Mobile App Development Companies

Software development is a must in the present and is expected to grow in the future. Every business requires an online presence; creating a dazzling online presence is the best way to stay ahead in the competitive world. The development company can ensure the smooth functioning of the background system and contribute effectively to the growth of a brand. 

Strong development results increase the chances of successful outcomes. Modern businesses’ most significant challenge is finding the right partner with technical proficiency and an in-depth understanding of the business’s market. This is why The AddWeb Solution has curated an extensive list of top performers in software development across the United Kingdom.

1. AddWeb Solution 

AddWeb Solution

AddWeb Solution is a leading IT development outsourcing, consulting, and outsourcing firm. Our team has over a quarter of a century of experience and strong alliances with several prestigious digital and IT-related businesses. We also have participated in projects across the globe. The service model’s foundation combines hyperspecialization in our services, 360oview, and the expertise of different industries and companies. The company has grown continuously and has outstanding solutions and timely deliveries. We are agile, and dynamism is evident in our work. We’re designed to improve the overall performance of businesses by ensuring the best ROI.

2. Magora


Magora is an app development company that provides digital solutions to industries of different sizes, including pharma & Medtech, Edtech, eLearning, and eCommerce. It doesn’t matter if the project is a B2C or B2B initiative, iOS or Android app; first, we know your objectives and your product’s user requirements. Having experience in software development solutions is appreciated by users due to their ease of use, and customers admire them for the benefits they can bring to your company. Developers use PHP, Node.JS, Java, and . NET for the backend. On the front end, we utilize React.JS, Angular.JS, and JS. Strive to provide the highest quality, assurance of quality and testing at a minimum – ensuring you’re safe.

3. Fueled


Fueled is a venture-development company driven by product. It has a wide range of clients, including startups and large brands. It is among the most well-known mobile app development firms in the UK. Because of this, it can develop compelling, profitable web applications and award-winning websites.

The company aims to aid entrepreneurs in establishing and growing their businesses. It can also assist individuals in achieving their goals of digital-based products.

4. Apadmi


The Manchester-based company has won numerous prizes for its mobile-based solutions, which are the most effective, innovative marketing strategies and top-quality applications. Apadmi celebrates a decade of success this year with several impressive completed works that include BBC, Google, Nexus, Skyscanner, and Facebook. Apadmi is also positioned as an engine for change in medical devices and applications. The Apadmi Ventures program is open to investors and startups.

5. Quytech


Quytech, a leading eCommerce application development company, was established in 2010. They have developed highly successful eCommerce applications that meet the demands and requirements of their customers. Quytech has developed numerous top-quality eCommerce applications that use AI predictive analytics, machine learning, blockchain technology, IoT, and more. The eCommerce application Quytech develops for clients comes with advanced filters, including advanced search, AI-enabled recommendations, advanced analytics, safe payment methods, detection of fraud, Social media integrations, AI-powered help, and more. Quytech has a staff of highly skilled developers with extensive experience in developing eCommerce apps that incorporate the latest technologies, exciting capabilities, and functionalities.

6. Emerline


Emerline is a highly active app development agency that offers various app development options. This can be done with vast areas of experience in UI/UX development, IoT and chatbot development and many more. A team of developers has been on the market for a while and has created various profitable eCommerce applications by fulfilling the client’s requirements. They collaborated with numerous startups and Fortune 1000 companies, such as Prexie, Oomnitza, CPG Data, and many other companies, and have provided clients with various exciting projects. 

7. Scandiweb


Scandiweb is a top eCommerce application development firm founded in 2003. The company is based out of Riga and has been offering the services of eCommerce developers for more than 18 years. They specialize in developing mobile apps, e-commerce sites, and customized software solutions. The Scandiweb team is comprised of skilled developers who are knowledgeable about new technologies and have extensive experience in developing efficient eCommerce applications and websites. Their skills include Data Analytics, VR, QA Automation, and more. Some of the top eCommerce applications that Scandiweb has developed include Sportland, Lafayette 148, and Laderach. Expertise: Data Analytics, VR, QA Automation and much more.



San Bruno, California-based NEKLO LLC is a proven eCommerce solutions provider specializing in developing Magento services. The company was established by the company in 2009. The company comprises a team of skilled developers proficient in Magento development and experts in providing customized solutions for companies of all sizes. Team of developers experts in a wide range of services, including eCommerce development graphics and user interface design, iBeacons, and many more. The company has developed highly successful eCommerce apps tailored to their clients’ requirements and needs. Being a mobile app development company leader offers custom solutions based on their client’s requirements and needs, allowing them to grow their business and increase customer engagement. If you’re searching for an app for an eCommerce development business, it could be an ideal choice because they have an excellent reputation on the market and have been successful in the past. Expertise Solutions for eCommerce, Graphic and User Interface design iBeacons, Magento, and much more.

9. Onilab LLC

Onilab LLC

Onilab LLC is an unparalleled eCommerce application development firm specializing in Magento design and development. Expertise in Mobile App development services, including eCommerce design, Magento development, web development, and many more. The business has served numerous customers from different industries and has produced practical e-commerce applications in line with the needs of its clients. Their expertise extends to Magento development, custom web development, eCommerce strategy and consultancy, and more. Onilab LLC is a group of highly skilled developers proficient in new technologies with extensive expertise in developing high-quality eCommerce applications and websites.

10. Spur IT

Spur IT

Spur IT is a top-rated eCommerce app development firm founded in 2010. They provide a broad range of eCommerce development services, including custom eCommerce site and mobile app development, integration with other apps, and more. The company comprises a group of highly skilled developers who are knowledgeable about new technologies and have extensive experience in developing efficient eCommerce applications. Their customized eCommerce apps are focused on the user and driven by all the vital elements of an app. The business has been working with various startups and Fortune 1000 companies, serving them with numerous exciting projects. Their expertise covers Magento design, Shopify development, WooCommerce development and more.

11. Curotec


Curotec is a company in the field of technology that provides cutting-edge eCommerce solutions for businesses in various sectors. They specialize in creating applications for software using the latest technologies like AI machine learning, machine learning blockchain, and many more. The company was established in 2018 in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. They offer various solutions such as software customization, mobile and web application design, online marketing and IT-related consulting. The team has vast knowledge of the latest technologies and extensive experience delivering quality projects for their clients. They offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for businesses that aid in achieving their goals and expanding their business. Curotrec is a reliable eCommerce app development partner for companies looking to develop innovative software and applications using emerging technologies. Expertise in eCommerce app development, AI, ML, UI/UX design, React, Laravel, and more.

12. Smart Sites

Smart Sites

Unfortunately, one cannot rely on luck alone to guarantee a spot among the lucky few. Smart Sites is an award-winning eCommerce app development business known for crafting innovative solutions tailored to companies’ specific needs across various industries. Their experienced designers and developers work tirelessly to deliver an enjoyable customer experience to their clients and customers. Your eCommerce application requires advanced features and functionalities like secure payment gateways, personalized user interfaces and efficient inventory management systems to succeed in today’s highly competitive online market. At eCommerce Technology Partners, we excel in offering end-to-end solutions so that businesses thrive. We equip ourselves with cutting-edge eCommerce applications to support them in this environment.

13. Simtech Development

Simtech Development

Simtech Development emerges as a top name in eCommerce app development. It is renowned for its dedication to providing high-quality and flexible solutions, emphasizing top-quality products and a group of skilled experts who excel at developing robust and scalable eCommerce applications. App development companies’ main aim is to render good services for customer satisfaction, and their focus on detail makes Simtech Development a trusted partner for seeking to establish and grow their online presence. Their expertise in harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology assures their customers receive solutions that not only conform to current requirements but also allow for future growth.

14. Evrone


Evrone is an enthralling eCommerce app development company offering a seamless blend of innovation and technical proficiency. The developers are highly proficient in designing visually pleasing and robustly functional eCommerce applications. The firm’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of modern technology ensures clients get products that aren’t just contemporary but also able to meet future demands. With a multi-disciplinary approach and a focus on transparent communication with customers, Evrone stands out as the preferred choice for companies who want to enhance the quality of their retail capabilities. Their comprehensive approach to developing eCommerce apps includes everything from user-friendly interfaces to implementing AI-powered chatbots that provide companies with the most comprehensive solutions to succeed in the ever-changing world of online commerce. Expertise in eCommerce application creation, AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, DevOps, Product Design, and more.

15. Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a web application development company that has won numerous awards for development-related services from Clutch, Statista, and other brands. The company specializes in scalable solutions across 20 industries and has delivered over 300 projects. 

The company employs over 100 European tech experts and has four across UL. Imaginary Cloud started its journey in 2010 under the direction of Tiago Franco. It was created with a quality-centric, user-centric, and agile method.



DRUM’N’CODE is a web-based app development company founded in 2015. It has extensive expertise in providing Web development and solutions, mobile app development, dedicated developer mobile app development, and other services. Each employee has extensive knowledge of mobile app development and has worked in the field for a long time, focusing on delivering quality products to every customer.

17. Baytech Consulting

Baytech Consulting

Baytech Consulting is one agency that provides app development services that transform clients’ ideas into functioning software. Baytech Consulting is a reputable company that develops enterprise-level applications that lead to improved business processes. The brand’s fundamental values are a result-driven approach, customers’ success, and innovative ideas.

Regarding solutions, Baytech Consulting delivers UX/UI design, software development, software testing, and QA. The Baytech Consulting team of developers is well-versed in various technologies, including Android, iOS, AWS, and Salesforce. Some of its clients include Petra Medical College, DCORE, MedData, and many businesses in real estate, business services, legal, and other fields.

18. iBlue Consulting

iBlue Consulting

This web application development firm strongly believes in flexibility, new technology ethics, caring, and speedy delivery. iBlue Consulting employs 120+ experts who translate concepts into reality. 

The company can be considered an official partnership with AWS, SAS, IBM, Microsoft, and other global organizations. The ecosystem includes data and analytics API management, BPM/RPA, and cloud computing. Regarding cooperation, iBlue Consulting has an extensive portfolio for Brasilcap, Mag Seguros, WEG, and more.

19. Yojji LTD

Yojji LTD

Yojji LTD is one of the most reputable web application development firms. The app development agency has employed 90% of senior and middle developers who have delivered over 200 projects since 2017. The top six services offered by the company include discovery UX/UI design web development, software testing cloud development, mobile, and DevOps.

Its business areas include fintech, healthcare, E-learning, law, and travel. Customers of Yojji LTD love its consistent approach to quality, collaboration, and the ability to grow software. To provide valuable solutions, The team of more than 60 tech professionals have vast experience working together.

20. Danavero Inc.

Danavero Inc.

Danavero Inc. is a top web application development firm offering top services. With more than 60 technical experts, the company employs Agile Scrum as its primary method of working in sprints and reporting results in iterations.

Danavero Inc. offers 24/7 support and maintenance, uses different software solutions, and believes in trust and creativity. Clients who partner with this software development will get support from an experienced team and their talents in every Solution.

21. Loovatech


Loovatech hires a group of web app developers driven by curiosity, innovation, and love. It has received numerous distinctions from Clutch and earned the trust of several businesses, such as Picvario, WorleyParsons, KDV Group, and many others.

Since its inception in 2016, Loovatech has become one of the biggest companies in Estonia. Customers are delighted by the clarity of communication, curiosity, and intense team involvement. 

22. ParallelDevs


ParallelDevs is a business with an expert team of developers with experience in various services, from WordPress development to outsourcing. The company is a full-service agency with over 10 years of experience providing innovative solutions to companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Verizon, Ferrari Events USA, etc.

According to the Clutch ranking, the company consistently works hard on its projects and is listed among LATAM’s top web development firms. The app development company offerings include UX/UI design web, development mob, agile app development, recruitment development, and SEO and marketing design.

23. Hilo Labs

Hilo Labs

Hilo Labs is one of the most recent web app development companies focusing on helping startups create valuable solutions. It offers designs for products, MVPs, and web-based apps. Its website says its experienced creators “translate your vision into a flourishing online platform.”

Hilo Labs mainly works with entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses by focusing on the market scenario to keep ahead in a competitive market. It was established in 2020 by Matt, who grew his business in just twelve months.

24. ScienceSoft


ScienceSoft is among the oldest and most reliable development firms. The company has a vast portfolio of web application development projects, including 1,900+ web-based applications for SMEs, startups, and large enterprises. ScienceSoft employs 750+ tech professionals with a wealth of knowledge ranging between 7 and 20 years of experience.

In a quality-first ethos, ScienceSoft provides safe and secure solutions for businesses in the financial, medical manufacturing, and services industries. ScienceSoft has been awarded multiple times by independent sources such as Clutch and SoftwareWorld. It has taken

25. One Beyond

One Beyond

The best web application development company helps SMEs grow their businesses. It employs a team of developers who provide custom software solutions to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to allow their clients to stand out from the rest of the field. According to Clutch, the company was recognized as the top software developer and recognized by GoodFirms. In addition, the brand can be regarded as an authorized partner with AWS, Microsoft, and other leading companies in the industry.

One Beyond values constant cooperation and development processes, collaboration, planning, agile methodology, etc. It was founded in 1994 and has developed efficient web-based applications, mobile apps, and other essential services.

26. Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog Lab is a global digital product manager focused on multi-platform software design for connected devices. It develops applications for designing, building, and creating virtual reality taxpayers, including mixed reality and virtual reality, as well as other digital solutions for tablets, phones, televisions, kiosks, and other post-PC devices. This makes it one of the UK’s top mobile app development firms.

They assist businesses and brands in getting ready for the new world that is dominated by post-PC technology. Therefore, they only work with our clients on Innovation & R&D on mobile and new platforms. It was established as a post-PC-only consultant play in 2010, and it has headquarters in London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Boston, Austin, India, and Copenhagen. The Hedgehog lab is a rapidly growing team focused on providing the best post-PC experience possible and campaigns to clients across and around the USA, UK, and abroad.

27. Netsells Group

Netsells is among the fastest-growing digital agencies in the northern region of England. It is among the most recognizable names for developing cutting-edge websites and mobile applications for over 300 companies worldwide, so Netsells Group is among the leading mobile app development companies across the UK.

Their well-known client list includes Jaguar Landrover, NHS, Leeds University, Capita, Stihl, Your Parking Space, and many more.

They perform efficiently by adhering to their guiding principle of improving something. This is evident in their determination to adhere to and deliver internal customer standards.

28. Digiryte


Digiryte could be one of the Leading Technology Consulting Groups in the UK. The company focuses on Digital Services (SMACI), which include Analytics, Social media, Mobile Cloud, IoT, and Cloud.

Their offerings comprise Web App Development, Mobile Applications, and improving existing products. They also offer Business Automation (Software Replacement with Software) and business Growth Consultation (Statistical Data).

29. Tapptitude


Tapptitude is a Product Studio that partners with established brands and funded startups to create mobile-first and interactive products. They collaborate with their clients as Product Partners and support them actively throughout the entire process (from the initial idea to the product’s launch and even scaling the product up). Thus, their efficient work was praised as among the UK’s top mobile application development firms.

Tapptitude has a team of developers, testers and other staff who are:

  • Experts in finding and developing simple acquisition processes.
  • Creating value before users can keep them.
  • Creating a solid infrastructure to allow for scaling.
  • However, their process is built on lean principles, rapid prototyping, and agile design. This makes developing products extremely quick and adaptable to deliver value for customers.

30. Glance


Glance blends physical science and emotionality to create web-based apps that affect users. Their team of highly experienced mobile app developers focuses on delivering the highest-quality work within the most efficient timeframe.

From strategy and research to fully custom designing and developing, Glance provides one of the top app design and development solutions in the United Kingdom. Glance also values open and transparent communication with its customers throughout software development.

31. Innofied Solution

Innofied Solution

Innofied Solution is a multi-award-winning mobile and web application development company with R&D Centers in the US and the UK. The company employs a skilled and efficient team that has created unique UX/UI designs, Web apps, Cross-platform and Native iOS and Android Mobile applications, and games. 

They’ve maintained an excellent Customer Experience from the first day to today. Additionally, with 400+ top-quality solutions for mobile and web platforms, Innofied is involved in IoT AR/VR Blockchain and Chatbot development. Innofied has made 300+ satisfied customers, including several Fortune 500 companies, billion-dollar ones. They’re highly effective when developing strategies to increase capital, introduce new products, and attract customers. 

32. Novoda


Novoda offers mobile application development services for companies that want to translate their ideas into reality. With an experienced team of middle and senior app developers, mobile engineering is their primary goal. Novoda assists digital brands in moving toward mobile-first and focusing on the increasing demand for the mobile development using easy-to-use applications. They have also released the Mobile First Mastery research study, which provides more details on the strategic value of mobile to modern brands.

The company has developed iOS and Android solutions for rapidly growing businesses and large-scale organizations. Their top clientele comprises Glovo, Tesco, The Times, SoundCloud, CCleaner, and many more.


Many companies work in mobile app development, intensely focused on satisfying customers’ growing demand. So, we created a list of the UK’s top 30 app development companies. It helps to give insights about app development and assist you in picking the most appropriate business partner to bring your product to the market.

The listed companies have a golden opportunity to work with various clients. They have accurate knowledge of the economies and markets of their target regions. Therefore, they do not leave any stone unturned to provide the highest-quality projects that have successfully met the requirements of their audiences. The designers have decades of experience and can give you solid business support in addition to the requirements.

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