data. You can prevent buying and administering storage services by choosing managed storage services.


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Customer Support

The customer support offered by the web hosting company matters a lot to get your website out of the mess if something goes wrong. At AddWeb Solution, we ensure the shortest response time and resolution time to make your boat float. Whether you have a small website showcasing your masterpieces or a portal catering to thousands of visitors worldwide, we can resolve the issues faster to make sure that your website is up all the time.


FREE Hosting Services

We offer DevOps support that costs $ 25/hour for all the plans. For instance, Startup Plan web hosting cost is $ 50 per month and you get 2 hours of DevOps support ($25 X 2 = $50 for 2 hours) with that plan. So, the effective price of the hosting plan is $0 (ZERO).


Bottom Line

Apart from convenience and cost, there are several benefits of choosing us for managed web hosting services. We have multiple web hosting plans for you to pick the right one matching your exact business requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is choosing the right hosting plan crucial for a startup's website?

Selecting the right hosting plan is crucial because it directly impacts the website's performance, speed, and reliability. The chosen hosting solution can influence user experience, Search Engine Optimization rankings, and overall business success.

What factors should startups consider when choosing a hosting plan?

Startups should consider factors like website traffic, performance requirements, technical support, scalability, security features, and budget constraints. Each of these factors plays a vital role in determining the most suitable hosting plan.

What types of hosting plans are available for startups, and how do they differ?

Common hosting types include shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Shared hosting is cost-effective but shares resources, while VPS and dedicated hosting offer more control. Cloud hosting provides scalability and flexibility.

How does website traffic influence the choice of a hosting plan?

High website traffic requires hosting that can handle increased server load. Startups experiencing rapid growth may benefit from scalable solutions like cloud hosting, while shared hosting is suitable for lower-traffic websites.

What role does technical support play in selecting a hosting plan?

Technical support is crucial for resolving issues promptly. Startups should choose a hosting provider with reliable customer support, preferably available 24/7. Quick and efficient support ensures minimal downtime and smooth operations.

Can startups upgrade their hosting plans as their website grows?

Yes, many hosting providers offer the flexibility to upgrade plans as the website grows. Startups should choose a provider that allows seamless transitions to higher-tier plans without causing downtime or data loss.

How can startups determine the appropriate amount of storage and bandwidth for their hosting plan?

Startups should estimate their current and future needs. Factors like the size of the website, multimedia content, and expected traffic volume influence storage and bandwidth requirements. Choosing a plan with room for growth is advisable.

What budget considerations should startups keep in mind when selecting a hosting plan?

Startups should balance features and performance with budget constraints. While shared hosting is cost-effective, more resource-intensive websites might benefit from VPS or cloud hosting. It's crucial to find a hosting plan that aligns with the startup's financial capacity and long-term goals.