Run Your Drupal Website with this Checklist before the Launch

Well, you are all set with your posh new Drupal website, worked for days even weeks, and now, it’s the time to reap the fruit that you sowed i.e., launch your website for business. But then, suddenly doubts hit you that whether you have done everything right and taken measures so that your newly-launched website doesn’t hit an unseen snag and take a nosedive. Run your website with the checklist below days before the actual launch of the website, and your website will give you an overwhelming response post-launch.

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Exclusive Checklist for Pre-Launch of Your Drupal Website

Exclusive Checklist for Pre-Launch of Your Drupal Website

File Permissions: Did you set them properly?

As we know, file permissions are highly important, and permitting proper file permissions is essential. See to it that to make your Drupal website strong and secure, set the proper file permissions after the Drupal development is completed. On the server-side, don’t allow the permissions to write and edit the files that are executed by the webserver. If you are familiar with automated tools, then you can use File Permissions and Security Review modules to verify the permissions. If the site uses Drupal 7, then disable the PHP filter module (under admin). And to protect your database and its related information from external attacks better secure the settings.php file, so that the database is protected. 

Secure the website with the latest security patches from Drupal

Both big and small organizations employ the Drupal content management system because the data these organizations deal with is highly critical and integral for their business, which they wish to secure. Providing the latest security updates is a part of Drupal module development. A big thanks to the Drupal’s security team providing access to continuous updates for the security patches by assessing the possible risks and releases them for the users and addresses all the various security risks with an immediate response. Every time the Drupal security lapses, the user is sent warning messages to update them. So see to it that your Drupal 8 security patches are up-to-date. 

Admin’s account: securing it from hackers is essential

Be it Drupal module development or Drupal theme development or any Drupal website development providing proper security to the admin’s account or the root account is of utmost importance and should not be taken lightly. It’s very easy for a hacker to guess the username of the admin’s account and launch attacks through the account. So use a reliable name for your root account and also provide a strong password, which is quite complex just by brute-force. The security can be tightened on the root account by using AES algorithm modules that provide encryption and decryption. And keep in mind; don’t grant all the permissions to the anonymous users, some permission’s that don’t harm the system can be permitted. But provide the authenticated users with all the permissions (wrx and edit).

Mask the Error reports from the users

Trust me; your users don’t need to see all the error reports or messages that are encountered when some failure occurs in the website. Users get really annoyed when they see error reports that make no sense to them. To turn off the error reporting do this: First of all, go to “Configuration” After that, you need to go to “Development” And then, you have to go to “Logging and Errors” Now change the option to “None” And here, you disable all the error reporting Now you will have happy users rather than the annoying kind To handle 404 errors, use Drupal’s search 404 module, this will show the searches that the user has made instead of displaying the error messages.

Optimize the content and SEO for your Drupal website

Arranging and displaying all the content on your website should be done correctly. Before you launch the site, run it first through the Lorem Ipsum scanner, so that you can replace all the dummy text from the pages within the site. To increase the traffic to your site, employ the SEO modules from Drupal website development.

Server Configuration

Adjust the server configuration so that when the users can upload large files of media on your Drupal site. And keep a check on the size of all uploads by the users. Set the max execution time in server configuration to check the execution time taken for the various uploads.

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