‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ - Drupal 8 will go places!

Promote Drupal Initiative

Drupal, the most favoured open source platform, took a huge leap with the launch of its latest version - Drupal 8. Today, it is not a mere open source platform; rather an enterprise level web content management that is pledged to provide an ambitious digital experience. Despite of being the best on the technical front, Drupal 8 is facing issues in terms of visibility on a larger level. Today, the digital world is not just reigned by the technical people. A whole lot of non-technical and new decision makers has arrived, which affects and influences the market. This is where Drupal 8 was lagging behind and was missed from the eyes of these key influencers. And hence, arose the need of promoting it globally. Hence, ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ came into the picture.


DrupalCon, Nashville, 2018 was when the founder of Drupal talked about the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ extensively. Highly suggested by the technical experts, Drupal 8 now needed to touch the base of non-technical influencers of the market and influence them. A hell lot of marketing, promotion, and upgradations was needed to be done in order to penetrate the radar of non-technical influencers of today. And Dries shared his plan to promote Drupal, divided into 4 different phases:

  1. Strategy and Planning

  2. Drupal.org Improvements

  3. Public Relations

  4. Events & Advertising


Drupal 8 has seen an impressive rise of 51% increase in its adaption over past 1 year. The technical experts were aware of the strength of Drupal 8, but the absence of the 3rd ‘P’ of marketing i.e. ‘Promotion’ made the non-technical decision makers unaware of what Drupal 8 is capable of doing. Dries in his keynote at the DrupalCon, Nashville mentioned that ‘Drupal Promote Initiative’ aimed at gathering the support of $100,000. The enthusiastic supporters of Drupal had already contributed, as a result of which the initiative had already yielded $54,000. Addweb too has contributed to this growth-oriented initiative with a very humble contribution, alongside other eminent contributors from across the globe.


This voluntary-based initiative has gained a huge momentum so far, which is enough to prove the robustness and competence level of Drupal 8. As a member of the most ambitious digital experience that Drupal 8 is, each member of the community is inclined towards fostering the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ and Drupal at large. Destined to meet the goal, the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ is going to elevate the market of Drupal 8 and eventually raising the bar of open source community a notch higher!