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The number of total smartphone users in the world stands at 6.92 billion in 2023. The number is likely to go up in the next few years. This shows that more than ¾ of the world’s population have a smartphone, which is huge for businesses like you as it opens a plethora of business opportunities through mobile apps.

Number of total smartphone users in the world

Digital marketing has recently skewed more than ever towards mobile marketing, and rightly so. With most people spending hours searching, viewing, and consuming content on their mobile apps, it is good to market your business where people are.

However, what people did in 2021 is not what they did in 2022. And in 2023, they are doing entirely different things. Catering to these changing mobile app trends is essential for businesses looking to please their audiences.

And if you are wondering what the top mobile app development trends in 2023 are, we bring you the top 15 trends here.

What Are the Top 11 Mobile App Development Trends in 2023?

Every year new trends emerge in the technology field, and these technologies will change the course of technology and its impact on businesses.

We discuss 15 of the most impressive and significant mobile app development trends to look out for in 2023.

Trend #1: The Rise of 5G

5G has been talked about in almost all technology conclaves and conferences for a few years now. However, 5G began to take center stage in 2022, and in 2023, most of the mobile phones released come with 5G capabilities as service providers have started to roll out 5G services in many parts of the world.

There is no doubt that the availability of the internet has been the primary reason for creating a technology-driven world now. And 5G will take that to the next level. This means businesses need to keep 5G in mind when developing mobile apps in the coming years.

The Rise of 5G

With speed and efficiency becoming the most important aspect of mobile apps running on 5G, mobile app developers need to mind the following:

  • 5G is faster than 4G by 100X
  • The latency in 5G will drop to 1 millisecond from 50 milliseconds
  • AR and VR will be in more demand due to faster internet
  • Data transfer will become quicker and smoother
  • Mobile payments will become more secure and quicker

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Trend #2: Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are gradually improving their market share. Hence, for businesses that want to cater to all audiences, keeping these mobile phones in mind is crucial. The apps must perform flawlessly on foldable devices delivering impeccable performance for their users.

With foldable devices come larger screen areas and multi-windows. These allow the users to have a more immersive and detailed experience.

Developing video streaming and mobile game apps will become even more crucial as there is more real estate on the screen for the developers to utilize.

Trend #3: Augmented and Virtual Reality

While Pokemon Go may have been a temporary phenomenon, it has shown how AR and VR will change how people consume content and interact with technology.

Businesses like Ikea are already using AR to augment their user experience. There is Lenskart that enables its users to try glasses before purchasing them.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

While the technologies these businesses use have limitations and are not as polished as they can be, AR and VR will become an essential part of businesses relying on product-led growth in 2023.

As such, mobile app developers will have more options to bring unimaginable user experiences to mobile apps than ever before.

Trend #4: Integration of Wearable Apps

Wearables are already an essential part of mobile app development now, and the market is expected to be worth USD 265.4 billion by 2026. This shows that the trend will gain even more traction this year.

As a business, you must ensure that your apps deliver your customers the most impressive and value-adding experiences.

There is no doubt that Smartwatches and wearables are in more demand now than ever. You can gain a considerable edge over your competition with the right development strategy, including wearables technology.

Trend #5: AI and Machine Learning

With the release of AI tools like ChatGPT, BARD, and other AI and machine learning tools, businesses are rallying behind mobile apps and devices powered by these technologies.

These tools are trained on large data sets to deliver impressive and accurate responses to user queries.

If you are a business looking to speed past your competition, developing mobile apps that take advantage of these tools is crucial. AI and ML integration can open many opportunities for businesses to elevate the quality of their customer service via intelligent bots.

Further, your app development processes can become more efficient and error-free with the help of machine learning insights and AI-powered data analytics. The most important aspect of this trend is finding experienced mobile app development agencies that can meet your expectations.

Trend #6: Mobile App Security Becomes the Focus

When mobile apps become the chief choice for consumers to use for shopping, payment transfer, and doing everything, hackers naturally target mobile apps to steal payment information and other personal details. Since smartphones are always connected to the internet, they have become a haven for hackers to steal data.

This has become a massive headache for most mobile app development companies as they must make the apps highly secure.

As new developments emerge, mobile app security is a significant focus of these technologies. With blockchain, multiple authentication systems, managed app permissions, etc., mobile app developers are embracing new trends to face these security challenges.

Trend #7: Super Apps are Quickly Becoming Common

Mobile apps are usually reserved for meeting one particular goal of the users—watching videos, shopping, reading books, purchasing movie tickets, etc. However, more apps offer multiple services now. The most prominent example is Facebook, which gradually moved from a social media platform to a social marketplace. Tata Neu is another application.

While the trend of creating super apps is not a thing in the Western world, Asia has fully embraced it for its convenience and business opportunities.

You can capitalize on the same and develop an impressive super app based on your customer base. If you can start quickly before competitors catch up, you will have a great app to grow your business.

Trend #8: P2P Mobile Apps Will Be More Popular

Another mobile app development trend that has the potential to mark 2023 is P2P apps. While these apps are already popular among users for their ease of use and convenience, they will become even more prevalent.

Apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc., have made it easy for users to make payments and transactions. With the worth of the industry expected to reach USD 9,097.06 billion by 2030, the opportunities for businesses offering P2P payment apps are bright.

Trend #9: Blockchain

Although blockchain was innately associated with cryptocurrencies when it was all the rage, the technology has come a long way. Now, it can be applied to various fields as Web 3.0 is making its wave in the world.

Decentralized apps are becoming more popular, and technology makes mobile app development more efficient and effective.

As blockchain technology applications expand to creating smart contracts, election moderation, NFTs, BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platforms, mobile security, etc., blockchain will be huge in the mobile app development industry.

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Trend #10: IoT-enables Mobile Apps

The Internet of Things has quickly been finding its way into our lives in the last couple of years. From mobile phones to TV, computers, and other electronic devices, everything is connected to the internet for ease of management. With devices like Echo and Alexa, the technology has paved the way for further advances in the coming years.

IoT-enables Mobile Apps

If you are a business looking to venture into the IoT-enabled technology space and want to create apps that cater to the growing scope of IOT, this is the best time.

The only challenge you may need to tackle is finding an expert app development company that has worked on IoT projects, like AddWeb Solution.

Trend #11: Mobile Learning

As mobile learning is becoming easier and faster, this will be a focus of businesses that want to upskill their talent for newer challenges, especially as AI tools like ChatGPT and BARD are all the rage now.

In addition, the mobile learning market is on its way to reaching a whopping USD 58 billion in worth by 2025. As the advantages of mobile learning are numerous, businesses prefer this over other learning methods.

Therefore, mobile applications that support quicker and high-quality learning will be favored by businesses. If your business has an impressive idea that you think is viable to explore in the learning industry, 2023 is the best time to do so.

You can quickly review and hire mobile app developers to help you with the project.


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