IoT & Human Lives

The emergence of the internet has completely changed the way we lead our lives. After internet, if there’s any other such a consequential invention that has happened it has to be the Internet of Things(IoT). Though the seed of IoT was sown during the year 1982 with a modified Coke machine at the Carnegie Mellon University, it is only in last few years that it has caught people’s eye. Still, in its initial phase, IoT is anticipated of being the future of technology.

What is IoT?
Today, a virtual augmentation has come with the emergence of IoT in different fields. IoT is a technological ecosystem built to let the physical objects collect and transfer data with the help of internet network without any manual assistance. Basically, the smart devices interact and share data with each other, remotely and with any intervention of the human. IoT is all about making a smart living without much of human efforts.

The emergence of IoT is going to come with a host of transformational changes. It will change the way we look and think about technology. Amongst a list of sectors that it is going to bring an impact upon, we’ve here picked the ones that are going to have the most prominent effect of IoT.

IoT & Human Lives:
Any form of technology has been extensively making a huge impact on human lives, especially the ones associated with the internet. And IoT is one of a major player that is going to frame how the human world is going to perform in future. Energy saving and pollution control will remain at the base of it. Here are some of the influences that we’re going to witness with the emergence of IoT, as presumed by the futurists.

– Smart homes will come into existence, where technology will take care of your daily tasks. A lot of things like electricity and appliances will be automated and synced well to make our lives easy and convenient.

-Smart cities will be constructed, where everything from schools to supermarkets, transportation, traffic update, street lighting, the collection of garbage, pollution control et al will be updated with technology.

IoT & Business:

IoT & Business:

A business can’t survive and grow if it’s not in sync with the trending and ever-changing world. And as foreseen by the top technocrats of the world, IoT is going to have a deep influence on the way businesses are run today. Let’s have an insight over this presumption too!

– Inventory Management, Human Resource Management, Projects Management, Data Management, et al will be digitized with the emergence of IoT, which will save time and bring in more concrete organization and accuracy.

– Meetings, Presentations, Interviews, et al will not require physical presence anymore. A host of such activities will be done online, which will eventually save more time wasted on commuting from one place to another and that time can be alloted for more productive activities.

We never knew that the internet is going to become such an integral part of our living when it was invented. But today, it has penetrated every possible aspect of our lives, from how we interact/network with people to how we do the business, run the education system, healthcare sector, et al. Similarly, IoT too is going to be impacting all such factors at large. 

In our this series on IoT we’re are going to share several such factors of IoT and discuss extensively about its effect on technology. The phase of a big change has begun with IoT, keep following us to learn more about furthermore facets of IoT and technology. 

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