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Did you know that SEO is responsible for driving 10x more traffic than organic social media? That’s right. This alone emphasizes how crucial SEO is for a website. Whether you have a WordPress website or Drupal, you must invest in SEO.


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While doing SEO for Drupal is not easy, you need to take care of it nonetheless because of its huge potential for your business growth. That’s precisely why we provide a comprehensive guide to help you with Drupal SEO in 2023.

With the tips and practices we discuss in the blog, we hope you can implement SEO effectively on your website and enjoy high-quality traffic.

Importance of SEO for a Website

If you are a business looking to grow online, gaining organic traffic via effective and constant SEO efforts is the only way. In that sense, SEO is crucial for your business growth.

Here are the top reasons why SEO is crucial for your website and why you must pay attention to it.

Better visibility and reach

Imagine having a stunning website or a remarkable product, but no one knows about it. That’s where SEO comes into play. By optimizing your website’s content, structure, and keywords, SEO helps search engines recognize your relevance and rank you higher in search results.

This increased visibility ensures that your business reaches a broader audience, expands its reach, and drives more organic traffic.

Targeted, quality traffic

Casting a wide net and hoping for the best are the practices of the past. The games have changed now; you need to target and be specific. With SEO, you can attract targeted traffic genuinely interested in your products or services.

When you optimize your website with relevant keywords, you meet the interests and preferences of your target audience. This means more qualified traffic and higher conversion rates.

All these lead, ultimately, to improved profitability.

Build trust and credibility

When they search for a product or service, users often go with the top-ranking websites. Hence, every business wants to get into the coveted top SERP position.

You can do this with targeted and effective SEO strategies. Purposeful SEO helps you climb the search engine ladder and position your business as a credible authority in your industry.

When your business ranks high, it instills confidence in potential customers and establishes your brand as a trusted resource, increasing customer loyalty and repeat business.

Staying ahead of the competition

Staying ahead of the competition is challenging for businesses in today’s dynamic business world. However, SEO can help you in this regard.

SEO helps you gain a competitive edge by understanding your competitors’ strategies and capitalizing on untapped growth opportunities.

Knowing the latest SEO and algorithm updates lets you adapt your online presence and outshine your competitors.

The result? Better traffic and revenue.

Tips for Better Drupal Website SEO

Creating a Drupal website is not enough to help your business online. The website must be able to generate organic traffic and sell your services. Optimizing your website for search engines is crucial in this regard.

Explore some best SEO practices to supercharge your Drupal site’s SEO.

Integrate Metatag module

Meta descriptions are crucial for SEO, as they concisely summarize your pages. Ensure the Metatag module is integrated to generate Meta descriptions for every page. Also, consider utilizing default tokens to automate the process and ensure consistency throughout your site.


Add organization-structured schema

Always implement an organization-structured schema for all your content types. This schema markup provides search engines with valuable information about your site’s organization and boosts your chances of earning higher search rankings. The schema also helps your site stand out and increases its visibility to potential visitors.

Install and configure the Sitemap module

The Sitemap module provides search engines with a comprehensive map of your site. Adding a site map can ensure smooth crawling and indexing by search engine bots. This, in turn, will improve the performance of your Drupal site.


Create clean and user-friendly URLs

Configure clean and user-friendly URLs for all your content types. Making your URLs descriptive and readable can improve user experience, positively affecting your SEO. You must also redirect any old URLs to their corresponding new URLs to maintain SEO equity and avoid broken links.

Add alt text to images

Every image on your site must have alt text. A descriptive alt text not only improves accessibility but also helps search engines understand the image’s content. Having a well-written alt text will surely enhance your Drupal site performance.

Use a valid robots.txt

Crawling and indexing are prerequisites of good SEO. Using a robots.txt can enhance your site crawlability. This file helps search engine crawlers understand which pages to crawl and which ones to exclude.

Implement valid hreflang code

Including a valid hreflang code allows search engines to identify the language and region of your website. This is particularly important for multilingual sites for local SEO, as it improves the user experience by presenting content in the user’s preferred language.

Follow accessibility best practices

Incorporate accessibility best practices throughout your Drupal site to enhance usability for all visitors. You must regularly audit your site for accessibility issues and promptly address any identified concerns to maintain high SEO and performance ratings.

Drupal SEO Bonus Tips for 2023

Here are the bonus SEO tips for 2023 that you can use.

Use content hubs for better SEO

Creating a content hub for your blog can benefit your business. Content hubs are content developed around a specific topic or idea. It usually covers a topic in-depth and comprehensively to provide the readers with all the necessary information.

Content hubs can help you present yourself as an authority in the field to the users and search engines, which can improve your search engine ranks.

As Google is looking to evaluate websites based on EEAT, vital content hubs are crucial for SEO.

Create strong internal links

Another SEO practice that most businesses must leverage is internal linking. When you publish a blog or content, you must link the same to topically relevant pages strategically. This will provide additional information to the users if they want to read further.

Search engines like Google love this as it helps them understand the relationship between pages. In addition, this is also important to pass link juice to other pages as well.

Hence, always create strong, relevant internal links.

Use digital PR to acquire links

Acquiring links is a massive challenge for most businesses. As Google looks at links to a website as a ranking signal, the more links you have from authority and genuine websites, your chances of getting higher ranks are high.

While natural links are hard to acquire, you can do effective digital PR to acquire links from high-authority websites. Digital PR is about acquiring links through press releases, media releases, etc.

Although it is not easy, acquiring links faster this way than naturally getting them is possible.

How to Choose a Drupal SEO Agency

You must choose the right SEO agency to get the expected results. If you are searching for a reliable SEO agency, consider the following.


Agency’s portfolio

The first thing you must check when hiring an SEO agency is their portfolio. Reliable and experienced businesses often have a strong and extensive portfolio, showcasing their previous clients, work, and exposure.

At AddWeb Solution, we have a strong portfolio that can impress any potential client. Our portfolio is also one of the reasons we constantly get hired as a Drupal development agency and for SEO services.

Cost-effective service

Another element you must consider before hiring an SEO company is its pricing. Check if they have multiple packages and offer customized packages. Custom packages are the best way, as the needs of each business can vary.

At AddWeb, we offer customized services for all our clients when you need Drupal search engine optimization services or any other service.

Team of expert SEOs

This is another crucial element to check before hiring a Drupal SEO agency. Having an excellent team is crucial to deliver impeccable results. AddWeb has become a reliable Drupal SEO company because our team consistently delivers top results for our clients.

Our team consists of SEO experts with years of experience and Drupal experts who know the platform thoroughly.

This unique combination of talent and experience helps us always deliver the best services to all our clients, no matter what type of SEO service they need.

Experience in the field

SEO is a highly hands-on field requiring people with experience to carry it out successfully. Therefore, check the experience of your potential agency and learn if they have what it takes to deliver the SEO support you need for write for us technology.

At AddWeb Solution, experience is never an issue. We have been working in technology for well over a decade.

This experience has helped us become a trusted Drupal SEO agency for diverse businesses from numerous industries.

Customer service

The quality of the customer service and whether the SEO agency offers it is another factor you must consider when hiring an SEO company for your Drupal website. As you may need to talk to the team often, customer service becomes a huge factor.

Having a great customer support team and approach is crucial for the clients. At AddWeb Solution, we realize this right from the beginning.

That’s why we have a strong and professional customer service team to help all our clients.


Whether you have a Drupal website or not, SEO is important in ensuring growth and traffic. Missing out on SEO can lead to low traffic and revenue. Hence, as a business looking to grow, investing adequate time and effort to improve the SEO of your Drupal website must be a priority to you. However, doing SEO is not easy and needs a dedicated team and approach. That’s why you must hire SEO services from an established agency that knows what they are doing, like AddWeb Solution.

As an expert Drupal development agency, AddWeb Solution offers various SEO services for businesses using Drupal websites. In addition to having expertise in Drupal development, we also know how to optimize Drupal websites for SEO to bring in more traffic and sales. We have a dedicated SEO team to help you with your SEO requirements, including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Please speak to our client support team to learn more about the SEO services we offer at AddWeb Solution. Our services are highly targeted and affordable; any business can use the same.

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