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This is a story about a frozen fish and seafood supplier of Great Britain – Bradley’s Fish.

A little background…

Bradley’s Fish is a supplier of frozen fish and seafood across the major high street supermarkets of Great Britain with more than thousands of products.

Historically, Bradley’s Fish site relied heavily on organic traffic to drive business and stimulate demand for clean and hygienic fish and seafood. However, its website showed declining traffic and organic visibility, year-over-year. Gleb was challenged with updating Bradley’s site architecture, optimizing the mobile experience, and refreshing existing content to create a search-engine-friendly website that will maximize visibility, enhance the user experience, and ultimately boost site visits and revenue.

AddWeb Solutions was contacted to help Bradley’s Fish achieve their revenue goals…

AddWeb Solutions’ digital marketing team has helped the client scale the revenue from £26k to £200k in 8 months! But how?

In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing how Bradley’s Fish drives growth through digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Strategy

Our goal was to build a strategy that would position our client favorably in the frozen seafood market for the long term without providing cluttered design or information that may confuse the users and refrain from ordering. There was a lot of work to do, so we’ve broken the entire SEO strategy into different steps. So, let’s get into it!

Before AddWeb Solutions’ digital marketing

When we started working with the client, the Bradley’s Fish website had nearly 10,000 users/visitors per month.


The website had a few competitive keywords that helped generate some amount of traffic every month.

But there was a lot of room for improvement and to do so much more!

There were a couple of problems with the website and contents. Though Bradley’s Fish has 200 product line up, the website’s content was not optimized. Another big problem with the website needed design optimization.

The 5-Step Process to boost traffic and revenue

  • Step-1 Optimize Website Design

When we analyzed competitor websites, we found that Bradley’s Fish is neglecting a few key design aspects for both customers and search engine crawlers. To set up a proper and SEO-friendly design, we did follow a few things such as:

Optimized product pages:

Optimized product pages:

There were a few handful ways we have optimized product pages for better search results:

  1. Added product categories: The client specified the highest priority categories and specific goods that he’d like to sell during the season. 
  2. We have incorporated multiple image options for each products
  3. Added additional sections of recipes & video for different products
  4. Made sure images placed with the right spacing to avoid cluttering
  5. Added video & recipes with descriptions and implement recipes view count.
  6. Ensure consistent branding and logo placement
  7. Multiple payments, billing details, and many more incorporated in the checkout process.

Revamped checkout process

When we looked at the shopping cart and checkout process, we have decided to improve the conversation rate in order by either adding a few missing elements or changing the existing ones. We found that billing details were missing in the checkout process. 

Revamped checkout process

Furthermore, we’ve decided to incorporate a referral program to keep the client’s repeated customers in the checkout process.

Invite & earn

Introduced Pop-Ups

We have created beautiful and contextual popups, banners and bars for Bradley’s Fish mobile and desktop visitors. Pops enables us to communicate a wide range of offers on different pages of the site and target specific visitors. Results are excellent! ROI is great both in terms of growing our lead base and impact on sales.

Introduced Pop-Ups
Save up to
Before you go
  • Step-2 Upgrade content with new information

How do you write content or a post that goes viral everywhere, generate thousands of links, and brings a long-term search value for your brand? Well, you probably will never get it right at first! Most content marketing experts try to nail all these objectives, but once in a while, you get content that sets everyone on fire! Rather than expecting every piece of content to do wonders, we have broken the content marketing process into different steps for Bradley’s Fish.

Work on content improvement

One of the very first things we started working on was the content of Bradley’s Fish. We knew that people searching for fresh and frozen seafood were our prime target. We wanted them to understand why Bradley’s Frozen Fish is a better choice for them to encourage them to check out the product we had to offer. We have created a separate section for Why frozen fish is better? and share our knowledge to select the right fish for you.

Why Frozen fish is better?

We have also incorporated client testimonials on the website’s homepage to demonstrate Bradley’s fish business’s credibility and level of expertise. It has helped us achieve an improved conversion rate and inspired trust from the potential customers in Bradley’s Fish business.


We could cast a huge pool to bring new customers searching for the frozen seafood by enhancing a huge library of this informative and keyword-focused content. Moreover, it has enabled us to reduce customer abandonment. We have ensured that the testimonials are easy to access while increasing Bradley’s fish customers’ retention.

  • Step-3 Social Media Marketing

The key strategy behind their success has been user-generated content by its customer base.

Without spending a single cent on ads, these photos grew the company’s Facebook and Instagrame Fan Page to 5k fans while also boosting their product page conversion rate by 13%.


Knowing that more customer-contributed recipe photos essentially made them more successful, they then created an environment of encouraging their customers to share more recipe photos.

Here’s what they did:

  • A call-to-action found on the candle urging customers to take a recipe photo and share it on social media, exposing their brand to even more potential customers (for free)
  • Giveaways that encourage customers to create and share images for a chance to win free products, developing customer loyalty
Bradley's fish Factory
Instagram page  Image
Enter for a chance
  • Step-4 Getting the help of Google Ads

When it comes to Google AdWords management, it’s like a lot of work to do for us! We have followed an incremental approach to leverage from the Google AdWords management for Bradley’s fish’s marketing campaign.

Google Ads
Google Ads
Google Image
Google Image

Starting from search ads in Google search results and shopping ads, we have opted for a structured approach as mentioned below for the Google ad campaign:

  1. With billions of searches per day on Google, search ads could have been an ideal choice for the Google AdWords campaign to ensure customers notice Bradley’s fish offerings and act.
  2. Secondly, we have decided to start a shopping campaign for Bradley’s Fish. We have rolled-out shopping ads based on the product data provided by the client.
  3. To help Bradley’s fish to increase their visibility in the search results, we’ve enabled remarketing and display ads to target audiences searching for frozen fish or seafood based on their interest. We’ve incorporated various offers such as Christmas offers in-display ads to grab the attention of the customers.

We have made incremental changes in Bradley’s fish Google AdWords account to achieve desired results.

  • Step-5 Email Marketing

Email marketing outperforms all the digital marketing strategies to achieve better results from your SEO investment. We knew how we could utilize email marketing to convert clients £1 invested into £51!

Email Marketing.
Email Marketing.

We have decided to go for personalized email marketing and share at least two recipes a week. Secondly, we have segmented the customer base of Bradley’s Fish and floated discounts or other offers to grab the potential customers’ attention and increase customer engagement and sales. Such emails about offers and discounts were initiated regularly to the potential customers to follow up with them. We’ve utilized email marketing campaigns in such a way to make sure we help customers make a buying decision.

The Results

The SEO project for Bradley’s Fish project was a major success. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing started on a known website but was lagging in terms of conversion rate, leads, and customer engagement.

The Results

Since we started digital marketing and SEO,

  1. Organic traffic is up 230.16%
  2. The number of transactions increased by 1219.51%
  3. Overall website revenue increased by 998.18%
  4. According to Google Lighthouse Report, the web site’s performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices have improved so far.

Key Takeaways From Bradley’s Fish Success

When it comes to marketing and growing a profitable eCommerce business, the AddWeb Solution team knows exactly what they’re doing. 

They’ve mixed old-school grassroots marketing techniques with modern-day growth tactics to create a winning formula that has propelled Bradley’s Fish into a leading eCommerce business.

So, there you have it: the best of Bradley’s marketing in under 5,000 words.

Let’s review each:

Strategy #1: Reinvent The Buying Experience
Strategy #2: Create an Unbeatable Guarantee
Strategy #3: Answer Your Target Market’s Questions (ToFu)
Strategy #4: Create a Go-To Comparison Resource (MoFu)
Strategy #5: Showcase All Reviews in One Place (BoFu)
Strategy #6: Build White-Hat Education Links with “Fresh vs Frozen”
Strategy #7: Publish Recipe
Strategy #8: Use “The Best-of Backlink Builder” (with a Twist)
Strategy #9: Translate Ads to Capture New Markets
Strategy #10: Use This Little-Known Trick to Monopolize Your Search Ads
Strategy #11: Combine Advertising and Remarketing to Get More Leads for Online Store
Strategy #12: Use This 3-Step Cart Abandonment Process to Recover Lost Sales
Strategy #13: Turn Customers into Salespeople with This Replicable Referral Engine
Strategy #14: Get Better Customer Reviews with This Simple, Yet Powerful Copy Hack

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