Drupal, turns 18!

Happy 18th birthday to Drupal!

We’re all engrossed in the mode of celebration and the festive fly game was on point. In fact, everyone else was too painted in that mood, cheering and celebrating the spirit of flying. But our zest for celebration was a notch hire, for our reason for celebration was doubled. 15th January is not merely a date when the kite-flying festival falls but that’s the very day when our dearest of all – Drupal came into existence!

Eighteen years before this very day, the very first version of Drupal – 1.0.0 was released by its founder – Dries Buytaert. And just as it happens with all other path-breaking changes world, this one too came with a lot of faith but a humble approach towards its future. And look, how proficiently has it grown in all these years. Today, it’s one of the largest and most trusted open-source communities, and the future looks even brighter.  

In the age of data threats, Drupal is trusted worldwide for its security. Constantly moving towards strengthening the open-source community, Drupal has never compromised on security, content, and scope. Drupal is also known for its power of personalisation and flexibility. Drupal Commerce is also the preferred one when it comes to building an easy-looking e-commerce platform with complex functionalities. And if that was not enough, the launch of Decoupled Drupal has blown the tech world like a boss!

We might sound slightly biased here, but we’re speaking nothing but the truth. Everyone from ‘The Beatles’ to ‘Estee Lauder’, ‘Columbia University’, ‘NBC Universal’, ‘NBA’, ‘Paramount’ and many more have trusted and adapted Drupal for years now. Dries has rightly quoted about it in his birthday note for Drupal and let us also conclude, our birthday note for Drupal, on the very same note –

“What do the biggest brands in the world have in common?” - ‘Powered by Drupal!’

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